How To Get Money Distributing Customized Toolbars

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If you want to know how to get money distributing customized toolbars, you are in the right place. This is a money making method that does not require any monetary investment. Making money with toolbars has been proven by a lot of people and toolbars come in a lot of varieties.

Why a toolbar can help you to make money

Toolbars are fast growing in popularity because of the various benefits that they provide. It is possible for you to make money through this medium because of these benefits. It is the dream of every affiliate marketer to make money with the least amount of effort. A toolbar make it possible to stay connected to the users at anytime that they are online.

If your toolbars are creatively designed, you can easily turn the users to a captive audience. Once the toolbar is downloaded and installed on their computers, they will be exposed to your mini affiliate banners. These banners will always be in front of their eyes whenever they are using their computers. If you have a design that makes it easier to perform certain online tasks, you will easily get a lot of downloads.

Create an incredible tool

If your toolbar provides a great service, it will be hard for people to resist downloading it. The functionality that is provided will make it a vital part of the online experience of the users. This is why you should get feedback from your users to find out if you have done the right thing. If you do not get it right the first time, start working on other possibilities. The best tool is the one that provides useful applications. This type of tool can easily become addictive and users will soon be unable to do without it.

You will get more traffic

Toolbars attract visitors naturally because of their usefulness and the value added features that they provide. It is also a good way to sustain the traffic that comes to your website. When you have downloadable toolbars on your website, visitors will become permanently connected to you once the toolbar is downloaded. On the average, ten percent of your visitors are likely to download the toolbar. More downloads will also come when these people recommend it to their friends. The entire system can almost go on autopilot once a sizeable number of people have downloaded the tool from your site. Your users will become your marketers and you will continue to expand.

Toolbars can be used to market a variety of affiliate programs. The best products to promote are those that will appeal to a general audience. This should be products or services that can be used regularly. If you choose everyday products, you will get more conversions. You can find a lot of these types of products on Amazon and other affiliate networks. Even if the users of the toolbar do not make immediate purchases, your affiliate cookie will be inserted in their computers and you will still get a commission if they buy a product a few days later.

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