How To Make Money with Microsoft Adcenter

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Everybody knows that Google is the most popular search engine in the world. However, when it comes to PPC advertising, a lot of experienced internet marketers are turning to Microsoft Adcenter. Bing has better conversions thereby providing a better ROI (Return On Investment). This means that you are more likely to make money with Microsoft Adcenter than with Google Adwords.


Microsoft AdCenter is a response to Yahoo Publisher’s Network, Google’s Adword and other online advertising networks. Microsoft advertising enables advertisers to connect with prospective customers through its wide network which comprises of Live Search, Office, Xbox, Windows Live, Bing and others. These sites get millions of visitors daily and the numbers are increasing rapidly. The Digital Ad Opportunities and search advertising provided by this company is very effective.

Getting started

To make money with Microsoft Adcenter, you only need a onetime initial payment of $5. Once your campaign is setup, you pay only when someone clicks on your ads to visit your website. The targeting options provided to advertisers make it possible to specify the target country or region. Adverts on the Microsoft network are available to online visitors, mobile device users, Xbox and Office users.

Why Microsoft AdCenter is preferred to Google AdWords

The worldwide popularity of Google AdWords has made it to become highly competitive and the level of competition is increasing daily. Most internet marketers do not have the type of budget that large corporations have. An advertiser with a modest budget is more likely to make money with Microsoft AdCenter. You can easily check the competition level for any keyword through the Google AdWords Keyword Tool. Another problem is that search results on Google are highly manipulated by SEO companies. This has greatly affected the quality of traffic that comes from Google compared to Yahoo! or Bing.

Important facts about Bing

Internet Explorer is the default internet browser for all computers running Windows Operating Systems and the default search engine is Bing. This means that over 30% of the people who use the internet have Bing as their default search engine. Statistics also show that Bing users are wealthier, older and have less technical knowledge. A lot of these people don’t even know how to change to another browser. In the US, Bing searchers are also likely to spend more money than the average searcher. The recent merger of Bing with Yahoo! Search has also increased its ad exposure to a wider audience.

You are going to get more traffic from Google because it controls over 70% of the market share while Bing and Yahoo hold just 10%. However, the higher return on investment makes it more sensible to advertise with Microsoft Adcenter. Do not just advertise on Google because that is what everybody is doing. It is better to focus on quality of traffic rather than quantity. If you want to experiment with making money with Microsoft Adcenter, you can start your first campaign with a free Promo Code. These promo codes are available online and can give you as much as $200 to get your first campaigns running.

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