How You Can Make Money From Climate Change

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Climate change is one of the most heard of terms in recent times. Climate change causes drought, climate change causes lower temperatures in winter, climate change causes floods etc, are news that we hear regularly.

To begin with, we need to understand what climate change actually is. Climate change is the variation that comes about in the weather over a number of years (decades or millennium). It’s a collective change noticed, which is averaged over a period of time. There seems to have been a more drastic change in the last two centuries starting with the Industrialization era, according to climatologists.

Climate change can be of two kinds, it can be natural and unnatural. Natural climate change has got to do with changes connected to natural occurrences like El Niño. These changes don’t necessarily have to be permanent. Of course the changes that can happen to certain areas because of drought caused by these natural occurrences like El Niño (affects rain pattern), can be a problem. There will be shortage of water and everything in connection to that. Unnatural climate change is connected more with Human activities. Carbon emissions, CFCs, effluents of factories being discharged into the water bodies, are some of the common problems that we hear are alleged to be responsible for Climate change.

Of late global warming has become a very well discussed issue in relation with rise in temperature of the planet. The increased melting of the Glaciers, arctic ice cap, snow on the mountains etc., Climatologists say these occurrences are having notable effects on sea levels.

1. polar-bear

Polar bears fall asleep on ice (for them the ice is like land) and because of warming of the seas the ice breaks up and floats very far away from the mainland. After these poor animals wake up, swimming back to the mainland can be a problem. Even though Polar bears know how to swim, the distance can be too long and most times the cubs don’t survive. This is a very big concern and threat to the survival of the polar bear species

Due to the increased sea levels, many areas might get submerged, this is however a speculation. One of the main reasons for global warming is said to be increased Carbon Dioxide (CO2) levels in the air, the two main effects this is having are: melting (as mentioned above) and acidification of the seas. Acidification of the seas is said to have far reaching effects. It’s supposedly affecting the ecosystem of the corals, which require an environment with very delicate and balanced conditions; many species of fish are not able to survive the acidified environment.

Now, generally there are two kinds of people who we might come across in our lives: the Believers and the Skeptics. The Believers are going to believe in every problem that might be connected to Global warming and climate change. The Skeptics on the other hand will say things like: the temperature of the planet is increasing because of the Sun cycle, whatever is happening is completely normal, the earth is bound to cool again, All this is a way to make money , don’t fall for the tactics, etc.

One can’t really say if the believers or the Skeptics are right, but we do need to try to stop hurting our dwelling, Mother Earth. Let’s get back to how you can make money from Climate Change. Well, there are certain patterns and problems happening on earth that are associated with Climate change and these problems are what make people believe these can be addressed by all the nations. In the Copenhagen summit, the countries decided to target a 2 degree reduction in the temperature of the planet. Now whether or not the governments of the various countries have worked in that direction, it becomes our responsibility to do something in the direction and bring maybe 0.1 degree change and also maybe earn by it. It’s a win-win situation, if played right. There are many industries and areas that can profit from Climate change, here they are:


This area would be the best to invest in, what does this mean to you. Climate science, renewable energy; alternate sources of energy, water treating plants etc. are the various sciences that are getting huge grants and are becoming increasingly important areas for research. Climate science is talked about so much that there is not much of a chance that it is going to become obsolete any time soon. It would be an excellent idea to study a little and pay tuition fees (even if it high) and get a degree, because the returns that one can get after getting a job is incomparable. Water is another area where there is a lot of research going on. It is being predicted that because of increased temperatures the glaciers will melt (which are the source of many rivers) and there might come a day where there is no water. Again, areas connected to water would be an excellent idea to research in.

2..Water-treatment-plantWater treating plants, recycling of water would be great areas to research or work in. Water treatment plants would be a great area to study, also invest, in case, one decides to start a water treatment plant. Another area that would be worth looking into is water obtained through reverse osmosis, if better economical ways of reverse osmosis are discovered then; it could be a great source of water. The sea can be used to solve the water problem quiet easily. Finding better ways to treat sea water, more economical ways to do reverse osmosis on large scale etc., would be an interesting area to look at.

Construction Business

Increased number of Hurricanes, typhoons and floods are connected to increased temperatures, Climatologists say. All these forces of nature have a lasting effect on the society and people. There can be colossal losses in terms of money and infrastructure etc.

Again investing a little in education can go a long way, civil engineering, architecture etc. would be great areas to study. Constructing buildings that are little less susceptible to these disasters or even building them to have a certain amount of resistance to disasters such as Hurricanes. This is an earthquake proof building. The building can withstand earthquakes to a certain degree. Many buildings in Japan are made this way. Something similar done for other climate change related disasters would be beneficial for the society and prevent losses in many ways. The mass scale destruction of buildings, building of defense systems against these forces of nature, save and rescue options would be the places that one would be in if they are connected to the construction business.

Rising sea levels as we have discussed are a problem. The hurricanes that hit the US coast often flood these areas. The construction of dykes is extremely important. If one is in the business, the coastal area is the place to be. Levee or a dyke is used to regulate sea levels. It is very useful in areas where flooding is a common problem. Japan has Levees in coastal areas, which are more susceptible to Tsunamis. Steel, stone and many other materials are used to make these Levees. They can be an important indicator to impending disaster. With increasing problems in connection to sea water and the coastal areas, Levee construction is a huge business.

Rescue and safety operations require a number of temporary shelters and transit like dwellings; this would be another place to invest. During disasters a number of people get dislocated and refugee camps have to be built, the government agencies will require a number of shelters that will have to be built. Tents and the likes would be a business that would bloom in these times (no offence meant). Make shift Airports, hospitals, clearance of debris from roads etc. In difficult times, these kinds of businesses have huge roles to play.

Food Business

One of the main requirements (and will always be), during these times of climate change is FOOD. This is a resource that keeps the human body working. Absence of food can drive people mad. And during times of need it is of absolute importance that it be provided in ample quantity. Because of increasing temperatures it is a good idea to grow hardy crops, which can sustain High temperatures and low temperatures. Vegetables like turnips, onions etc. have a good chance to survive in slightly high temperatures. Cactuses are increasingly becoming a well liked cuisine.

4.cactus and corn saladThis is cactus and corn salad. It looks as delicious as any other dish. The thorns are removed and the juicy leaves are used to cook food. Now, the point of mentioning about cactus is that, the more the industrialization of land increases, and the more the arid regions increase, the only plants and trees that are likely to survive and grow are the plants like the cactus. It does not require too much of water and grows excellently in very hot areas. It would be excellent to invest in the cactus business area. It might be taking it too far to say that one should have a cactus farm, but doing something of the sort, could be an excellent way to make money. Recipe books, cactus cooking classes and what not. It’s worth thinking about.

Another area to invest in and an excellent entrepreneurship opportunity are the dehydrated products. It would be an excellent idea to invest in businesses where food is dehydrated so that it can be used in times of need. Many places in the world which can’t grow fruits and vegetables during extremely cold or hot weather grow their fruits and vegetables at times of the year when the weather is optimum for the growth and then dehydrate and store them.

5.dehydrated foodsDehydrated tomatoes, oranges, chilies, grapes, etc. are some of the examples from a wide range of fruits and vegetables that can be used in this business. This business can be very profitable. The storage and usage of these items become extremely important during times of disaster and extreme weather. Food that can be stored should be used to ones advantage. Rice in its uncooked form can also be stored for a long time.

Transport Business

Transport has become a very important medium for the people of this planet. Shipping, Airplanes, railways these are important to people, if they need to travel to different areas to do business, meet relatives or study. Transport is a necessity. At one point of time in the western countries, Whale oil would be used to light lamps. After oil (crude) was discovered, whale oil was replaced by crude oil and its products and in a matter of two decades the whale oil business shut down.

This is very similar to what can happen if alternate sources of fuel are found. Oil has an extremely high rate of harmful gas expulsion especially when it comes to transport. Gases such as Carbon monoxide (CO), Carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4) etc are just some of the gases that are expelled. Carbon dioxide seems to be one of the main culprits.

Researchers are trying to find many ways to keep the culprit in control and this is being done by finding renewable sources and alternate sources. Renewable sources such as wind, solar energy have become extremely important in the recent times. It would be a great idea to start a company that makes solar panels, windmills and any other equipment that uses the Natures energy to propel itself. The other area that can boom in a few years is the Bio-fuel production. Many trees and shrubs, such as Pongamia and Jatropa, seeds have oil in them. Experiments are going on to replace crude oil and its products with these oils.

Now, the upside of bio-fuels is the growing of trees. Trees like Pongamia require very little water; they can utilize the little water that might be available in the surroundings. If one is in the real estate business, the land can be used to grow lots and lots of these kinds of trees. These trees take only about 4 years to grow and require very little maintenance.


Pongamia can grow to be a very big tree and produces seeds in short periods of time. If the Bio-fuel scene picks up then, the seeds that are periodically produced can be sold and a good amount of profit can be made while at the same time helping the future generations and mother earth by planting trees. Other parts of the tree can also be put to use. There are also various alternative fuels that people are trying to find for railways.

The electric train is the new alternative that is being used and soon after a more economical solution is found the industry will boom. Another area is the Electric car and vehicles. Right now the cars and vehicles that are coming out do not go beyond a certain speed and have very little sustenance, if more research can be done in this area then, one can come up with a company that produces electric cars and vehicles which moves at a good speed and has good sustenance There are many ways that a particular situation can be used to ones advantage. The changes suggested in this article can be used to help nature and also oneself. Think about it and make a change in the world.

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