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How To Get Paid To Post In Forums

April 22, 2012 by: 7

You can earn money on the internet in a variety of ways. Paid forum posting is a stress free way to get some online cash without doing too much work. This type of online work was not very popular a few years ago but nowadays it is not difficult to find opportunities to get paid to post in forums.

What you have to do

You can get paid to post in forums by joining a service that provides forum posting jobs. These jobs can also be found on freelance work sites. All you have to do is to login to the forum and post a specific number of messages in the appropriate categories. Your signature in that forum will be used to link to websites that will be chosen by the advertiser.

Where the money comes from

There are several advertisers that are ready to pay people to post in forums. They can advertise their sites to a larger number of people by putting their links in the forum signature. For example someone who owns an auto insurance website can pay people to post in auto insurance threads of forums that have a lot of traffic.

Creating backlinks

People can also be hired to post on forums in order to create backlinks to the advertiser’s website. These backlinks can help to increase the ranking of the website when they are picked up by search engines. This task can be performed by a software program but this software can only work on junk forums that are not moderated. If you want quality forum posts, the job must be done by human beings.

If you want to consistently earn an income online with forum posting, you have to learn to be discrete. You have to be as natural as possible. This means that your posts must be meaningful and they must provide value. If you are overzealous, you will be quickly branded as a scammer and you will be banned. Forum moderators will be tough on you if you join their forum and start posting hundreds of meaningless messages containing links to an affiliate offer. When you are being paid to post on forums, make sure that your answers to topics provide valuable knowledge. Do not just post for the sake of posting. If your posts are deleted, you might not get paid for your work.

On the average, you can get $0.1 and above per forum post. Some people may decide to pay you $10 or more for every hundred posts that you make. You have to find a way to keep track of the threads that you participated in. You can easily do this by copying the links into notepad. You can make a reasonable amount of money online through forum posting if you can get regular work. You can find forum posting jobs by searching on Google. As said earlier, theses jobs are available on freelance websites. There are also websites such as Postloop that provide constant forum posting tasks to their members.

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