Make A Living With Your Own Advertising Portal

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Running a portal website is a very good way of making some online money. You will be providing local communities with useful information about local small businesses, local classified ads, news pages and weather forecast. There are a lot of things you can do to monetize a portal website. One of those things is advertising. If you want to make a living with your own advertising portal, consider the information listed below.

Joint venture brokering

Owners of portal websites come in contact with business owners from time to time. Most of the time, these owners do not know how to market their businesses. Since you are knowledgeable about marketing and also know many business owners, you can become their middleman by positioning the complementary products or services that they may have for their different customers and clients. This is a joint venture service that you can charge a flat rate for.

Sell advertising spots

Meet with local businesses personally so that you can discuss with the owners about the benefits of advertising on your portal. You need to aggressively market your site by selling an advert spot and adding a package deal to go with it such as a website and an advert spot or by combining any other service you can think of. If the owners have a website, you can ask to link it to your portal which would help to increase traffic to their site. Advertising sales is a continuous and demanding process but once you get it right, you can make a living with your own advertising portal.

Website design and marketing service

Another way you can make a living with your own advertising portal is to run a website design and marketing service. Since you have successfully established your own site, you can use the same skills added to your internet marketing experience to assist other business owners who want their site to rank very high with search engines.  You will simply be outsourcing tasks such as article writing, website design and direct response marketing and supervising these tasks. This elevates your status to a project manager and you get to keep a large percentage to yourself.

CPA network

A cost per action (CPA) network pays a certain amount of money whenever visitors carry out a particular kind of action. These actions could be signing up for a free offer or buying a particular product. If you join one or two of these networks, you will be able to offer people who visit your portal website product or services that are not readily available in the community but are desired by your visitors.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is another way to make a living with your advertising portal by selling products of other companies and earning a cut for yourself.  Visit the commission junction marketplace and you will see a line of products and services that you know will interest people in your locality.

Make sure that you advertise your portal in as many ways as you can. Include it as a link to the email address signatures and also do some traffic exchanges.

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