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How To Make Money with Text Link Ads

July 24, 2012 by: 0

If you are looking for another way to generate income from your blog or website, you should consider making money with Text Link Ads. Text-Link-Ads is an advert company that allows website owners to place text links on their web properties. It is however important for your website to have a high page rank. The higher the page rank of your site, the more money you will be paid for the text links that are placed on your site.

More opportunities to make money

Apart from selling text links on your website, you can also make money with Text Link Ads by joining the affiliate program. You will get commissions when you refer other webmasters. Simply put text links at the bottom of every post that you make or show text ads in RSS feeds. This option is available to blogs that are operating on the WordPress platform.

Getting your account

Before you can place text link ads on your site, you have to sign up with the company. You will have to submit some personal information and payment details. Once your account is active, you will be able to place links on your website within 48 hours.

Pricing of ads

Pricing of Text-Link-Ads is at a flat rate per month according to the number of links. The company uses a pricing system that considers the ad position, the traffic and link popularity. Text Link Ads are also based on the Alexa rank of your website. The higher the Alexa rank of the site, the higher the payment that you will get every month.

It does not really matter if your website does not have too many visitors. What is important to Text Link Ads is the search engine ranking. The company will buy links from you even if you have a low click through rate. Payout from TLA is usually made by check or through PayPal and payment threshold is just $25.  Consider joining this company if you have a website or blog with a high page rank. It is another good source of passive income.

Expected earnings

What you will earn from TLA is dependent on the popularity of your blog. It is also affected by the position of the text links on your website. A low traffic website that has just about a hundred visitors daily can easily earn as much as $25 every month from Text Link Ads. Of course, this amount will increase if your traffic increases.

This service is easy to implement and it is something that you should try because it will enable you to get more money from your web property. The text links are unobtrusive and you can place them on any part of your pages. The beauty of making money with Text Link Ads is that visitors do not have to click on the ads before you are paid. You will still get paid no matter the number of clicks that are recorded. Go ahead and sign up for this service today.

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