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Make Money Becoming A Personal Concierge

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A concierge is referred to as the employee of an apartment / office building or the hotel who serves the guests request for the needs by introducing the appropriate host.  The positions could also be handled by the security officer over the graveyard shift.  In the Spanish-speaking regions, they are known as the portero.  Further in the 18th century, the concierge was the high official of the kingdom, appointed by the king for maintaining the order and over see the police and the prisoners records.

Types of the Concierge Services Along with the Questions Raised

There are different types of the services such as hospitals, hotels etc.  They are increasingly available for the concierge services. It helps the hospitals employees who are working for the longer shift and helps in providing the work-life balance.

For moving ahead with the career of the personal concierge, you will have to ask some of the questions to yourself –like, what a personal Concierge work carries and what does he do?  Ways to build your concierge skills? How to run errands as the professional profile? How are you going to arrange for the payments for the groceries, gifts and more?

How To Become A Concierge

As a concierge, your job is to make the life of the clients easier. Clients generally don’t have to do any kind of hand –holding, they are just looking for someone who could get the works completed for them. With the personal concierge service, you make every client feel like the most important persons in the world. Although these are the recent development, the companies that are dealing with the services are mushrooming at a rapid rate which is right along the customers demand for the businesses.

How To Do The Marketing For The Best Concierge?
Business success occurs due to the appropriate networking across the globe with respect to their services which they are offering. Generally the millionaires don’t normally check their own mails or let alone read their mails, thus email marketing or direct marketing isn’t really the best means.  They attend most of the meetings with best of the events which are quoted affluent. The best portion of the event is that most of the people are not at all aware of the services which are available.

Social media is another new means for making your Concierge business grow successful as you are getting linked with lots of people. It is the means which gets your name highlighted in the market place among the business associates and the organizations. It helps in building the brand and your reputation among the people and the groups. They should be active on the social networking sites like LinkedIn, Face book, Twitter, and many others. The people should join different groups which could encourage in building the business further.

Challenges Faced While Being The Personal Concierge
In this field of work, people have to spend most of their time on the system or the phone calls. So it’s quite important that they step away from the systems and the networking as often as possible. You can have the clients travelling in another area that you can use each other’s resources for making the customer experience better. In some cases you could get the call in the middle of the night for some emergency work, though it is ok-as it’s the part of your life. Working late nights and with lots of pressure can land you guys into some trouble and lots of stress.

Package of the Personal Concierge
The package does vary according to the structures which are being offered to the customers. Some individuals do charge a flat rate which could be based on the per hour basis and can range from $20- $75 plus per hour. But most of the individual concierge offers the customers with the specific package according to the requirement of the customers. They want the charges to be received on the monthly basis. When they are charging on the monthly basis then they have to worry about how much time they are spending on their projects. Based on the work load the packages are being decided. Most of the customers do look for the options, where they want that the individual should be checked for the work -like whether they are going to be fit for them, so they look for the trial options which are available for them.

How To Set Your Own Personal Concierge Services
In case you are prepared for helping individuals and bring happiness to their lives then without any other query you should move ahead with the option of carrier of concierge services. Just ensure that you have plenty of time in your hands because the needs of the customers are going to take over and your time is going to become their time. The first and the foremost thing in becoming the Concierge is to determine your skills and also to check what kind of services are required in your area. Suppose if you are living in the larger city, then the demand for work would be at the higher side, you are going to gain more experience with the exciting challenges and get more opportunities to handle. But in case you are living in the smaller areas, you will find that people are willing to pay for some works which they are not able to handle themselves. You should start by creating your own business cards which should take care of the services which you are offering to the customers or the people.  It should highlight the work which you could handle and some of the common services which should be included in the work are as stated under:

  • Caring of the child (which requires the supervision and the chauffeuring)
  • Services with regards to the Errands (like the banking, pharmacy, pick-up, delivery, dry cleaning)
  • Entertainment and the dining (reservations, private tours and the buying of the tickets)
  • Setting of the house decor based on the requirement of the clients (checking of the teens, gardening and the keeping of the refrigerator full)
  • Caring for the pet services (grooming, feeding and walking for the pet)
  • Executive and corporate assistance which could include the work of the events, planning of the travel and the meeting across the work duration
  • Helping on the office area like copying, filing and faxing the required documents to the customers as per their requirement.
  • Repair and the maintenance –where you are going to check for the quotes, compare it and then arrange it in the proper manner and show it to the customer, so that according to their requirement they could finalize the work.
  • Services with respect of the shopping in which they do take care about the items which are not appropriate and has to be returned to the shop from where it has been purchased, wrapping of the gift in case it has to be delivered to the appropriate people.

Above mentioned services are just the few options which are required by the customers and the personal concierge has to take care of with proper and utmost care and attention. Ensure that you are carrying your business cards along with you where ever you go, and drop one of the cards at the place where you have been visiting so that in case they require your services they can contact you easily. It has been in the market that the Personal Assistants for the celebrities do earn a lot of funds and does have the incredible lifestyle and the dreams which many of the individuals really look forward to. With the stars or the celebrities, they also believe to be living on their dream pattern which helps them in gaining the momentum. Here are some of the tips for selecting your desired track for being the concierge and to make money becoming a personal concierge.

Select The Appropriate Celebrity

Each and every individual who gets to some heights do require some kind of assistance, so you need to decide on that for whom you are interested to work for, whether it’s going to be for the actor, actresses, rock star, politicians, bestselling authors, wealthy families, professional athletes etc.   It could be anyone who is having ample of the money with them and require the assistance which is offered by you. The best option would be working for the person, in whose field you are interested in so that you could be happy and take the work with full zeal and importance in your life. It doesn’t feel like that you are being enforced for doing such kind of work in which you are not interested in.

Enhance Your Skills

For grooming up your career you require to keep up enhancing your skills with regards to your field. You guys should be a bit aware of all the things which is taking place in the world, so that you can provide the appropriate solutions and discuss on each topic which is being discussed among the customers you are working for. You should be aware about the changes which are taking place specifically the technological enhancements which have risen up to such a remarkable pace.  The people are looking for the concierge who does have the skills of information technology and its workings. They should be aware about that how the information could be transformed from one location to the other and send the e-greetings along with the mails and the responses with appropriate manner. Many of the celebrities are in need of the individuals who are skilled in their typing, knowledge with regards to the etiquette and planning the parties at the larger scales. Also they need to be sure that you are not going to reveal their secret at any point in time. So you have to practice the pattern of the discretion as well, so that the things could be kept apart.

Take Appropriate Training

There is no specific training for such a career as of now, but you can develop more of the skills just by moving ahead with the computer courses, personality development, house hold management, and also the event management where you should be aware of how the things of events have to be planned by you. You should be able to find some of the appropriate information with regards to the career through the internet and some personalities who are already experienced in this service. But you should also be aware of some of the people who portray that they have been the assistant for some of the celebrities.  Before believing on anyone you should ensure you go through the sites of the celebrity and check their schedules and how you could be helpful in their working status. By checking the details on the site you would be able to know what they are portraying themselves is really true or not.

Gain the Experience

Before moving ahead with the celebrity personality you should ensure that you have worked for many of the business men or the non-celebrity persons for some time. As working for them would be providing you with lots of manners and patterns which need to be taken care. You would be able to gain hands on experience. May be while moving ahead with the celebrity assistant you won’t get the chance to interact directly with the celebrity but you could interact with the publicist or the agents or even the personal assistants.  May be you can interact with them and intimate them that you are interested in seeking the job as their assistant. So if your details and resumes are there with them they could call you in case they require any assistant.

Don’t mess up with the mistakes

You should prepare the appropriate script for interacting with the clients so that you don’t mess up during your interaction with the client. The script should sound like the professional interaction rather than being on the personal front.  Even it should not feel like that if you don’t get the job it’s going to get finished and you are going to be in the mess of sorting it out with the appropriate manner and pattern which has to be followed in the proper way.

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