How You Can Make Money Rebuilding Expired Domains

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A Wish Of Every Person – To Own a Popular Website And Of Course Its Revenues Too!

There must be certain sites, your favorites, which you consider revisiting time and time again because of the excellent “stuff”, you find there. That “stuff” may be some great articles helping you on making money or in the kitchen work; or it may be the high quality music CDS and new film releases DVDS which attract you to that site. Whatever might be the reason for the website’s popularity, the main fact is that it successfully generates lot of traffic, each passing day! It is no surprise that each one of us wishes to have a website which can be liked by people in the same manner, each visitor bringing in more money.

Making Money With Fresh Domains Is Not a Child’s Play

But it isn’t all easy. With so much competition rising each day, you need to be exceptionally outstanding in order to shine out on the Internet. And obviously it requires time, a lot of time. With most of us finding ways to make money quickly, buying a fresh domain name and patiently waiting for the website to gain popularity does not seem to be a good idea, and that too there is no surety. There is a better alternative to this and that is, “Rebuilding Expired Domains”.  Though it is costly buying an expired domain, it is however the quickest way you can make your website popular and earn money, far more than what you invested.

How Domains Get Expired? 

We all know that domain or domain name is the name of our website, its address. For making a website available on the Internet, one needs to buy a domain name and host the website under that domain. That’s all true, but here what we are talking all about is the expired domain name. An expired domain is the one that has been taken back by the issuer of the domain and the website originally hosted on that domain, is no longer live. This happens due to the casualness of the website owner, they simply forget to renew their domain names or just have no time or desire to continue with it any longer. Reasons are many.

Making Money With Expired Domains

Whatever may be the real reason behind the expiration of the domain, it hardly matters to us; the main point is that they can help us make profits. Many domains keep on frequently getting expired; most of them are not worth buying as they are given up by their owners because they didn’t served their purpose of making money and hence useless to us as well. But not all expired domains come under this category. Some are the ones with large fan following, good ranks and great backlinks. Your task is to find such a domain which already has sufficient traffic and thus can make you earn handsomely.

Rebuild The Expired Domain To Earn Cash

It’s true that there will be many like you bidding to buy that domain; hence buying such a domain may feel heavy on your pocket. But you can be sure that you will get back all what you gave and much more. One needs to understand that it is an investment, a small investment compared to the prospective revenues, and precisely a short term investment. Once you get such a domain, an expired domain with existing large traffic, you just need to build a site around it matching the keywords of the previous one and then you need to add new innovations to it which can prove rewarding.

Take Heed To The Most Vital Part Of Your Website – The Content

You need to remember that what made the previous website well liked by the Internet users was its rich content. Hence if you wish to keep up its (expired domain) good rank, it is vital for you to create a website on the subject of the previous one, quite similar to that and add good quality content to it. Don’t put all your efforts on money making. To make the situation a win-win, it is important that visitors should like your site as well. The secret to a successful website is ‘frequently updating’ it; hence keep your site up to date, so that the visitors always find something new and catchy on your website.

Make Your Website Create Money

  1. Affiliate Marketing

To make your website produce money, you can get engaged in an affiliate program with a well known company. Choose to sell products and services in context to the subject of your website. Suppose your website is a beauty site, you may prefer to sell quality beauty products of big brands involved in affiliate marketing. Do your research first. You can also keep CDs and DVDs on your website in association with each product you sell. You can build these CDs yourself at home, maybe directing your customers about the product’s usage and benefits. You can go with pay per click or pay per sale affiliate program, whatever suits you more.

  1. Google Adsense

Google Adsense is also a rewarding program in the advertising world and thus you can make use of it in making money out of your website. Google tends to like those sites more which are loaded with meaningful content and are centered on one single topic. Use your creativity to make AdSense advertisements banners look like a part of your content. Play with the theme and color scheme of the ads to blend them well with the background of your website.

  1. Backlinks

You can also provide backlinks to your newly built website from other website or blog, if you possess any. These backlinks go a long way in popularizing and promoting a website. Use your social networking accounts like the Facebook’s or Twitter’s to advertise your website. Provide links, and ask your friends to make a visit. Tell others about the new stuff introduced in your website and strive hard to generate more and more traffic inwards.

Tips To Appeal To The Visitors

Most importantly, keep a close watch on the likings and disliking of your visitors. If you find some product or service endorsed by you completely untouched by your customers, try to refrain from selling products like that in the coming future. Take a note of all the things which are enjoyed by visitors on your website and introduce more such stuff.

You can keep a comments section in your site, in order to listen to the complaints of the unsatisfied customers. Pay heed to each complain and suggestion from the user’s side and accordingly take your future decisions. Try to resolve the problems of the discontented user and inculcate valuable suggestions given by the visitors in your website. This will give you more control over your customers and will generate a feeling of trust among them.

After reading all this, you must be excited and willing to make money, handsome money, from ‘Rebuilding Expired Domains’. But there are still some questions left unanswered. You must be thinking how domains get expired and where you can find one of such or where to exactly start from. The answers to all questions can be found in subsequent paragraphs. So don’t miss any tips so continue reading further.

What Follows The Expiration Of Domains

You may be thinking that as soon as the date of the expiry of a domain name is reached, the domain name is snatched away by the issuer from the hands of the owner and now you can try your hands on it. Well, that’s not the actual scenario. The company or the domain name issuer sends notices (usually three), a sort of reminders, to its client to get his domain name renewed. There can be some genuine reasons in the delay caused by the client and the company understands this completely. As a result, the issuer gives the client a month of grace period in which he can renew his domain without paying anything extra.

Even if the client still didn’t bother to make the payment, another 10 days time is allotted to him. But this time he needs to pay something extra, apart from the annual fee of renewal. Once this grace period of 40 days (approximately) exceeds, the domain name is taken back by the company and is made publicly open. There are many sites available which time and time again hold a domain name auction and this expired domain is added to the next coming auction. Be in touch with such sites to find the expired domains and the ones soon going to be expired.

How To Get The Domain Of Your Choice

All the domain names are registered with Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). When a domain name gets expired, it is given back to the ICANN. You need to be quick in requesting that domain from ICANN, as this organization works on first come first serve basis.


But more often, this is not the case. Most of the websites and companies providing domain names and web hosting services, hold auctions before the domain name can fall back into the hands of ICANN. One, who bids the highest on a particular domain, is declared as the winner and gets that domain name. If some domains with decent amount of traffic get expired, the bid value reaches many thousands of dollars as whole lot of people like you are in need of that domain, rightly knowing how valuable it can turn out to be.

Where You Can Find Expired Domains With Sizable Traffic?

DropDay, Fresh Drop

These two services can prove extremely resourceful to you in making a note of what all domain names are available for bidding under which websites. They make the task of finding all websites hosting a ‘domain names’ auction and surveying each and every site to find what domains can interest you, really very easy. Use these tools to discover profitable expired domains.

SnapNames, Namejet, Pool, ENom

Though, all of these firms serve the same purpose, providing tools to bid on expired domains, each one of them perform their task in a little different manner. These services or tools, you can say, are always on the look-out for a good expired domain. Whenever they find one of such registered with ICANN, they grab hold of the opportunity and send requests for that domain to the ICANN servers.

From here, their working systems differ. Some of them first purchase the domain from ICANN and then hold an auction, while others may just give you the domain name simply charging a small commission. Visit these sites to find how they actually work.

The Most Renowned Domain Name Auction Holder – GoDaddy

GoDaddy is the major domain registrar across the globe. Its domain auctions are extremely popular and celebrated and thus we need to know more about it. GoDaddy charges a fee of $4.99 annually, a membership fee, if you wish to be a part of their auctions. One can sell and buy here fresh domains, expired domains, discover the domains soon going to be expired and can even choose to buy a domain from the closeout category. This option requires no membership fee.

Since you are here with the motive of buying an exclusive expired domain, click on the Auctions tab and select the category of ‘expired domains’ on GoDaddy’s website. You will find there the Domain Name, how many Bids have been put, the Highest Bid up till now and the Time Left. You would have already done your research by now using the above tools, so bid a value, higher than the current price on that particular domain. Wait for the auction to end and make sure you are the highest bidder.

There’s one main point you need to know about. Even after the auction closes and you win, the previous owner of the domain can claim the domain back and get it renewed. You need to wait for around 17 days before GoDaddy contacts you. If the owner didn’t claim it back, you will get the domain else you would be refunded the amount.
So, go and grab one expired domain with large traffic and make money building your own website around it. ALL THE BEST!

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