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How To Significantly Boost Your Memorial Day Sales

August 5, 2012 by: 1

If you have a retail business, holidays are always opportunities to increase your sales and make more money. Memorial Day is one of those days that you do not want to miss. It comes up at a time of the year when customers have finally shaken off the chill of winter and they are ready to spend money. The type of marketing strategies that you adopt at this time of the year will determine the amount of profit that you will make. If you use traditional methods, you will not fully take advantage of the opportunities that this day offers. The following are a few tips that will enable you to significantly boost your Memorial Day sales.

Start Your Promotion Early

Do not wait until it is a few days to Memorial Day before promoting your special sales. This is what a lot of businesses do so you can get ahead of the competition by starting your marketing a few weeks earlier. Prepare attractive brochures, catalogs and postcards and send them to your prospects at least three weeks before Memorial Day. You can also put up posters at vantage locations to announce that you have a special event for Memorial Day. If you have a list that you send regular promotions to, just add a section with information about your upcoming Memorial Day special. This is a very good way to pre-sell your customers before the day arrives.

Host A Special Event

Memorial Day is for remembering people who sacrificed their lives for their country. You can take up activities that will honor these people while at the same time getting free publicity for your business. Some of the things that you can do include getting flags or flowers for veteran memorials or hosting a special cookout in honor of veterans. You can also partner with other companies to place a plaque or statue in the community park. Make sure that the event is covered by the press. These activities can easily get free publicity for you and get you more sales.

Add Some Creativity To Your Marketing

Using patriotic colors in your marketing designs is also another way to boost your Memorial Day sales. The usual practice is to use blue, red and white in promotional materials. These include posters, flyers and postcards. You can find other creative ways of using these colors. You may choose to create a mascot for your company that will be dressed in patriotic colors.

No matter the strategies that you use to boost your Memorial Day sales, make sure that you honor the dead. Memorial Day is set aside for Americans to pay some respect to those who lost their lives in service to the nation. By associating yourself with this value, your company will gain a credible reputation and more customers will be drawn to you. People are naturally drawn to other people who share similar values with them. You can easily identify with Memorial Day values by using simple statements on your marketing material.

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