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How To Make Money As A Forum Moderator

April 23, 2012 by: 13

Online forums provide a meeting place for people to discuss and get information about issues that matter to them. They are usually categorized according to topic.  The topics that are covered can include politics, sports, health, business and so on. Each of these categories has to be watched by a moderator who is responsible for keeping the discussions clean. The demand for reliable people to monitor discussions is what makes it possible to earn money online as a forum moderator.

How to make money as a forum moderator

In order earn money online as a forum moderator, you can decide to start a forum or become a moderator in an existing one. This will give you the opportunity to make money and also express your opinions. You are expected to have good writing skills and you should also be very observant. This work is convenient because you are free to choose your own schedule.

You can increase the amount money that you make from this method by becoming a moderator for a number of forums. You can take part in discussions, start new threads and ensure that members are satisfied with their activities and abide by the rules.

Your duties as a forum administrator

This is a good way to make money online but it is not for lazy people. Forums are opened 24 hours a day and you have to ensure that the discussions are free of spam. There are spammers everywhere and a lot of them are found in online forums. Administrators must supervise the discussions continually to remove spam posts and threads that violate the rules. Members that violate the guidelines are usually given a warning and repeated offences usually lead to a ban.

Other requirements

In order to earn money online as a forum moderator, you have to be trustworthy. The owner of the forum will put a lot of trust in you and depends on you to ensure that everything goes well in the category that is assigned to you. You should not be biased in your duties by ignoring the violations of members that you are familiar with.  A moderator is also expected to have a measure of self control. It is inevitable that some members will use offensive words from time to time. You have to present a good example by responding with good manners.

What you can expect to earn

The amount of money that you will earn as a moderator is dependent on the forum that you work for. Some corporate forum moderators have been known to earn as high as $40,000 a year. Generally, you can make anything between a few hundreds to thousands of dollars every month. You can increase your opportunities to earn money online as a forum moderator by working for more than one forum. If you have web development skills, you can also make more money by making your services available to the website. Moderators can also make money by advertising their products and services free of charge on the forums that they work for.

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