How To Make Money Selling Bead Jewelry

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If you feel that your creative talent in bead jewelry has reached its peak and now you would like to make some money out of it, well, that’s great news and you have reached the right place to find out how to make money out of your beaded jewelry. There are many options available online and offline for you to choose from and you can try out any one of them or all of them!  But do try.  Before we go ahead with the selling part, we must make sure that the following things are already in place.

Things to do before you start selling

  •  Quality: Nobody wants to own something which is broken or low on quality. The quality of your product will decide if in future the same customer will come back to you. And the customers who back are the ones who will build a good client base for you. So don’t compromise with the quality.
  • Pricing: Pricing is probably the most crucial factor in selling jewelry because we all know that a price tag can be a turn off or turn on for a customer. Set realistic prices for your beaded jewelry taking into account bead cost, findings, stringing material, transport cost, packaging material and lastly the most important one of all, the labor cost. Once you have decided on the price then you have finished ten percent of your job. Remember that if you have set realistic prices, then takers for it will increase as well.
  • Packaging: How many of you have still kept the old perfume bottle shaped like a leaf? I am sure many of them have. Yes, an attractive looking package will draw attention. Then why not package our beaded jewelry with the same enthusiasm. A necklace in a box or a goody bag look much more attractive than in a plastic cover. Do you agree? So spend some time on packaging your jewelry as well. This will be an added bonus.
  • Naming your shop: A name, a brand lasts longer in people’s minds. So make sure you name your shop and make your work have its own entity.
  •  Visiting cards/Contact details: Try printing your own visiting card or simply make a handmade one! A customer who buys from you must be able to come back to you.


  • Believe/know your product: A confident seller attracts more customers. This is the truth. Seller’s answers to the customer’s queries will set the pace for the customer to buy the jewelry. So be ready tackle all questions!

If you have taken care of all the above then let’s set the ball rolling for making money. There are many ways in which you can make money by selling your beaded jewelry. Let’s list down.

Selling it to your friends/relatives

This is where it all starts! Your friends and relatives are the best customers you can get. You can start wearing your designs in the beginning to parties/gatherings. Once your friends start noticing your designs you can let them know that you are planning to sell your jewelry. And before you know you would have sold your first piece and made money!  To encourage sales, you can gift a few as well to your friends and they will end up buying the next one. Remember that your friends are your best judge and their honest feedback will prove very useful to you. Selling it to your friends and relatives will also spread a word about your work and many will start approaching you with orders! You have taken a baby step towards achieving a bigger target.

Selling it in your apartment complex

Your apartment complex is also a good place to start selling your jewelry. Just put up a notice on the board welcoming all the people of the apartment to take a look at your jewelry with sample pictures of your work. And people will come and see your work and buy one or two as well! This will also give you the much needed word-of-mouth popularity and increase client base.

Exhibiting your work in crafts shows

Every neighborhood has craft shows. Keep finding about all the crafts shows happening around your neighborhood and call the organizer of the show to find out if you can set up a stall of your own. Once the deal is done, just exhibit your beaded jewelry works and people coming to the show will buy! These crafts shows also require some amount of work from you.

Arranging/displaying jewelry in the stall: An eye catchy arrangement of your works will draw the customer towards your stall. A shabby arrangement is a major turn off. There are many online tutorials on how to arrange your display in an attractive way like in pinterest which you can make use of the platform.

                                          display                          An attractive display is the key thing for craft shows

Confident body language/Smile: Giving a good smile to the customer and taking interest in his likes will make the customer more willing to buy your works. Give respect to the customer and you will get it in return as well!

Clearly display the price tag: By displaying the price tag clearly, you will get to fix the price on the item and keep bargaining customers at bay. The idea is to make money with a profit and not just sell your jewelry.

Give the customer your contact card with the item: Once your product is sold, give the customer your contact card along with the package. This will ensure that your customer comes back to you for more if needed and spread a good word about you as well.

Keep an eye on all the craft shows/holiday sales around your neighborhood and make money.

Selling at your workplace/friend’s workplace

This is probably the most hassle free way to do it. Your workplace is teeming with potential clients! All you need to do is let your colleagues know that you make jewelry and are ready to sell. Send a mail to all your friends asking them to meet around lunch time or after working hours in your cafeteria or some other convenient place (this is of course keeping the office policy rules in mind) and show them your items. If they like it they will buy it. You don’t have to worry about shipping, payment or even delivery. This is because you meet your office colleagues everyday and communicate with them on daily basis. Simple isn’t it?  Before you know your client base would’ve increased tenfold and orders will keep coming.

Make a deal with a shop to sell your jewelry

There are many boutiques, shops, all-in-one stores which sell jewelry. A shop which sells women’s clothing will indeed have a jewelry section. You can introduce yourself to such shops and ask them to sell your products. This of course will require that you would have to shell out a commission to the shop but that will only prove to be a boon in disguise. The amount of publicity your product will get in a shop will be unbeatable. All you have to do is make beaded jewelry and supply it to the shop. This way you can keep your brand name and do not have to do the marketing. But you must be ready to explore multiple shops because of competition. Shops may not be that encouraging but do not lose hope and keep trying and one of them may take you in. But remember to keep your brand name on the product.

Converting your garage/room into a small shop

How about converting the garage of your house into a shop? If you live in an apartment, a nice little corner of your room can be set up to sell your jewelry. All you need to do is arrange and display your jewelry in an artistic way to attract anybody who enters your home. You can put up an ad on your door about the sale. And see how many will knock at your door. This way you can stay at home and sell your works and personally manage your clients and take orders as well. You don’t have to worry about shipping and delivery. The beaded jewelry paraphernalia can also be displayed for the customers to know how exactly you work. The homely effect will attract customers in a big way.

                                        jewelries                       A nice little corner in your room can be used to display your works.

Selling in a Flea market

A Flea market is a place where they sell a range of products belonging to any category. It may include old furniture, bags, shoes, basically anything under the sun. All you need to do look for a table in the market and reserve it for specific dates. The flea market may come with a rent and sometimes free. Flea market attracts lots of customers and it would be a great place to showcase your jewelry items. Make your display attractive and invite customers to look at your items and try them on. You will surely be able to sell half of your works in a day.

Selling your jewelry online

This is indeed the easiest way to sell your jewelry. There are many websites available which facilitate such sales. Etsy, eBay are some of the good ones. The website will provide you with a page where you can display the images of your product and online customers can order it from the site. Once you receive the order, all you have to do is ship the product to the customer’s address. The payment will be done via online mode (like PayPal) and you get your money. This option is best for those who can work only through the confines of their home and who are not comfortable communicating directly to the customer. High quality images of your product, delivering on time and packaging the product well will ensure better sales.

Setting up your own website and sell online

If you are very particular about the way you would want to showcase your works then you can personally set up your own website. You can upload high quality images of your beaded jewelry and give it multiple options of sorting by category (like price, occasion, and popularity). Unlike the sites which give you only a specific set of pages, you can own multiple ones and even add a DIY page to it to make it more interesting. By using the services of PayPal you can sell your works online and ship the items. But remember that you need to advertise your website using social networking sites, blogs (wordpress, blogspot) or just by email. Once your website gets a set of clients then there is no turning back!

Using the social networking sites

There are many social networking sites like Facebook, Tumblr which provide means of setting up your page to sell your works. Once you create your page, your friends (and their friends) automatically get to know about it. There are options to boost your page views, invite friends and even place an ad (paid) on the site. The social networking is the in thing now which will automatically fetch you huge client base to sell your beaded jewelry. The payment options and shipping may have to be worked offline (via phone, chat, mail) but the world gets to see your jewelry and isn’t that good enough?

Writing a blog/joining pinterest

There are many ways to start a blog. The world of internet has thousands of options available. Google’s blogspot, pinterest etc can provide you the perfect platform to show your works. By giving tutorials, uploading your beaded images and inviting users to comment on the works will, in long term provide a strong client base. But you must try to be very regular in these kinds of sites for the user to feel connected to you. Once the user has become part of your group, you can start selling your works.

Video uploads and selling 

Today video uploads have become a rage. There are many websites which host your video for free. YouTube is one of such media. You can upload the display of your works on the site and invite users to make orders. A video will definitely give a real picture of the product because images may sometimes show colors very differently but a video will never lie. Take a video of your beaded jewelry items and include your contact number and mail id for the users to contact you. All this you can do from your living room.

Don’t wait start making money 

So what are you waiting for? Pick the best options and start making money. All you need is a little hard work, trying out multiple options and keep expanding your business as the time progresses. In no time you will become a small business owner to a jewelry brand.

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