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This article is all about earning money through iPhone. You have different ideas, ways and free apps to earn money by using your iPhone, smart phone or other touch mobile devices. It mostly pays you by gift cards and some have options of depositing into PayPal account which you can make into cash. This is not to make you rich but you can enjoy earning some pretty cool rewards by simple process. Before buying the iPhone, do check with your apps and start having fun utilizing it.

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Get Paid from Your iphone with the help of following apps:

  • Viggle – The Android, Apple iPhone, iPod user are very much benefited with this app which is a simple loyalty television program. One can get great real rewards by simply watching the shows in the television. It automatically provides points and awards for its user’s check-in. Users can redeem their points for buying gift cards, movie tickets and music. Everything is pretty straight forward and the user interface it provides is much easy to use. Even though it has some drawbacks.


  • Shop kick – This application is easy to use and simple walk into a store and check in through the app is enough to earn points which will help you to get discounts at your favourite stores and rewards like vouchers and gift cards. It comes to the rescue with massive collection of incentives and it always rewards you with kicks which can be exchanged for discounts that are sent out by participating retailers. You can also earn points by simply scanning items and doing purchases. They are very secure in storing your credit cards which you can use for purchases at eligible stores and it tells the amount that you can earn kick points once you start up the screen of application inside the stores.
  • Checkpoints – It is also similar to Shop kick in which you can earn points by simply scanning items at store, at least one coin for each scan you will get that you can use to buy scratch tickets to win more points. You can also earn points simply from home by downloading free apps and watching short videos it provides. It is easier and flexible to earn money.


  • App Trailers – Using this app you are supposed to download other apps and watch the trailers it provides. It is very simple since it will take only 30 seconds to maximum one minute to watch videos which will help you in earning 5 to 10 points. Playing free scratch ticket games will pay you 10 to 21 points per day and it also have an interesting option of buying scratchers that have different jackpots with the help of earned points. To receive highest points of 250 just refer your friends. You are required to have face book login in order to sign up with this app.

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  • Foap – It helps you in turning up your photos into dollars by simply uploading your snapped pictures to the start-up’s marketplace. Those pictures are purchasable via packages or individually and the amount they get is shared equally among the photographer and the Foap. It is the most intriguing concept they are following and one can easily earn money for taking decent pictures for free. They got approval after spending lots of money and energy and they initially faced many problems with the photos to get the thumps up or down. Now this platform is going much smoother and the only drawback is it is not available for Android users. It is not only a market of stock photos but it also shows interest in taking missions. One can sent out a mission with the description and deadline. The points to be remembered to get paid with Foap are: 1. Get your photo approved which is not an automatic process. 2. Tagging your images will help the shoppers to find your photos. 3. Provide natural feeling images which are to be as raw as possible so that buyers can touch them. So avoid framing and making faux- vintage filters to the photos. 4. Before selling the image get permission from the subject which will save you legal hassle when problems arise. 5. Get PayPal account to get your payment credited securely.


  • Gig Walk – It is also similar to Foap which helps you to earn money by simply taking pictures with your iPhone and it helps the willing participants in the streets to break up their massive crowd sourcing projects into tiny micro-errands via their dedicated iPhone app. It is completely free, real and pretty original and it does not involve any bonding with your inner paparazzi. All you need is your iPhone in the right place at the right time; spend few seconds or minutes to snap pictures and a PayPal account in order to get paid. It makes everything incredibly simple and efficient to earn a tidy sum on the side without disturbing your full time job. Face book account is required to sign up with Gig Walk account and it will import your personal information from face book for your application process. Once you sign up select a gig which sounds good for you, start working with it or else share with the friends via social networks like Twitter, Face book, SMS or through Emails.

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  • Take surveys – It is a simple, fast and efficient to earn money by participating in surveys. Nowadays these kind of surveys are very much helping the companies to know how well their services are. It has some payment threshold and normally you will get the payment within two days. You will receive the payment more securely with the PayPal account.
  • Wikets – It is a more comfortable app for the people since it is similar to the interesting social media namely Face book in which you would have surely like the pictures and comments posted by your friends. This app helps you to earn money by simply voting the products and goods recommended by others. This is pretty impressive to tell others what you like and it also has really nice features. One of them is it will make you to know about the products available in market that you may not have heard of before. This kind of voting mechanism is actually an act as a good indicator of the quality of the product.



  • Jingit – It is very simple and effective paid advertising platform since it uses face book account for signing up. It will take small renting space from your profile page and then will be used as a kind of digital billboard. Once the ads get clicked by others then amount will be paid to you.


  • iPinion – It is a paid survey app just wants your opinion on some products or goods. In the way you are protecting the fellow shoppers from buying overpriced and junk items. It is the simplest way of helping others and also you will get awarded credits for each and every survey that is a small help you do. These credits will be redeemed for gift cards or cash. It is similar to so always give a real time feedback on the products.
  • FeaturePoints – If you have Android or iOS devices and trying for new mobile apps then go for FeaturePoints. Using this app you have to download other apps for free and you can earn rewards for that which can be redeemed through PayPal account or Amazon or iTunes gift cards. If you referable friend receive the payment then 50 percentage of their points will be added to your account. Make sure that you have to do some work after installing the free app. It’s nothing but you have to use the app for a minute or have to do registration or tutorials if any is available.
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    • AppJoy – Watch app trailers to earn points that you can convert into cash through PayPal account or redeemed the points for Amazon or iTunes gift cards. It is very similar to FeaturePoints and valid only for U.S. accounts.
    • Bamboo Wallet – You can earn JunoCredits by simple tasks like watching videos, downloading apps and signing up for offers it provides as you do in Face book pages. You then redeem it to receive Amazon, iTunes or eBay gift cards.
    • IconZoomer – It is a global community of Trend spotters in which you have to complete the assignments like taking photos using you iPhone. Single assignment worth 5 to 10 points and you will be getting 10 Euros for 200 points.
    • Mylikes – It is completely free to sign up and by sharing the brands and by posting the links in Face book or Twitter will pay you the amount which you can redeemed in your PayPal account or get it as gift cards using Amazon account.
    • Npolls – It is an iPhone app by which you will get paid into your PayPal account by taking short polls. It is a gift which is absolutely free and you can try several times and get paid several times. It takes only 2 minutes to play and you have to get $10 dollars in your account to redeem it.
    • Npolls
    • Crowdtap – It is a fun loving easy site which is free to sign up. You just have to answer and give your opinions for each question. For that you will gain points through which you can store gift cards. You can also do web shares and posting job in face book by which you will get thumbs up or down from others and you will earn a massive amount of points. You can also challenge someone to find the quote on YouTube or face book by which you can earn thousands of points.
    • Locately – It runs on iPhone, iPad or iPod and it provides some surveys according to your location. All you need is to take short surveys which will take only couple of minutes. It collects GPS data and it allows you to earn even if you leave the program open on your iPhone. You can redeem the points into Amazon gift cards or star bucks card.
    • PaidviewPoint – You can earn up to 10 cents for each simple and quick survey with the help of this app. These applications sometimes send out longer surveys which will help you to earn more reward. Refer more to earn more and it is absolutely free to sign up and all you need is an iPhone.
    • AppDog – this app helps you in earning face book credits by free downloading job. One can earn quite a lot with this app by simply log on to the website and click the icons and download the apps from your iPhone. Each app ranges one bone and you required 10 bones to equalize 1 face book credit which in turn you will get automatically paid. It is available in Android and iPhone.


    • AppRedeem – It is similar to App Trailers by which you will get paid for downloading free apps and the good thing is that you don’t have to watch trailers. You have lots of options to redeem the points. You can go for PayPal account, Amazon, iTunes or great stuffs and it works with Android and iPhone.
    • AppRedeem
    • Super Gift Card Rewards – It’s very simple since you will be getting 200 points for simply each login and further you can increase your points by downloading apps which you can redeem into super gift cards rewards.
    • NExercise – It is available with Google play and Apple store for free which gives you points for simple exercises. Later you can redeem the points into gift cards and more.
    • Nexercise
    • Field Agent – It is a simple program by which you can go to store, take pictures of the products and discussing its appearance. You are supposed to complete the tasks within 2 hours from accepting time, if not others will utilize the opportunity. You will be getting tips how to score better and higher.
    • Field agent
    • Luckstastic – It is similar to lottery tickets by which you will be getting chance to win real cash and it is limited up to eight tickets per day. It’s absolutely free and available with iPhone only and expecting it with Android very soon.
    • Receipt Hog – You will get cold hard PayPal cash by scanning your receipts from local grocery stores. To stay at the level you should scan at least one receipt per week. You can even donate your earnings to charity if you feel like giving.

    I have utmost covered all the options or apps by which you can earn money with your iPhone. Still it has some more apps like Qriket, Ci2W, Smoopa, Ride App, etc.

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