How You Can Make A Living As A Freelance Book Editor

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Write articles for their website or blog – and profitable – is not the only way to make money writing online. On the contrary. There are other ways to use your talent for prose that can be very profitable. The web has enabled these new methods to democratize and broaden the range of possibilities. With or without a website, we can now make money on the internet by writing. The shapes can be varied.


The writers and aspiring writers that generate revenue through the Internet are not necessarily better than the others. They simply know these methods. You should know that many people are always looking for new content, texts and people to write. Media, business, webmasters, advertising, etc. :

The important thing is above all to meet them! Here are the different ways to generate income through your prose.

1. Marketplaces for web editors

Matchmaking platforms between authors and customers, marketplaces for web editors let you, once registered, they can apply to the different demands of editorial content posted by users. This is a way to earn money from home and without the need for site through writing. There are different types of services (writing, translation, correction) and content required: blog article, sales brochure, press release, web content, database, etc. Mostly used by webmasters and SEOs who find these platforms with an opportunity to obtain new content and of good quality for their sites, market places also count some agencies and companies among their customers. Remuneration depends mainly on the level of expertise required. Tenths of a penny to a few cents per word. Or a little more than a few dozen euro for an article of 750 words.  

2. The production of editorial content

The development of additionnal activities is part of the monetization opportunities still little used by webmasters and bloggers. And among the latter, is the production of content. This is to create an additional activity to ensure regular benefits of creating content (text, audio or video) – usually on a specialized field – meeting the needs of customers who can not or do not wish to ensure the production of that content themselves. This is a tremendous opportunity for all bloggers and web site managers to generate new revenues by developing their expertise, skills in their field and their writing skills. For some it has even become one of their main sources of income. Clients are generally media wishing to propose an article on a specific topic but with no specialized journalist on this topic, agencies, content portals, brands wishing to organize special operations related to a specific field, etc. Prices, themselves, depend on benefits.

They are generally much more favorable than the marketplaces for web editors. Content quality and expertise of the author being more sought and more valued. And it is in this that a blog or website is a real opportunity for this activity! He can prove your legitimacy, credibility and knowledge on the subject matter in addition to your talent for prose. In addition to ensure visibility as an expert / blogger / author (delete as appropriate) in your field. For customers that do appeal to you, it is still necessary that he can find you! In this, a blog or a website is therefore a great tool. Even if it is one of the largest in the theme. Also remember to add a “editorial production” page on your site where you will indicate the different types of content you can achieve, your experience, references, etc. An additional way for customers to find you and to be able to appeal to you!

3. The regular paid content 

One of the best ways to monetize content that is produced, it is still to be paid and to draw and direct income. Subscription weekly, monthly or yearly, paywall, pay per act, package, etc. : Billing are many possibilities to implement a paid model on its site and restrict access to some or all of your content to paying users. Nevertheless, at present, many webmasters and bloggers are still reluctant to the implementation of such a device, fearing that it is inefficient and face away visitors. Yet intelligently implemented, the paid model is one of the best ways to enhance its content and derive real income. Far more important than advertising or affiliate.

All sites still may not qualify. Better to be placed on a specialized topic, but most produce content of the highest value. Such a qualitative content, original and providing such value added compared to the competition that visitors are willing to pay for access. You do not have to turn any website into your “all-payer”. For example, if you own a blog on the practice of a musical instrument, you can open a new section, which access will be limited, in which you propose of more qualitative and innovative content addressing an audience more specialized and more in request for information to high added value that your “free players”. A strategy that does not harm your blog and its visitors, and allows you, with this new feature, generate a comfortable income. 

4. Write an Ebook / a digital book 

Between the explosion of the market for digital products, especially of the so-called information products, the finish and the adoption by the general public of e-readers (Amazon Kindle, etc. .) and the opening of Amazon as a marketplace where anyone can easily put on sale its eBook, digital book sector is booming! And that is something you can enjoy. Write an Ebook is a great way to highlight and enhance your expertise and develop a new source of income. If having a website or blog is a real advantage and allow you to use it to prove your legitimacy on the subject and get right out of your digital book, a database of potential customers willing to buy your Ebook, this is not mandatory. You can very well write an Ebook without going through there. Whether the making available on Amazon market place and making the necessary promotion, or using other traffic acquisition methods (paid search, affiliate, etc.) to return to the site and the page Sales dedicated to your eBook, there are now many opportunities to generate new sources of revenue through the sale of digital books!

5. Publish a book to a publisher 

It is a desire and a dream of many bloggers. Power one day release a “paper” work in a publishing house. A book that is found on sale in bookstores, department stores, Internet, etc. Renowned sometimes difficult to access for a new author, the publishing world can nevertheless sometimes open more easily through the Internet. I’m talking mostly non-fiction books (novels thus out), that is to say, the practical books, initiation, technical, educational, professional, historical, etc. And for this type of work, have a blog or a website will help you land more easily, a contract with a publisher. And even if your website is one of the most prominent of his domain. Be aware that, in France, a lot of books come out every year. And many have little or no selling. For an editor, launch a new author is always a gamble. Being responsible for a website or a blog on the subject you want to deal in a book can be a real advantage.

It is a source of credibility and the publishing house can easily judge your knowledge of the subject. Having to write regularly to power your website will reassure the editor on your talent for prose and your ability to meet deadlines. Finally, a website or a blog is, again, a potential customer base willing to buy your book upon its release in bookstores. And it is not insignificant for a publisher. Especially when it’s a website or a blog successful. More demanding than that of a self-published ebook, writing a book does not make you rich! A similar price, you will receive significantly less money leaving a “paper” book to a publisher. Unless sell tens of thousands, you will not earn a lot of money with a book. Nevertheless, the publication of a book to a publisher, you can establish your authority and your legitimacy in your field, in addition to improving your visibility and notoriety. And that’s something you can pull a lot of income!

How You Can Make A Living As A Freelance Book Editor: 6 tips to become a (good ) freelance Editor !

Content writing experiencing a revolution in recent years ! With the successive arrival day Google upgrades that enhance the quality of content, and the rise of blogs , ” create content ” has become a real profession . It has also become an area overvalued by some actors , who do not hesitate to promise to those who embark on the adventure of freelance salary worthy of a minister. Freelance since 2012 , I give you my take on writing content independent , and my tips for you start, your turn. I can not blame those who still believe in miracles. They (they) are likely to have once read an ad that clearly explains that web copywriting is the new Eldorado. “Work from home”, according to “your schedule.” It is you who “build your salary as your motivation.” Internet access, a Word, and this is enough to become a web editor?

Yes I Do. Yes, the need “material” is limited, and web editor is a job that requires a smaller initial investment. That’s why arts students, unemployed and housewives (this is an observation, not an attack OK) does not hesitate to embark on the adventure to glean these euros promised by the agencies. Reality? After the first written texts, the first honored commands, one quickly realizes that the days pass, and the pennies add up. But where are these thousands of euros promised?

The web writing is a craft. Yes, some succeed with talent to fulfill some missions, in addition to their salary, or gently develop their customer base. But believe he is a computer and free time to write is false. At home, hundreds of books around me. The history of Tahitian pearls, a book on the history of India, or this little guide from the sale of private cars that I started to go … Yes, before writing, it must be documented , know, understand. I leave you, 30 seconds, the postman brings me magazines I subscribe to. You begin to understand, writing does not just happen on one hour of free time, but is a real job that requires knowledge, expertise, and strong expertise, if you want to make your “full-time job “. During my first year as an independent, I learned many things about this profession. Here are some tips.

6 tips to become a freelance editor 

The title of the article has you hooked , you want these tips to become a successful web copywriter ? Come on, I ‘m starting. 1. How to write: This seems obvious, but it bears repeating . Some think know how to write , but once the words translated into pixels on a retina display , the lack of style, confused grammar and spelling errors are legion. There are trainings, courses specifically designed to run in web writing . 2. Wanting to write, you know write, but do you want to do all the time ? Become a writer , this sometimes means ” out ” several pages a day , many documented articles , etc. Like all self-employed , who come from a choice , motivation is the key to success.  3. Set goals: Why do you want to become a web copywriter? Decide if you want to write for a living, to have a little extra money (which I have done for years), or pleasure.

Your choice will affect your approach. Keep in mind that to generate an income equivalent to a “full-time” it will take work. This is probably the most important. Do not go without practicing writing web as additional income. This will allow a first approach, experiences, and building your address book. 4. Determine its position: Define what type of projects you can intervene, what “quality grade” your texts reached and the topics you want to write. I very early myself adopted a “positioning”, leading some prospects to contact me, and others to go their way. This is voluntary. Find your positioning. Low-cost price, or conversely, the “high end” rates? Blogs for texts only, large files, or multi-service? There is room for many profiles!

5. Build experience:

Look for opportunities to build your writing portfolio. It may be easier to start by writing for publications and unpaid websites, small. By writing articles for small publications, you’ll gain experience, you know and have a bunch of articles with your name. This is important when you are your future customers “Googleiser”. 6. Going with the profession: Submissive (in part) to the moods of our good friend Google, the web editor profession evolves in the same way as other professions web. Writing rules, keyword density, styles and layouts … You should know evolve with practice and do not be afraid to learn, again and again. These tips are there to help you ask the right questions, assist you in your journey. Of course there are many other aspects in the web editor of business: time management, tariff policy, or the financial part … We will discuss on the occasion of another article!

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