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Make Money As An Information Technology Expert

November 26, 2012 by: 1

Information technology experts provide security administration and computer support for companies and other organizations. They manage hardware, software, networks and also solve problems. It is easy to make money as an information technology expert because jobs are available in several industries. This position may also be given various titles such as network administrator, security analyst or systems manager.

Basic requirements

The career path to becoming a professional in this field is dependent on the specialization that you want. Apart from obtaining a college degree, you have to also acquire some practical experience. Most IT specialists start their career with a bachelor’s degree although some employers may ask for a master’s degree. Furthermore, you will have to obtain certain certifications. The ability to work with several computer platforms such as project management software, server operating systems and customer relationship software is important.

Gain some experience while earning your degree

Although a college degree in a computer-related field is the usual requirement for getting a job as an information technology specialist, a lot of employers give preference to applicants with more experience. Your relevant majors will give you solid foundational knowledge in computer science, data management, numerical analysis and programming languages. However, you have to look for opportunities to gain practical experience.

Take advantage of the resources that are available in the computer laboratory in your campus. A lot of colleges that offer computer related courses provide well equipped labs for their students. This equipment can give you the opportunity of getting practical experience. Constant practice with this equipment will give you a better understanding of the programs and software that you will use when you start working as an IT specialist.

You should also take advantage of internship programs allowed by your institution. Completing an internship at an IT company will give you practical experience and will enable you to make contact with professionals in the industry. This will make it easier to find work when you complete your studies.

Acquiring professional experience

A minimum of three years field experience is usually required for most IT specialist positions. Individuals applying for advanced positions will need to have at least five years of experience in the industry. It may be easier to get a job in a smaller organization if you do not have extensive experience.

A very good way to boost your ability to get jobs is to obtain a certification. Certifications are usually voluntary but they provide a very good way of demonstrating your experience and skill to prospective employers. Employers also expect IT experts to have a certification that shows proficiency in specific platforms. Oracle, Microsoft, Cisco and CompTIA have several categories of certifications that you can consider.

Another way to increase your chances of making money as an information technology expert is to obtain a master’s degree in a related discipline. A master’s degree is actually preferred by some employers. Studying at the master’s level gives you the opportunity of exploring the theory and practice of computer science more extensively.

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