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How You Can Make Money As An Expert photographer

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A photographer is a professional who clicks, snaps or photographs to earn money. Photographers can be both amateur (those who do photography just for their hobby or interests), they take the photographs for the pleasure and for recording some events, and capturing some events which are unique to the life of the individuals and professionals (work for earning fame and name and also the money). A professional photographer can be an employee of a Newspaper, or can be contracted for particular event such as the wedding or the graduation or some kind of advertisements, whereas some other work as the photographers for the police services, scientists, journalists etc. The pictures are captured for keeping the reminiscence of the events or the occasions which have occurred.  They are the most crucial experiences of life. In the year 2006, there were around 27000 televisions, motion picture and the videos operators which were employed in the United States.


Photographers who produce the moving pictures rather than the still pictures are generally called as videographers, cinematographers or the camera operators-this depends on the commercial context on which they are working. Further the photographers are also categorized based on the categories of the subjects. Photographers can specialize in different subjects that could be unique to street photography, fashion photography, war photography, photojournalism, commercial photography etc.

Steps to take care while planning to move ahead with Photography as your career-

  • Know about your device

There is the misconception that a brilliant photographer is one who is having the high end camera and the multiple lenses. It is true that high end camera is going to improve the quality of the photograph but for that also you should be well aware about your device which you are having with you. Before moving ahead with the option as a photographer, you should know your camera well and the other parts of the cameras and the gear like the back of your hand. You should start your passion with the basics than purchasing the camera which ranges to the thousand dollars. A photographer can take the photos with the low end camera as well but the only thing is that you should be comfortable with the body of the camera and the features of each part. When you are fully acquainted with the low end camera then you can move ahead by purchasing the high end camera. For knowing more about the cameras functionality you should keep on reading the articles and facts about the camera online or via the experts from the different areas or region. It will be helping you to learn new ways to handle the camera and the lenses to create the great photos. You should be sure that you are well aware about the use of the camera gear like the remote flash or some different lenses. Having the specific background will increase the quality of the photos.

  • Enhance or Build your Photo

Before you enter into this industry you should ensure that you have created your profile.  The portfolio helps the client or the company knows the quality of your work, in what regions or areas you are comfortable with, range of your talents, formats of the profile etc.  You should ensure that your portfolio comprises of at least 5 to 10 photo shoots which are of different regions and subjects.  The companies or the individuals who are going to hire would prefer to see the work which you have done till now, as based on that only they would be hiring you. You should try to spend more and more time in enhancing your skill of the photography for which you should click as many photos in a day at different time period so that you get the idea that how the location or click is going to be fabulous. You should be able to guide the clients about the way they should pose and get their snaps clicked. The photos doesn’t need to be of the specific photo shoots but can be of any location or scene which you love to click.  For learning more you can hire some of the local models for free photo and the print of the photo. Portraying anyone in the real life is going to be a life time achievement and as many clicks you make you will gain the experience.

  • Forte should be decided

If you are lover of the portraits, then advertise yourself as the photographer portrait.  Depending on your skills and love or passion you should decide the specialty and gain experience in that field. Plan your forte and then try to gain the experience in such a business.  May be finalizing your forte in the starting would be difficult so in that case you should select at least 3 to 4 areas and gain expertise in those fields. Whenever you are on the photography feel don’t take it as compulsion but take it as passion and interest then only you would be able to enjoy it to the fullest. When you are in stress or confusion, then you would not be able to click the valuable photographs.




How to manage your business of Photography

  • Documentation should be proper

Ensure that your paper work is appropriate and up to date. You should get the business license and star making yourself prepared for becoming a business woman or man. You should research about your state and country requirements for gaining the license and take the help of the attorney so that can guide you with the legal information. With respect to photography you should have the insurance covering your business. Insurance would be providing you with the confidence with respect to your equipments and the work you have done till now.

  • Handle your money

As you are going to set down your business in the competitive world so you have to ensure that you become money savvy soon.  You should open a special bank account with the name of your organization and keep checking the details of accounts on the regular basis. You should spare sometime in the working of the accounts as it’s the essential part which needs to be taken care of and people love to have it but for that you need to work hard. Before you are on the verge of quitting any of the work, then you should ensure that you have ample of amount in your account so that you could use them for your future working and helping yourself in the bad times.

  • Goals and motto to be crystal clear

You know that you are passionate about photography and would excel in that but still the advice would be that you should have the crystal clear goals and motto for yourself.  You should set the time frame that what time you should reach the specified destination for the printing of the photos and the earning of the amount. And keep track of the work and check whether you are absolutely on the right direction or not. You should get your goals set with the proper time span and the date. Like set the target that you are going to complete around 20 shoots in the specified month and proper schedules. You should set the date that you are going to earn some specified amount for yourself.

  • Set up the schedule

It can be a standalone career and the professional career.  Before you plan to quit your job you should consider the specific schedules and the time and the items you shoot. One shoot of photograph is going to take time in editing, meeting time etc.  Therefore it just takes the proper hour’s time. How do you plan to work whether you plan the shoots during the weekends and the late night.


  • Specify your contract

Please ensure that you have the proper contract before moving ahead with the photo shoot.  This contract should include all terms and conditions which should be catered for, like the duration they have to work, what amount you are going to be paid etc.  You should take the help of the attorney so that you can get the better idea and reach the safest path. This would make the things easier and you could be comfortable in handling the things. It would help lighten the pressure of the workload.  You should clarify what packages are there in your photography and should take proper responsibility. For example, make clear if you hold the liability of the photo which are accidently and irrevocably deleted, or if after signing the contract it is not going to be a longer issue.

  • Specify your rates

You should consider the time for your shoot and the amount of prints /CDs for the images as the end product.  For the charges you should check from the local areas that what the rates are going across in the area. Based on that, you can plan the amount for your shoots and photography. You should plan your price based on the skills and the package which you are offering the users. Make sure that you haven’t increased the cost to such a higher extent that people can’t afford it. You should set the price based on the quality and the impact of the photos you have shot and the price should neither be too high or nor to low.  If the price is too high, then people will like to move ahead without patronizing your work.

  • Advertise the business

Best way to advertise is by providing the clients with the appropriate facilities and the packages. When they will like the offer they would be sharing with their friends, families, colleagues and their word of mouth would help your business grow. So it’s important that the impression which you are going to present to the client is going to be crucial.  You should create the websites, cards of your business, network with the local people, and talk about your business when you are interacting with the people.  Feedback and the comments from the client are important because with the help of these you can get the references of the clients and the traffic on the site would be increasing.  Suppose if you are shooting for the wedding, then in that case you can click snaps of the food items and their presentation to the caterers so that they love having it and keep it as their record. You should create the watermark for protecting the photo so that you can advertise it online. You should get the SEO implemented on the site so that the traffic on the site could be enhanced and increased. Always keep your precious business card with yourself as you never know when you are going to get the opportunity which is going to provide you with the power and the position.

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How you can make money as an expert photographer

Whenever anyone plans to move ahead with the photography profession the first question which comes on the mind is “How you can make money as an expert photographer”.

  • Shoot and sell the stock photography

Taking the photographer as the shoot has never been easier. In this the principle is that you go out and click the snap which suits you.  Then upload them on the stock website and then wait for people to buy them (for the uses in the magazines, websites, design etc with your name added to the designs or the shoots). Some of the unique sites where the stock photography could take place are as under- istockphoto, Jupiter images, fotolia, Getty images etc.

  • Your images should be marketed with the print

Adding your prints up for the sale can be really easy but the hard part is that you need to get people motivated for purchasing your items. Some of the renowned sites for the printed images are – Red bubble, Picasso Mio and You can also print your own images and try to sell them accordingly on the site.

  • Get yourself hired in the better manner
  • Sell and buy the equipment

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