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How You Can Raise Money For Medical Bills

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Trying to find the money for medical bills can be stressful, but it is far less painful than bills that are unpaid. If you have to worry about the bills constantly, it is time to take action. By increasing your income and decreasing your expenses, you can finally relax. Let us discuss about How You Can Raise Money for Medical Bills in this article.

Running to hospitals, undergoing numerous tests and different treatments is emotionally strenuous. Medical bills and its expenses are overwhelming. Simple and quickest way to get financial support from your friends while facing medical bills is online Fundraising website. Asking help is not easy always. But fundraising techniques is an effortless process for raising money online. It allows friends and family to contribute from all over the world. It is user friendly and it helps to navigate easily. It is a faster processing operation with all interesting features which saves time. It is secure to go with online. Most of the charities and non-profitable fund organizations are going with this high tech website by seeing its benefit concerns.

 get financial support

While raising money for medical expenses online, add following things to your fundraising website:

  • Share your or your family member’s story and let them know clearly why you are fundraising and why the cause is important to you. It should be true.
  • Provide the information about the illness in detail including its symptoms, causes, statistics and treatments. Also produce medical records if you have.
  • Personalize your website by adding pictures and videos in order to truly illustrate the story you are saying. Adding personal touch pictures of the sick individual may help the site better. One image should be equal to 1000 words.
  • Set a specific goal of fundraising and include the information where does the collected money will go and how it will be helpful. Give the clear process and the way you are going to use the funding money.
  • Make the convenience for the donors to pay money online with credit cards and also provide them the transaction acknowledgement and receipt. Money transaction process should be highly secure.
  • Share your donation page among family members, friends and relatives through face book, tweet or similar sites to create awareness about your fundraising efforts and include a link to your fundraising website.
  • Set an automatic sending thank you message built-in tool once a donation has been made. It will keep your donors happy and feel better.
  • Great way to stay in touch with the people who came forward to help you is having a blog on your website. It will help you to communicate with concerned person in future. Maintain the contacts history for good relationship building with donors.

Advantages of Fundraising website:

  • Generates revenue in a very short time
  • Most effective collection
  • Clear advantages for donors
  • Flexible reporting
  • Get immediate receipt and acknowledgement of the transaction
  • Easy to use, highly secure and convenient to the donors
  • Fast access to the funds donated
  • View donor contacts
  • Overcoming agent cherry picking
  • Accountability
  • Direct impact of fundraising efforts
  • Good relationship building is the foundation of this site

There are many fundraising websites available. How can you reach your goal with your fundraising website? Following steps may help you in getting beneficial ideas of building up fundraising website:

  • Build a team before raising money for medical bills with the assistance of a few friends. As a team leader take care of coordinating efforts and let the team to spread the word to the world.
  • Good start is the greatest thing to do to reach the goal. First you start with donating to show others how it is important. Do the larger amount donation so that followers may do the same.
  • After your donation ask your family members or your friends to do net donation with larger amount so that you maintain the ball rolling with big donations. Most of the people check for average donation size once they visit the site and they do the similar amount of donation.
  • Facebook is an amazing tool to reach the world quickly. It has a mass link chain of friends. Your word will easily reach to various groups of friends circle. So share your page on facebook and connect your fundraising website link to it. Update the health status, medical records constantly among the groups you have joined in facebook.
  • Being persistent is the important key. Most of the people won’t donate when you ask for first time. Keep asking, sending requests through mails or facebook messages will keep your donor base engaged. Whenever you are asking for donations, update donors about the health and progress of patient.
  • Offering with simple prizes or gifts to your donors who are donating larger amount will make them happy and feel better. Providing little extra incentive may increase your donation collection.
  • Asking for certain amount on specific date is a good tactic to get the money since it creates extra sense of urgency.
  • Another strategy of facebook awareness campaign is to ask people to share the status message for 24 hours rather than asking money. Everyone will be ready for doing this help for you.
  • Before the last few days of ending fundraiser, intimate the last date to all friends’ circles through emails and facebook. So that little extra amount of donations before the buzzer. This mass email will make the most sense and this is the last thing you have to do.

During Emergency cases like unexpected medical bills are in danger of going unpaid, best solution for you are payday loans or cash advances. Some of the companies offer you signature loans but they are most expensive since they will ask for borrowed amount plus the interest. Many people get trapped, paying only monthly interest, which can lead to paying more than the amount borrowed.

Before pushing the button of bankruptcy, it’s good to try government assistance first in form of Grants Medical Bills Program. The federal government has such a program which any American is entitled to. Federal government gives shoulder to your expenses for emergency surgery or treatment purpose if you clear stringent screening process. State governments also have their own grants medical bills programs. So you approach your local official to inquire whether you are eligible since it has limited resources. Poor families are usually prioritized.

You don’t have to pay back the amount to the government since this is a financial assistance, not a kind of loan. But it will release money after a long delay. This is the most disadvantages with the grants medical bills program. You can’t avail amount immediately in case of emergency. Approval also takes few months of time since you are dealing with a bureaucracy. You can also apply online using downloadable forms. The billing department will guide you on the process of applying the grant medical bills.

Steps to pay Medical bills through Grant Money:

  1. If you know about the treatment ahead, find the low cost providing clinics before getting admitted. Get earlier appointment to receive better care.
  2. After receiving care and before settling bills is the best time to talk to the hospital about reducing your bills. Many hospitals offer grants and financial assistance to insured or uninsured patients who are struggling with medical bills, so it is advisable to check for the options.
  3. If you are able to get a grant, it can take months to acquire the funding. It may take a period of years for funding if bill amount is large. Get the status and updates regarding the grant periodically. Negotiate the payment plan with the fund provider. A low monthly payment may be helpful for you and avoid interest accrual on your bills.
  4. If you are a member of a church, write a letter to approach the need since church use their collection funds or charity events for sick people for their treatment.
  5. Contact organizations in your state and then go for national level for requesting aid. You can talk directly by giving your personal information. Many organizations give aid to people who are suffering from severe diseases like HIV, cancer, heart diseases, diabetes, etc. Provide the copies of medical records if they are requested. There are many rules of requesting aid it provides.
  6. Look for governmental assistance by filling online applications if you are qualified. Provide detailed information about you and illness with all available medical records and get contact name and number for further process. If possible produce a written statement to apply for governmental grants. There are many online sites are available which will provide you with a list of state and national agencies offering medical financial assistance.
  7. Find your local health and Human services department if your income is low and facing medical problem. Check for state Medicaid agency for further support.

Benefits of governmental Grants Medical bills program:

  • It is not a kind of loan and hence pay back is not required
  • Poor families are well benefitted
  • Applying online is applicable
  • There is no interest problems
  • Secure and confirm payment is assured
  • Applied for both insured and uninsured people

The art of communication is the key while asking for help. Follow the simple rules while raising money for medical bills:

  1. Remain calm while calling for help. Yelling and screaming is not a good idea since it may create irritating feel to the opposite person. It may be you are communicating with wrong person. So make sure that where to ask, whom to ask and when to ask.
  2. Knowing your facts is another important thing. While going for insurance policy you should know how it works, whether it is a part of deductible or co insurance.
  3. Instead of forcing someone to answer all your questions, better get idea from others. Try to know when you can have direct meeting with manager to solve your doubts.
  4. Being polite during complete process of claiming money will help you in smoother processing with less difficulty.
  5. 86% of mills may contain lots of errors. While leaving hospital check it clearly and have perfect record with you for further claiming process. Be in touch with hospital until you receive claimed amount.

Dept Settlement Programs – It cuts the medical bills up to half. It is a legal process. Companies don’t provide enough information about these services. It’s your work to talk to your company regarding dept settlement programs they are offering. You can also search for reliable companies on internet. You will be getting actual information through online forums. Internet will help you in finding legitimate companies available in your home town. You can also raise a question regarding services or complaints about any company on the internet. There are many people ready to answer and help you with their own experiences. You can also personally have contact with those people for further clarifications about the company. Once you have hired a company then your job is almost over. It is a wise financial decision to go with dept settlement.

Factors affecting the maximum reimbursements in medical billing:

  • Improper clinical documentation, insufficient records and billing errors can affect reimbursement process.
  • Processing errors is the most important and difficult thing which can affect final payment since reimbursement process deals with data entry, coding, charge entry, patients details, etc. It is very efficient to track the errors throughout the process.
  • Health care organizations are facing greatest challenges of implementations. They have to complete implementations on time to avoid penalty. Incentives will be provided if the implementations are done by following perfect schedule.
  • There is a timely filling limit to follow while raising claims. If you fail to submit the form before the time limit then it will be critical for you to claim another form. So have all documents with you before you start claiming the medical bills.
  • If your claims are genuine and you have failed to get approval or acceptance, you can appeal for reconsideration. So that this time you can get accepted and get better payment based on the appeal.
  • After claiming the medical bills, you should periodically follow the status and updates of your reimbursement process.

Thus raising money is more challenging than it looks. Without these amazing Social Medias like twitter and facebook, it may become more difficult but don’t be afraid to ask for help when it is needed.

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