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How To Earn Money Publishing A Book Online

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The internet has made life a lot easier for independent publishers. Anyone with a good idea for a book can easily become a successful author by publishing on the internet. The sales of eBooks are increasing from day to day and this has been further boosted by the advent of mobile e-Readers. You can earn money publishing a book online if you are ready to put in some work.

Research popular topics

Online publishing is not just about writing anything that comes to your mind. You have to be sure that there is a ready market for the material that you want to publish. Take some time to find out the type of topics that are in demand. You can make a lot of money if you discover a niche that does not have too many authors.

An easy way to do is to look at the bestsellers list on popular websites like Amazon and Barnes and Noble. You can also find out the hottest releases in the publishing industry by checking newspapers, magazines as well as bookstores. “How to” books have always done well in the market and they can be written by anyone who is ready to do some research. People always want to know how to do one thing or the other.

Make sure your writing is properly edited

If you want your books to sell, you have to ensure that you proofread them carefully. After you have done the first draft, you should take time to go through the material line by line to correct spelling and grammatical mistakes. If your proofreading skills are not good, you may consider giving it to a friend or a copy editor to do it for you.

Using the right format

Once your text has been properly edited, the next thing to do is to convert it to the right format. There are various types of electronic readers on the market and each of them operates on a particular format. It is advisable to make your book available in a format that is compatible with the most popular electronic readers. The easiest way to do this is to start with a Microsoft Word document with simple text and headers. This file can then be converted easily to an html file for different types of electronic readers. Page numbers are not necessary because they will become irrelevant once your file has been converted to html.

How to publish and market your book

Once your material is properly formatted, you can choose to upload it to or These are the most popular websites for online publishing. Of course, you have to first open an account with them. The instructions for uploading files are quite simple so you should not have any problem at this stage.

Once your book is published, you can increase its visibility by promoting it. You can do this by sending messages to your friends and contacts on social networks. This is how simple it is to earn money publishing a book online.

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