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How You Can Make Money with Patchwork

October 23, 2014 by: 0

Patchwork is an easy work you can do sitting all day home, and at the same time you can earn good income for your family this winter. The work involves no investment at all. Instead it requires only human hands at work. Play your music and enjoy working without anybody ordering or bothering and it can be fun and easy job to do. There are different kinds of patch work you can do to make a living out of the job.  These works include; stained glass window patchwork, cathedral window patchwork, stuffed or puffed patchwork, somerset patchwork and also quilt patchwork. However, we see quilt patchwork to be the most popular among all these. Patchwork in fact has turned into a business. Many individuals who used to do the work themselves have now started hiring people and taking patchwork assignments. One can really develop and move ahead with the work. Here’s everything you need to know about how you can make money with patchwork:

1.       About the work: Patchwork is what it sounds like. It is needle work involving joining or stitching together patches of fabrics. While you work you will stitch different types, brands, quality and quantity of cloth together to form a large design or simply add your work to another already existing design. This is in relation to quilt patchwork which is the most well known patchwork people prefer to do. Apart from quilt patching you can also do glass, bags, wall and other types of patching work. Patch is all about repairing what is torn and broken and can be fixed by human hands with a little bit of help taken from resources. Patch work can combine with crafts to make for something more than the product was before it was torn or broken. This patch work is more like making a new product out of the old product to sell it for a better price. It is something like recycling.

2.       Types of Patchwork: There are various types of patchwork you can put your hands in if you’re interested in some extra income. Some of them are quilt patching, clothes patching, toys patching, glass patching. Each kind of patch work requires separate handling skills, equipments and time of work. For example if you start with quilt patchwork you will need different types of needles, cloth, a quilt and other necessary things for making it a perfect job done. Same goes with the other types of patch works. Investment, however, is not much. You spend once to buy the things to do the job and they will last forever, unless you have to throw them away for a change.

3.       Patchwork & Quilting business compendium: Quilting is one of the best known patchwork people choose to do. It helps you make good money staying indoors or having a sun bathe in your courtyard. You will only need a needle for the job and some continuous strenuous efforts to put in. What you do here is you join pieces of cloth by your hands. You can use your hands or do the job with a machine. You will require some experience to work more efficiently and do the work easily. Practice will make you better with time but the beginnings might be really slow and the income too doesn’t come when you work slowly. As you pick up speed you begin to gain confidence and your income rises with the number of quilts you do or with the number of hours you continuously work for, if for a company.

4.       What is the work like? : It is fun when you have a group of people working with you. Your mind is not at work so you have plenty of gossips and things to laugh and share and at the same time work with your hands. You don’t have a boss scolding you and you also learn a useful work which will also help you in your own house for repairing cloth works, crafts and quilts. The Great Depression had brought about a great change in the job by giving people food and shelter to survive. Now this job earns you a lot of extra income to share with your family. The best thing for you would be to start slow at the job, do not hesitate to take help from co-workers and once you gain experience you will enjoy the easy job with enough cash in your pocket for the day.

5.       What material is used: In patchwork, you use cloth. The cloth can be cotton, silk, etc, this doesn’t matter, your work is to patch the right cloth in the right place. When you are hired by a company to do patchwork for good quality cloth, you will be paid well to work dedicatedly by concentrating only on the job. You will be given cloths with various designs and quality. If you make mistake in patching, it will be a whole rework process for you and you cannot afford to waste time on that. Try not to be creative but be obedient when you’re working for a firm or org. If the patchwork is your own business, you must be creative, and use various forms of embroidery and craftworks on your patching to make the final quilt more attractive than what it was before. But do not use excessive glitters, poky materials, etc that would spoil the quilt and make it worse. Using unnecessary stitching and materials could ruin your quilt, make you lose customers and also cost you extra money for no benefit to come.

6.       Investment: This is something you don’t have to worry about. Investment in the patchwork job is negligible. In case you plan to do the patch work with your hands, you will only need to purchase a few needles with different size, lengths and designs. Some thread of various colors and qualities will have to be in your possession before you begin. Try not to act miserly and make sure what you buy is of genuine and good quality so that your customers are not disappointed by your work. This will also help you gain more work and differentiate you from the others. In case you decide to invest in a machine for the work to be faster and easier, you can buy a sewing machine. You get sewing machines of all types, ranges and quality in the market. You can also buy second hand machines so that you don’t have to get a lot of cash out of your pocket before you start earning.

7.       How to start: You can earn money patching quilts anytime and anywhere you want. You can either take up a job in a factory or industry or you can do something like a business. First of all contact people around your locality and other localities, announce that you would like to start with fixing up their quilts and keep a range for your services. Keep a low range in the beginning to attract customers and then as you gain experience, you can raise you prices as per your wish and demands. Visit old houses where there are chances of torn and abandoned quilts. Offer the elderly people your patching service and patch everything they give you to patch including clothes, bags, household good, toys etc. Visiting houses will help you to build contacts. Leave your phone and address details with these people you visit so that they can contact you when they need patching of their quilts, etc.

8.       Make Quilts and Sell them:  There is another way you can earn from patchwork. You can make quilts and sell them. This is an amazing way to start off with your own independent business in your locality. You will have to buy the cotton, thread and cloth for the quilt and then you can make wonderful quilts with various designs, weights and styles. You can also gather unwanted or spoilt quilts and take what is useful from these then throw out the rest. From the useful cotton and silk you gather from all these quilts you can do the patching of them and create a wonderful new quilt. Selling this will earn you a good day’s income. Try to get antique fabrics for your quilts if you have some extra money you can invest in the business, because the turnover is huge in the business.

9.       Types of quilts you can make: You can make different kinds of quilts to sell. People all over the world love quilts in winter more than a heater. Patch quilts for babies, adults, infants, one month olds, AC quilts, quilts especially for light winters, quilts for heavy winters, quilts for the floor and couch, etc. Keep this in mind that all of these quilts are different in shapes, sizes and weights. Add beautiful and colorful boards to your quilts to make them look attractive.

10.   How to Market: Now comes the hard work. If you’ve started your quilting business you will need to market it among people who want to know more about what you have to offer. So what you have to do is organize campaigns, events, allow kids to help you in your work, offer soft toys made of the material you have, to these kids. This way you can do some publicity. Another way is tours. You can organize tours like shopping tours, craft tours, quilt tours, you can also organize retreats, etc to do something different from other quilt makers. You have to be different to get more orders and flourish in the business. Be sure to be available for other patchwork apart from quilts too because people will expect you to help them out with other patchworks you can do.

11.   Machine stitching: This is what you will most commonly find among housewives and tailors. Keep in mind that your hands cannot do what machines can do. Don’t worry, machines are also made by human hands to lower the work load for us, so it is advisable that you buy a sewing machine, never mind if the machine is old or second hand, to start off, it will help you very much. With machine stitching you can make fabulous designs on your quilts. While patching the quilt if you have made a mistake or if the fabric you’re adding looks odd, you can simply craft designs on the quilt cloth to make it look fashionable and acceptable. Keep in mind that you need to take measurements properly. You might not need a college degree for the job but you must know how about inches and centimeters. This is because you will have to measure, cut and patch cloth on areas that will again require measurements. If you don’t know measurements you can learn it in no time. If you’re making a quilt, a standard quilt would measure approximately 40 x 55 inches. You can find patchwork fabrics in stores around your locality. These are sold in “fat quarters” that means a 50 cum piece of cloth cut across the fabric width. This might sound confusing but once you visit a shop to purchase fabric, you will get the picture of everything.

12.   Scope in the business: The work has a good scope if you take it as a career. In the beginning you will struggle a lot but gradually as you gain experience, you will soon have more money to invest in the job and you will not hesitate to do that because you will see a bright future of yourself. You will slowly own a quilt shop of your own, buy more sewing machines and also organize classes for youngsters who so that they can work for you in your shop. If you do well in the shop you can even start manufacturing quilt related products, like fabrics or needles. As you grow you will notice more opportunities coming your way. However, the first thing to do is to start somewhere and doing a part time job of patchwork is a good way to begin.

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