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Make a Living Online

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Many individuals have been able to change their lives completely by making a living online. Modern technology presents countless ways through which you can make a living online and improve your life and that of others. Therefore you have to stop dreaming of how to make money and instead start acting. All you have to do is get a computer and an internet connection. Thereafter, you can make millions of dollars over the internet; this is real and many people have achieved it. Today, there are numerous internet millionaires who started with their computers only to share their ideas online.

The internet gives you endless opportunities to make money and stop meditating on how to become rich. It all depends on your efforts and dedication towards the initiative you decide to venture into. There is actually nothing that should stop you from making money online and living a comfortable life. There are millions of people whose lives and businesses are completely dependent on the internet. Such people are making money and living decent lives online .
The following are some of the ways on how to make a living online:

Writing eBooks

If you are good at writing creative stories that will capture the attention of people then writing eBooks can be the best way to make a living online. The demand for eBooks is increasing every day as many people continue having access to the internet. Today, you do not have to own your own website for you to promote a book. There are numerous websites such as Amazon and eBay which have millions of readers and on which you can self-publish your personal books and sell them there. This is an endless opportunity because you are free to publish as many books as you wish and make money from them. The websites will do the marketing and selling for you, all you do is to publish the books and wait for money.

Work as a Virtual Assistant

There are numerous businesses across the world willing to employ people to take care of small matters of their businesses. A work assistant can perform numerous duties for a company such as answering customers’ phone calls, responding to their emails, responding to clients’ queries, settling their complaints, taking their orders, scheduling appointments, among others. Such activities can be managed by anybody who is ready to take them. You can work as a virtual assistant from your home and make a living. Virtual assistant salary varies from one employer to another but you can up to $22 per hour.

Use Social Media

Social media has become a reliable platform of making money online. There are many sponsors and companies which are willing to pay people to communicate their advertising messages to social media fans. For example, you can make a living online by charging sponsors for passing their advertising messages to your followers or passing the messages to your Facebook friends. Therefore if you are an active member on social media, you can utilize your popularity on the platform to make money. You will have to agree with your sponsors so that you earn some money on every tweet you make or message you post on your Facebook timeline. Social media has become very popular among people of all ages and it can be a good platform to make easy money.

The best way to manage this is by opening accounts on various social media platforms and being very active on all your accounts. Ensure that you have a large number of fans and post content that attracts your friends and/or fans to like or comment on them. This will make it easier for the fans to follow links or pages that you will start posting. Remember that the more clicks you get the more money you make.

Do affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is about promoting or selling products or services for someone else. There are numerous affiliate programs that you can join for free and start marketing products for different companies. It is recommended to choose a program which you are passionate about so that you can continue working on it regardless of the difficulties you may face during the early stages. Making money through affiliate marketing depends on the sales you make and therefore you have to be dedicated.

For you to establish a stable foundation for your affiliate marketing practice, it is recommended to promote a variety of affiliate programs so as to give you sufficient exposure on the website; have numerous websites to promote your products and services; and to write articles about the products and services you are selling as an affiliate marketer by yourself. Remember that affiliate marketing gives you an opportunity to sell your products and services to the worldwide market hence chances of making millions of dollars a month are unlimited.

Writing Website Content

The demand for website content writers is definitely high as many people are nowadays getting informed through the internet. Many websites are being created every day and they need content for them to achieve their goals. If you are a good writer then you have an opportunity here to make a living online. Different types of website content are needed and it is upon you to choose the niches to write about. Website owners cannot develop content for their websites on their own and they are always willing to pay freelancers to develop the content for them.

There are numerous websites with varied demands for web content and articles. As a freelance writer, it is upon you to decide which niches to write on. The modes and rates of payment for freelancers are different and depend on the agreement that you make with your clients. Many writers are making a living online today and you can also do the same. The money you earn will depend on the quality and quantity of content or articles you write.

Freelancing is a great way of making extra money in your free time. If you dedicate all your time in freelance writing then you can make it a reliable source of income. You can decide to work on one freelancing site or work on multiple sites. By writing quality content you are likely to win the confidence of your clients and they can make you their long term writers, give you referrals and always seek your services whenever they have writing works.


There are numerous people who are making a lot of money through blogging. The main determinants of your success in blogging are hard work and consistent. Blogging presents various ways of making money online. You can make a living online by selling ad space on your sites to selling eBooks. The secret of being successful in blogging is to write blogs that will attract other famous bloggers who are writing about related content to your subjects. Thus for you to write attractive and high quality blogs, you should understand comprehensively what you are writing about.

Establish online courses

If you are an expert in a certain field of profession of technical skills then you can make money by use of your expertise. The internet has made many people to prefer learning new idea and skills over the web compared with land-based schools. For example, there are countless numbers of online schools that offer different kinds of training programs. Therefore with your expertise you can develop online courses in your line of profession and teach people from the comfort of your home. You will have to market your courses intensively so as to attract more learners and compete with others effectively. By providing competent online courses, you are likely to receive more referrals hence more money. The good thing about online courses is that once you get established then you are likely to have consistent students to teach .


People like unique things and if you have some artistic skills of making unique designs then you make money online easily. Designers are on very high demand especially those on clothing line. You can start small by making a few T-shirt designs and posting them on the website. If the design happens to catch the eyes of website users, you will be overwhelmed by the number of people who will be placing orders for their personal designs. There are also some design websites and distributors whom you can liaise with to increase your outreach and service delivery. Making your designs unique and attractive every day will attract more customers and within a short period of time you will be having an established clothing line because the demand for cloth designs will never end.

You can make your graphic designing a business or just sell the graphic designs on various websites. Quick money can be made through such ways as designing company logos, themes, business cards, wedding cards, etc. Basically there are countless numbers of websites where you can market and sell your designs


If you have passion and knowledge in programming languages and codes then you can make money online by writing programs. Programs do not necessarily have to be complicated with long algorithms and complex codes. There are some simple but very efficient programs that if developed can be sold incredibly. The most important thing about programming is to understand the profession and finding easier ways on how to solve problems through programming. Many complex activities have been made easier through programs and there are still many problems that can be solved through programming. Many companies today are in need of programs that can help them run their businesses efficiently hence this is an opportunity for you to make money online.

There are many programming websites on which you can market your programming skills. Once you kick off, then you can quickly grow and attract more clients from all over the world. In case you are really into programming as a passion, you can also consider investing in programming books in the languages you understand most. Make the books unique and easy to understand so as to compete effectively with those already in the market.


Copywriting services are on very high demand today as many website owners are in need of more content for their websites to make them better, attractive and rewarding. Therefore this is a profession which when well worked on will give incredible rewards. As a copywriter, you can either specialize in a particular niche or decide to be a copywriter in any field. The reason as to why it is recommended to specialize in a certain filed as a copywriter is because employers prefer copywriters who have specialized in a specific field because they tend to be knowledgeable and experienced compared to freelance copywriters.

Copywriting is quite challenging at the start because you may not produce the high quality work that the client wants. But after gaining some experience and becoming a professional copywriter, channels of making money online become unlimited. If you are a starter you can boost your skills by reading some eBooks containing secrets of a freelance copywriter which will help you become a professional faster. Thus understand that starting may be quite challenging but once you acquire the necessary experience, everything will become hassle free.

Therefore making money online is about selling your idea to the people across the world. The internet gives you an opportunity to reach people in all parts of the world regardless of where they live or what they do. This means that if your idea is accepted by a bigger audience then you can make millions of dollars even in a day. Making money online is not a dream but it is a practical thing that many people are doing every day. There are millions of people who are making a living online. It is all about your passion, creativity, dedication and hard work. It is also important to note that it is not an easy task to start making a living online but if you are ready to take up the challenges then there is nothing that can stop you.

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