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How To Earn Money Online With Email List Marketing

July 30, 2012 by: 0

The amount of money that you make online is directly related to the number of your prospects that you are able to convert to paying customers. If you have not added email list building to your strategy, you are definitely missing a lot of opportunities for getting more income from your business. Email marketing involves designing and placing email capture forms on frequently visited pages of your website in order to capture leads. You will also have to learn creative methods that will help you to generate opt-ins easily. The following are tips that will help you to earn money online with email list marketing.

Use an attention-grabbing design

Your list capture form should be prominently displayed on your main page. A bold and visible form will compel visitors to think about releasing their email addresses to you. It is vital to have relevant content that will make people to be interested in other things that you have to offer. Apart from having relevant content on your site, a form that is clearly visible will encourage the individuals who visit your website to join your mailing list.

Use the right content

Content is another important aspect of your opt-in message. This is why you have to use your best sales copywriting skills. Use captivating text as well as powerful call to action verbs. If your message is weak, it is not going to have the right effect. Examples of powerful messages are ‘Learn the secrets of web traffic with my powerful tips’ or ‘Enter your email now for 5 days of financial success tips’. These types of messages will enable you to get a larger percentage of opt-ins from your visitors.

Use giveaways

Everybody loves a free gift and experience internet marketers know how to make use of this fact. A very easy way to provide a free gift is to use a free report. A free report will make it easy to build your list quickly to earn money online with email list marketing. Let your free report contain helpful and informative material that will be valuable to your prospects. People are likely to opt-in if they know that they are getting a valuable gift.

Use contests

Apart from getting free gifts, people also love winning prizes. This can also be used to your advantage in building your email list. If you create a special offer for your website visitors to win a prize such as an electronic gadget or gift card, you will be surprised at the number of sign ups that you will get. Of course, you have to include an email opt-in form as part of the contest.

Building and monetizing an email list can be very rewarding if it is done right. It is a very vital part of doing business online and it should not be neglected. There will be challenges along the way but if you do not give up, you will soon join the ranks of internet marketers who earn money online with email list marketing.

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