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How To Make Quick Money Publishing

December 27, 2012 by: 1

It is surprisingly easy to make quick money publishing articles and books online as long as you have a flair for writing and the desire to succeed. There are a number of websites where you can also place your finished works. This article will show you how you can make some cash if you have the necessary skills.

Determine what to write

Begin by making a list of the topics that you like and enjoy. Go through these topics to see if any of them is likely to yield returns. After you have done this, check ClickBank to find out whether anyone else is selling books on similar subjects. There are also sites that you can use to find niche markets for your consideration. For example, if you are interested in cars, type the word, cars. Then list the sub-niches surrounding the niche market of cars. These are all possible areas to attempt. The next thing is to get started and keep at it.

Squidoo lenses and hubpages

If you want to turn your writing skill into a publishing business, begin by building squidoo lenses, hubpages or writing your own blogs. This will make it easier for you to make quick money publishing since you will be writing about the things that interest you. Do not be discouraged if the cash doesn’t roll in at first, it is because search engines have to pick the articles in order for you to get a sizable number of viewers. It is a start and you can build on it.

Self publishing

Publishing entails other aspects such as graphics, websites, copywriting, editing and so on. It will be bad taste for you to spend money outsourcing these services when you can learn to do them yourself. If you are really out to make money, you need to learn these skills. It is quite easy. Information on self-publishing is readily available so you can acquire it and you can start to do it yourself. You may be a little slow at first, but after your second and third attempt, you will become better.

Revenue sharing databases

One of the ways to make quick money publishing is to look for article databases that offer revenue sharing and submit your articles there.  With this service, you will receive a percentage of the money that comes in when visitors click on the ads that are linked to your articles. However, you should have it in mind that it will take time to get a huge income since the money will start to trickle in at first but if you are patience, the income will gradually increase after a period of time.

From eBooks to physical ones

Another interesting thing is that you can convert your eBooks into physical ones. Simply convert your file to PDF. Next, upload it to any print on Demand Company and it becomes obtainable in internet book sites, bookstores and buyers in different parts of the world. It is also possible to sell the digital version of that same book through Amazon.

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