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How Top ProBloggers Make Money Online

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Problogger is considered as a professional who earns his/her living through blogging. For lot many people it has become their dream job of sharing their views on different topics and inspiring the people in solving their issues which come in front of them in their daily life. The best part to their working is that they don’t have any restrictive place or time when they have to complete their work. They have the flexibility of working from anywhere like coffee shop, at homes in any outfits, at beaches, in the grips of the nature and many more. Everyone is aware that when you start up a new work-it takes time to get established but for that, one should have faith in themselves that they can achieve it and will power to excel. Blogging depends on the person on which topic they need to share their views and keep the people informed about their work.

Steps to follow for becoming a professional blogger

  • Niche Market

You should find out the strongest point of your knowledge before finalizing your topic.  When a person is aware about the topic on which he/she has researched then the outcome is going to be brilliant.  So trace the strongest topic which you are comfortable in and try to enhance it through gaining more and more information or knowledge on it, through regular studies.

  • Own your blog

If you have planned to earn your living with your expertise of blogging then without hesitation you should move forward and create your own brand. Any brand needs time to establish in the market, and this is the only location where you can showcase the quality of the writing which you are performing. Whenever you are going to approach the writing work, they are going to check for the blogs which you have written till now. On the basis of your work the organization or company is going to select or hire you.

  • Enhancing your Skills

One should be always ready to enhance their skills with respect to their professional working. There are lots of changes coming into the world with respect to the writing pattern. When one is going to be well aware of those facts then only they are going to gain the reputation in the world of blogging.  Some of the important skills which need to be taken care of are-editing of the videos, photos and grammatical errors which are one of the common issues faced in the blogging front. They require the proper skill set for expressing their views into the public domain.

  • Blogging as Guest

Everyone is aware that they have to face the difficulties when they are planning to enter into the new world of writing blogs. During your initial duration of starting, you could take up some of the guest blogging work and get the feedback from the clients. This work will help you guys in knowing that where you are lacking and how you can tackle them. When you are going to work on regular basis you will come to know your strong and the weak points with regards to your blogging. Also with guest blogging you can increase the traffic on your blog site. May be initially you may not be earning any money but later on this guest blogging is going to help you a lot.

  • Active in Social media

Whether you like it or not, social media has become one of the means in promoting or marketing your writings which you have done so far.  But for doing so, you have to set your proper profiles and share the relevant topics and interact with the followers and the fan followings that are going to increase in numbers in some span of time. For your blogs you are going to require the following social networking sites like Google Plus, Face Book and Twitter. There are many bloggers who are using the YouTube, but it depends on your specifications. You should also be aware that Google Plus and Face Book are capable of hosting the videos as well.

Platforms for Blogging
When you have finally decided about blogging then you must have been sure of where you have to go. There are majority of the platforms for the blogging which can be taken even without paying anything as they are absolutely free. The only concern is that many of them are requiring lots of technical aspects whereas some other requires that you purchase for getting the blogging working perfectly. Many of the platforms are available with in-built facilities of the social networking attached to it. Some of the unique and generally used blogging platforms are-

  • Word press Blogging Platforms

They come in two variations which are mentioned as and In case you are just the starter with the blogs then the best option for you would be the, as it’s quite simple and less expensive too. But in case you are looking for enhancing the business of writing then you should go with the It’s one of the leading means to grow your business. On the, you will have to purchase the webhosting and domain of your name and for that you will have to pay around $40- $100. Most of the websites or blogs which are running across the world are on the word press platforms only. They do have different themes which are already available with wordpress and they are mentioned as-e-commerce, classified ads, travel blogs, forum items etc.

  • SquareSpace Blogging Platforms

The layout engine technology which is there in the Square is quite unique with exemplary features. They have the facility of the clicking and dragging the image to the appropriate position, re-sizing them, and further adjusting and placing the smother and faster. They are also able to handle multiple features from different sites into a single platform. All the websites components like galleries, pages, blogs and ecommerce site work smoothly altogether. They also offer the complete option of blogging and dynamic e-commerce site solution which is starting at the rate of around $24 per month. They are hosted on the platform of the cloud which is quite stable and scalable. For this the bloggers don’t require any kind of maintenance and they do provide low down time. They prefer to provide appropriate services.

How to earn money online by Blogging
There are large number of people who are earning money by blogging online and are finding it a profitable means in earning the funds, whether the earning of funds is for getting you coffee or some studies or searching for some part time jobs etc. Through blogging you would be more than happy to earn living and enjoy life to the fullest. The question which hits the mind of the people are- from where and how to start blogging?  One should know that what they could expect from their blogs when they are just starting it. The fact is that everyone who tries to do blogging is not sure that he/she is going to reach the top. There may be cases that one will have to face some difficulties in starting, but one should be consistent in maintaining writing and should never lose heart for your success. It’s for sure that you can earn money from blogging but it can take some time and for which you have your patience maintained. The focus over here is about How top proBloggers Make money Online.
Methods for earning money from blogging are mentioned below.  One has to keep in mind that each and every blog which is being shared over here is unique and has its own features. There can be cases where some of the facts could work in the better manner but some of them don’t work on the blogs. So before implementing it one should be careful in handling the ideas mentioned.

  • Adding the Ad sense

The ad sense from Google helps a lot in this front. You can use it for showcasing the images with text at the area of around 250×300 pixels as they are going to work best on the sites. They are usually presented with the blended design. But their normal ad does provide lots of comfort for the bloggers in pulling the traffic.

  • Affiliate programs

It is considered as one of the common means for earning funds from blogging. It is one of the most recommended ways to earn money online. The affiliate marketing refers to marketing some products which you are aware about like thesis word press theme, 123 of digital marketing etc. The best part of all the above mentioned sites is that they are well branded and are able to sell themselves without any obstruction.

  • Advertising by the Sponsors

The sponsored advertisement could help in gaining some hard earned cash and is also considered as the best means for gaining popularity. There are lot many platforms which will be helping you in earning cash just for the advertising purpose on your blog. One of the well known site which helps in gaining the momentum is none other than BuySellAds.

  • Book Sales online

If you are willing to write your eBook and sell then it is definite that you are going to earn a lot and it is considered as one of the best means to earn money. Some of the well known  eBooks are- Darren (secrets for blogging your way to a –six figure income).

  • Program of continuity

It is another program which keeps on increasing and is growing rapidly. It is the site where you earn the recurring income from the people who are subscribing for the services which are offered by them. Some of the sites which need the mention over here are and third tribe marketing.

  • Sponsorship and ad sales from private organizations

It’s not considered as the beneficial part for the advertisements. Some of the options which work on it are-the 125×125 ads on the problogger and digital photography school.

  • Associates for

It has earned great momentum in the past 12 months. Specifically during the Christmas time you get the better opportunity of earning some more dollars time. It is considered as one of the peak season of purchases of the goods across the world and people love to handle it.

  • Blogging Networks

Networks are gaining momentum in emerging as the source for the bloggers. In this front there are two major ways through which bloggers can earn money. One is by interacting with bloggers and encouraging other bloggers to write for you. Second option is by joining another well known group of bloggers and write for them. There are lots of bloggers who are out there with their strongest and weakest points.

Apart from the above mentioned information, there are many more ways through which you could earn the funds for yourself. Many of them are from the small advertising programs. Blogging is the location where there is no limitation of the earning and people can earn in millions. The fact which needs to be taken care of is the dedication and proper manner of expressing the views by the individuals. It is considered as one of the best platform where you can share your views without any hesitation and help the people with their problems or issues faced.

Some of the top probloggers who have gained their name and fame through their blogging are –Zac Johnson – (his topics are generally related to inspiring the other bloggers in building their affiliates and being successful through that. He has been working on this front since 15 years and has gained in-depth knowledge with respect to the affiliate marketing.) Jeremy Schoemaker-(The Ad Sense cheque of around $ 140,000, belongs to him. Currently he is the owner of the site If you want to learn how blogging can help you earn more money then surely you should go ahead with the blogs of his writing which will inspire you guys for the same).John Chow-( here you can learn about how to earn lots of money online  and the techniques which could help doing so. He is the founder of the TTZ Media Network and he first started his blog by the name TheTechzone.).

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