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Making video reviews for products and submitting them, has become a new trend of earning money online. There are websites that are looking desperately for people to work from home for them. People to submit survey forms and talk about products, talk about the pros and cons of using the products, the pricing, the comparison of the product with a similar product of another brand, talk about the quality, etc to make the consumers aware of the respective products, are highly in demand. Video reviews of products must be of different types. It should have different kind of formats, jokes and humorous statements to engage the customers. It should not copy other video reviews but should resemble successful TV ads and other ads that represent a product accurately. There are websites that pay good cash if they like your video presentation. There are other websites that pay you and even send you sample products for free so that you can review them too and submit the video to them. That is if they like your video review and want to work with you. Here’s everything you need to know about how to get paid to submit video reviews of products.

1.     About Video Reviews of Products: It is a simple job. You will need to work on a computer and you can do it from anywhere in the world, while you’re travelling, while sipping from your morning cup of coffee, while you’re out on a vacation, anytime, anywhere. It is actually a luxurious job. We all like to fiddle around on our computer but now we can also earn cash through it, and this is an amazing thing. You will need to know a few things before you start but what you will first need to know is the idea of video reviews of products. The idea is to take out time to make videos that represent a product ad and submit these videos you make to the company of the product or submit it to the website that is looking for videos like these. Remember to edit them thoroughly before you submit them. We will discuss these points below.


2.     Start Well: From what is said above you must have figured out the basic idea of video review. Get yourself a computer and learn how to make a video. If you use Windows OS, you can use Windows Movie Maker to make your short ad clips. First of all contact a brand that you think needs product reviews. You can also search for brands like these on Google and contact them. If you have friends doing videos and submitting to companies, it is better you take advice from them first. There are chances you will get cheated, therefore research a lot about the company before taking orders from them. Making videos take a lot of time in the beginning, unless you’re paid appropriately, you cannot afford to spend all that time making videos.

3.     How it works: It works very simply. You contact the companies and they give you orders. They will send you samples of their products. You will need to use them, understand them and then make videos representing the qualities of the product. In the video you will need to praise the product as much as you can. Some companies do not send samples and ask you to review the products that you have related to their brands. These companies really pay very well if your video is worth the quality they can use in TV ad and internet ads to advertise their products. These days what we lack is ideas. Advertising companies pay in dollars for ideas that will change people’s thinking and conception about a product.

4.     What Should Your Video Have? This is one of the most important things on which you will need to concentrate. Your videos should have the basic info about the product. The info should be related to how it has helped you and how it can help others. Do not make too long videos. Follow the ads on TVs, YouTube and other channels. Note down the length of videos that interest you and other features related to that video. See basically a product ad video on these channels and then figure out the technique, style, length, purpose, design, colors, texts, etc.

5.     Give It A Professional Feel: Try to make a professional looking video. Try to make a video that has more images and activity than words exaggeration. Nobody likes lengthy videos. See for yourself what kind of product ad videos you do not like. Try not to make your video like those videos you do not like. Avoid exaggeration, copyright lines and sounds. Avoid being too unnatural and try to relate to the product completely. Spend as much time and energy to building these videos and you will be paid accordingly.

6.     Focus Only On The Product: Your focus should be on the product, only. Do not focus on yourself. Try to talk more about the advantages and benefits of the product. Tell how reasonable the price is in comparison to its amazing usability. Do not shift from the product to yourself or to some irrelevant topic. This will distract the customers from the product and you will lose your client. Keep in mind that you don’t get paid for something that is not acceptable. In case you are paid in advanced but your services are not found satisfactory, you won’t have to return the money but you will not get more work in the near future. It will be the dead end of your career. So make sure you give your best and focus on the objective of making that video.

7.     The Features and Your Opinion: The features of the product must be first presented in the video. And then bring about your opinion about the product. Remember that the features should match your opinion. Under no circumstances should you mention benefits that are not mentioned in the product features or description. You will lose the faith of customers if you do something like that. To gain faith is easy. In case the product has side effects, be sure to mention them but also mention how to avoid facing the side effects and using the product without worrying. You will gain the customer’s trust with this. It will work as an ad as well as guidance.

8.     For Image Videos: For image videos you will need to do a lot of editing. When you make image videos, see that it doesn’t go longer than a minute and a half. Image videos can be really boring because there is more to read on image videos than on active videos. For image videos you will need to see that the image changes in different ways within minutes. One image should not last longer than two second or maximum three seconds.

9.     Fill the Image Videos with Cuts: Cuts is a must. Straight cuts help in cross-fades and other gimmicks. You will need software to prepare your movies and the software has to have many options to make a video look professional. Window Movie Maker is just to learn, you will find many software to make videos on the internet. Search for these and if possible buy a good quality one because you’re going to earn on it. Do not use your camera to do the cutting. It might take away the professional look of the video.

10.  How To Make And Submit And How Complicated Is All This?: It is not complicated at all. It is a very easy process once you start working on it. See that you make the right plans and these plans should have your schedule, the resources and sources for the work to start. Keep in mind that it is your own effort that will lead you above all the others. The following points will show you how to make and submit video reviews for products.

11.  Find an Idea: First of all make sure you have an idea and you can convert this into a plan and after that get to know more about the product. Get the basic idea of this product. Conduct researches about it. Find out the customer reviews, the condition of sales of the product, the market demand, etc. These things are important to know before you take the responsibility to advertise it. Find out in what category the product falls. Is it for teenagers, kids or adults? Find out the target market details of the product.

12. Get Set Go: Prepare your review. How do you do this? Well, like earlier said, you will need a video making software and a computer to work on. Prepare the overall structure of this review. That is, how it should look, the design, colors, etc, the length, number of cuts and breaks. Prepare the content that you will use in the reviews. The content is the description, the tagline, the words for advertising it, etc. Now practice hard. Start your work once you have everything at your table. You will need to give it your time and energy, and hope for the best.

13. Get Everything: There are things you will need apart from a computer and software in case you’re making a high quality, professional video. You will need a recording device. This should be really good in quality as it will record your voice. For this you will also need to prepare a short speech relating to the video. In case it is not an image video you will be featuring yourself in the video or featuring somebody who will directly speak to the audience in the video. So you will need a webcam and a microphone.

14. Where to Do The Video Well, this is your call. Choose where you wish to film this video. Do not choose a background that could be offensive in any way. Make sure your background is usually a white wall, or any other plane wall. You can otherwise choose to sit in a grass field or whichever place that you find would help you to make a good video. Make the right choice of the place because there should be enough light falling on your face so that the video is not some ghost video instead of a product ad, keep it fresh and neat. Wear impressive outfits and look fresh and smiling.

15. Recording the Review Make sure your voice, articulation, grammar and words are prepared before the recording. Get it checked by an expert if possible or use the help of the internet to get a perfect review. Make sure you’re on the video when it starts and also when it ends. In the middle of the video you must present pictures and other descriptions in flashes for the audience to read. Keep in mind that companies look for videos that have everything done in a perfect way. Do not record a long video. Keep it short and to the point. Keep it informative and beneficial for the company.

16. Editing: Editing is very important. After you’re done with making the review, don’t forget to edit them personally. Give the review a professional touch making it look amazing and attractive to lure customers. The companies understand that you can’t make the perfect piece in the very first time, so many companies are lenient about this and they allow you time and second chances to encourage you. This is a good way to start for you. It is better you first begin work with these companies.

17. Submit: Finally, submit the review to the company you chose to work for. It is not necessary your video will be approved immediately, but it won’t either be rejected immediately. The company’s editorial team will first go through the entire video and understand the goodness and flaws of it. If they find mistakes and want changes, they will tell you about that, you can rework that and send it back to them. However, many companies do not bother very much and they do the editing themselves.

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