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How To Make Money

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The topic of “how to make money” is always an interesting topic for every human being because everybody is ever dreaming of how to make money and be rich. The secret of making money is not always dependent on being employed in the world’s biggest companies and earning a big salary plus other packages. Instead, making money nowadays largely depends on the creativity of an individual. Therefore whether you have PHDs, master’s degrees, technical education, etc. you have an equal capability to learn on how to make money and increase your bank accounts. As a matter of fact, some of the richest people in the world have generated their wealth through creativity, intelligence and talent.

Today, many people are using the internet to make money. The continued advancement of technologies and internet connection have opened up channels of money and people, regardless of where they live, have access to countless job opportunities that can be effectively done and compete over the internet. There are numerous online job platforms that offer all kinds of jobs, in all fields such as: engineering, medical, IT, research, website content development, online classes, design, and marketing, among others. Therefore you can get an international job such as virtual assistant and make money through it.

Work as a Freelancer

Several companies are nowadays employing people on contract basis. This means that a company can hire you only when it needs your services. If you have effective skills in performing a particular job then you can approach several companies and market your skills. Working as a freelancer gives you the greatest flexibility of working for numerous companies at the same time. It then means that you will have different sources of income and the probability of lacking a job at any particular time is nearly zero. If you do a good job then the companies you have worked for will always look for you whenever they have a similar job or you can also benefit from referrals. This can include online and offline jobs.

Sell your Unused Stuffs

If you have a lot of stuffs that you are no longer using then it may be a wise idea to make money out of them. You can identify some of the stuffs that you no longer need in your house or life and put them on sale. There are different ways of selling such stuffs including: posting them on online property selling platforms or local dailies or telling your friends, workmates and relatives about the items on sale.

Creating Product Selling Pages

Besides selling your own stuff you can also consider selling products for other people on your pages. Many people have items that they do not necessarily need and are willing to sell. It is quite challenging for majority of such people to get market for their products but if they can get somebody who can sell the items on their behalf then they are always willing to give any commission on the products sold. For you to be successful on this method of how to make money, creativity is very vital. You have to create a persuasive and attractive site and link it to some of the renowned websites such as eBay and Amazon. You can start with a page that sells products to people within your region where you can deliver the products physically after which you can develop to online selling involving shipping services. You should win your buyers’ confidence by delivering reliable and quality services as per your terms and conditions.


Blogging has become a hotcake of ways on how to make money. If you have passion in something and feel like you want to share it with other readers across the world then you can consider starting a personal blog. Many bloggers are making a lot of money through ad services. If you manage to have an attractive blog that has a lot of consistent readers then many writers, blogger, companies and ad service providers are likely to approach you to post their ads and products on your sites so as to reach your fan base. Therefore you have to ensure that your blog is interesting, informative, updated and reliable so as to attract more interested parties to get their ads on your blogs. Many bloggers are making a lot of money through their blogs nowadays and this has made blogging very competitive.


If you love writing then you can make money through this platform. iWriters is a writing platform where you have unlimited writing opportunities hence the more you write the more money you make. Opening an iWriter account is very simple and free of charge. Immediately you finish signing up you can start writing on topics of your choice. The platform has countless numbers of clients who want their content written. Basically the clients provide the topics to be written about, special instructions, payment value for writing the content, the time which the content has to be written and the time of approving the content. If your content is of the required quality then it will be approved and payment be deposited in your account instantly. This platform has become one of the commonest online writing platforms with great rewards.

Most used Home Services

This is a great idea on how to make money list. Not everybody is an expert in home services and some lack time to search for information due to their busy schedules. This creates a loophole that can be utilized by any willing person to make money. It is not about writing eBooks or long journals but it is about short descriptions on how to perform particular duties as it may be required by the customer. The first thing to do is to create a page and market it to as many readers as possible. Of course you have to understand your target audience well and convince them to try your services. Some of these services include: food recipes, simple and short time workouts, nutritious diets, making food timetables, how to fix failed equipment such as juicer, how to clean a microwave, etc. You have to be versatile in house chores and offer customized service directions based on what the customer needs. The services you offer should be easy to follow, efficient and helpful to the user for you to show your reliability and win customers’ confidence and trust.

Customer Service Representative

Customer support plays a very crucial role in the success of any business. As a result of this, businesses establish customer service departments to maintain a stable contact with their customers. Majority of these businesses offer worldwide products and services and therefore most of their customer services are offered electronically. You can approach various companies for an opportunity to work as a customer service representative. This is an easy to manage job because your task will be to answer phone calls from customers, live chat sales and support, and send and answer customers’ e-mails. Many online businesses are hiring and relying on home-based workers to work for them as customer service representatives. With this, all you require is a stable internet connection and you will be ready to start making money.

Finance Services

You can make money by helping people to solve their money problems easily. Specialized software can be used to accomplish numerous financial services such as bookkeeping, tax preparation, accounting, billing, insurance coding, and payroll processing, among others. Many businesses and individuals are ready to hire experts to perform these services. Therefore you can establish an online agency offering such financial services and make money out of it. However, such services require people who are professional in the respective fields so that their services are relevant to the company. For example, for you to perform insurance billing services then you must have taken an insurance billing course and acquired the necessary knowledge and skills. Some of the financial services that are currently on high demand are those involving loans such as personal loans, business loans, home loans, foreigner loans, etc. You can offer services such as: eligibility for loans, application requirements and process, documentation, best moneylending institutions, repayment plans, etc. Many people across the world are in search for such information and you can turn it into income generating venture. But you must obtain a license from the government for you to offer such services.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Reviewing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the highest growing internet-based employment opportunities. The need for SEO services is high for all online-based businesses because every company is aiming at taking its website on top of search engine rankings. If you have knowledge and skills in SEO reviewing then you can search for an opportunity to review content for various websites and make money out of it. Learning about SEO reviewing is also very easy and can be done online. After acquiring the SEO skills, you can work as an SEO reviewer for many websites and make more money right from your home.


The demand for customized design images is very high and you can make money out of this. If you are a good designer then you have a great opportunity of making money. You can use design or photo editing software to make incredible graphics that will be competed for businesses, social media gurus, bloggers, etc. Designing logos, company names, cards (wedding, success, anniversary, get well, love, etc.) is very marketable and the market is very wide. It is just about being creative and marketing your ideas at the start. Once you get established then you will be overwhelmed by the design orders you will be receiving. Use your innovativeness and creativity to brand and make yourself an international icon so as to get a global market.


The need for tutoring services is continuing to grow. Many families are willing to spend a lot of money to ensure that their kids get the right education. If you are good at particular subjects then you can apply for tutoring jobs at tutor job websites and start making money by offering online tutoring services. This is a job that can be done on part time basis depending on how you agree with your clients. The advantage of this is that you can tutor numerous kids every day and make more money out of these services. The only thing required for you to start is a stable internet connection.

Responsible Spending

Many times people ignore the fact that they can make money by managing how they spend. It is difficult to make money if you are unable to manage wisely what you have now. The first step on how to make money is to understand your financial level and be able to manage it properly. For instance you should know what you are getting in as income and what is getting out in form of expenditure. This does not necessarily mean that you have to go to an accounting class to be trained on finance management but instead it is all about being responsible about your expenditure. The success of how to make money depends on how you manage the money you have now and what you are about to make.

Start Small

The journey on how to make money is to start small and grow big. The richest people always say that it is safe to start small and grow big rather than starting big. When you start small, the risk of your startup business idea is smaller and you will be very enthusiastic to grow to higher levels. This internal motivation is very essential in facilitating your growth and once you start making money then nothing will stop you from trying to make more money. Remember that the more you get money the more you get motivated to look for more money. Hence it does not necessarily matter how small or awkward you start but the initiative you are putting in to grow big and make more money.

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