How To Make Money Online with Amazon Apps

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If you are a mobile app developer, there is a lot of opportunity for you to make money online with Amazon apps. Amazon has a mobile app distribution program that makes it possible for independent developers to offer their apps to millions of customers through the Amazon marketplace. These applications will also be made available to millions of kindle Fire users.

Customers will easily find your apps

Customers can shop for different types of apps through any Android mobile device. The entire marketing is done by Amazon with the use of proven ecommerce features that make it very easy for anyone to search and locate the products that they want. Regular recommendations are also sent to customers according to the record of their past purchases. Customers in the US also have access to Amazon Appstore for Android. Amazon currently supports devices that are running on the Android OS 1.6 and latest versions.

Payment structure

You will get 70% of the value of any sale that you make on the Amazon marketplace. You are also allowed to make some of your apps available for free. This means you can have both paid and free applications on the same account. There is a $99 developer fee that is paid annually. This covers your application process and the management of your account. However, this fee is currently waived so the program is free for now.

The starting point is to open an Amazon account

Before you start selling apps through the Amazon Mobile App Distribution Program, you need to have an Amazon account. This is where all the management of your apps will be done. The usual recommendation is that you should open another account. This should be different from the account that you use for your regular purchases on Amazon.

International exposure

Amazon makes it possible for you to sell your apps to customers in several countries. Your app is made available internationally by default the moment it is uploaded into the system. It will automatically be submitted to all international marketplaces that Amazon has. The base price of the application will automatically be converted to the currency of each of those countries. You may edit this price if you so desire. The app will also be available automatically in any new country that is added to the marketplace. Royalty for international sales is also 70%. You may however choose not to make your product available in certain countries.

It is very easy to make money online with Amazon apps as long as you can create apps that have a demand in the market. The Amazon Mobile App Distribution program is very simple and things have been made easier by some of the new changes made to the system. The distribution agreement is also non-exclusive. This means that you can also submit your app for sale on other platforms such as Google Play. Presently, Amazon offers apps in the US, UK, Germany, France, Spain and Italy. Japan and other international marketplaces are already on the drawing board.

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