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Very few people get rich through their regular and routine jobs; very few succeed in becoming a rich business man. For other people those who are not willing or those who are not capable of grabbing a full time job, even meeting their basic requirement is difficult. It is possible to turn your creativity and free time into money and most of the people are not aware of it. They never unleash their potential and measured the depth of their creativity. Making money while doing your favorite pastime activity keeps you more involved in your profession. Your work can never be a burden to you if you undertake your job with passion. Coupling your creativity with your work heightens your work to an untouchable altitude.

So, what do you think of being creative?

  • You can be a painter with innate ability to view the world and paint it down in your canopy.
  • You may be a techno freak who is willing to compress the world into digital art.
  • The words you write may attract millions of people and bring a change in the society.
  • You may be an environmentalist converting the waste disposals into valuable crafts.

 Then you are creative and you can sell the product conceived through your creative brain. And these are some sample works of creativity and creativity cannot be kept within boundaries.

5 Steps To Begin Your Creativity Coupled Profession:

  • Do not project yourself as a professional, but make up a cool expression that acts as a self explanatory piece of your talent. You can narrow your work by developing a niche which makes it much easier for people and employers to identify your ability.
  • Your work must be finer than other people’s work and should give an outstanding essence of your creativity. Most of the corporate entities and firms follow a same, beaten track to market their products which includes trying to knock out their competitors by offering low prices and discounts. Sometimes quality resides behind in those competitions. To excel yourself in the competition, introduce something that is new that attracts crowd to your side.  Analyze your strength and weakness and give a healthy competition using your creativity.
  • Have a team to fine tune your work. Engage with your team in brainstorming and gather details from all possible means. Having more people to support you reduces the work pressure and many new ideas will be crafted to boast your creativity coupled work.
  • Think broad. Gather updates about all hot topics in which people are interested in. The updates may be about products, movies, services, software, tools, etc. Project your views in a new dimension that anyone has never unveiled that point of view.
  • Your quest for money should not make you to accept orders that cannot be completed by you through any means. Grow your expertise in particular fields which makes you a master.

8 Creative Jobs That Can Make You Rich:

i) Costume Designer:

Costumes reflect the culture and social status of a person and introducing new trends in costumes makes you an icon in the field of modeling. Most of the designs are configured through graphical software. Sometimes, manual drawing and paintings are also for imprinting designs in the costumes. Tailoring and fabricating the costumes according to the trend can also be a part of costume designing.

ii) Makeup Artist:

Being a makeup artist is not an easy task since the success lies in efficient utilization of human face. Applying makeup varies according to the occasions. The makeup required for the face of a heroine in a movie is entirely different from the makeup required for the face of artist participating in a mime show. Makeup should perfectly fit to the face and should not degrade the flavor of the occasion. Hence, creativity and ability to forecast the makeup fit, decides the success as a makeup professional.

iii) Graphic Designer:

A graphical designer draws a digital drawings and special effects for games and movies. But you may require a course on graphical designing to equip yourself to meet the expectations. In fact, it is a little expensive profession which requires investment in studying advance courses in graphics. However, successful career as a graphic designer will make you rich in no time.

iv) Interior Designer:

The interior designer decorates the home interior with eye catching artworks and constructions. Architects with creativity can succeed in the field. Interior designing also requires some courses to be studied and the knowledge should be updated with evolution of recent trends. Logo creation using Photoshop, corel draw or any such software is also considered as digital art. Those products also have a booming market.

v) Painting:

Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci is a great painter who created the masterpiece, “Mona Lisa”. The fame and ecstasy of the painting reached to nook and cranny of the world and he stands as an outstanding artist. In that way, your painting may fetch you more audience. A canvas painting and modern art in any large landscape can serve as a money bearing plant for years. Some painters earn money through creating portraits of live specimens (humans, plants, animals, etc). Some of them are kept in their drawing rooms to please the guests while some of the portraits are used for scientific studies.

vi) Writer:

Writing is another profession which requires more creativity than professionals do. This is because the artists in painting or any other pictorial explanation can easily depict their thought and creativity to the world. But a writer needs to explain each and every characters, scenes and plots of his story through words. The words of writer should kindle the creativity and imagination of the readers to grasp the message conveyed by the writer. In a story, a novel, fiction or factual writing it is crucial for writer to think from the reader’s point of view. But with creativity you can earn more and get paid for it. Various platforms are available in internet to express your writing skills. Be specific in choosing the platform that best suits you.

vii) Creative Director:

Movie makers are virtual lords who screen the imaginary, fantastic world before the eye of the audience. They record the unrealistic and inhuman efforts that can be explained more possibly through a movie alone.  Directing an advertisement is also a way of creative direction since the quality of products is more expeditiously conveyed to the target audience.

viii) Craftsman:

Crafting objects using commonly available materials is another creative way of earning. For example, Origami and kirigamy uses papers to craft objects, bonsai is an art of growing useful plants within household. Modern artists utilize the disposed plastic wastes to create mind-blowing artifacts. By the way they are eco-friendly as well. Products of those kinds also have a considerable response from the people.

Special Cases:

There is a rare occurrence where independently developed inventions can earn money in ample amount if it is patented.

Getting patents for the newly evolved never before existing, independent products makes you the sole proprietor. Patents however are expensive. It is very costly and appointing a lawyer is necessary to register your product as Intellectual property. By doing so you are holding the full rights you can claim loyalty for the products from whoever copied your work. But make sure your product has a market and worthy for patenting. Misjudging the patent requirement status may ruin your economy. Paying fee for the lawyer who appears to file the patent may also cost high.

The Creativity Toolkit:

Now you have an understanding about jobs with creativity. Engaging in a creative job is fun and it never burdens. Assessing the type of creativity can help in landing at exact destination and flood you much money. Here is the checklist to identify the creativity criteria hiding within you.

  • List three jobs which made you feel like “I could have done this better”.
  • Pick out a skill in which you have spent most of your time and rate the skills in the scale of 10 if you are skilled in more than 1 skill set.
  • Highlight the skills which seems effortless and the skills in which you are struggling.
  • Think about the words used by your peers and colleagues to appreciate you. This will help you to think out of the box perspective.
  • Rank the skills and list the top 3 competencies in which you are strongly rooted. Think of the competencies and identify which one will give you satisfaction and more money as the time passes.

Founding A Creative Recurrence:

Creativity requires your own rhythm and should be FRESH

F- Focus
Creativity seeks focus. Masterpieces of creativity can delivered only if you focus more on your skills and product. When you focus on a particular artistic ability, you can learn the nuances well.

R- Relationship
Honing your creative skill depends on maintaining relationships. Moreover, establishing relationships with peers assist you in reaching more people in short time. In addition, the strength and weakness of your creativity can be comparatively assessed when you develop a network of peers.

E- Energy
Your creativity should be dynamic and should explicitly show the energy that flows within you. This means the work you do should be lively.

S- Stimuli
Be purposeful and think before you involve yourself in a work. A work which is highly associated with your creativity stimulates more and results in high productivity.

Spend more time with the skill you posses to explore and discover new things, you can apply the same to other levels. Schedule the work properly and make space for your creativity to grow more.

When it comes to building relationships, you can make use of online communities like Facebook, Twitter, etc. People are more accessible through social networking forums than any other modes of communication. Face to face communication with kith and kin can also serve you good for your marketing strategy. Traditional methods of advertising can also be engaged to reach the people. Having a website containing samples of your creativity gains more visitors and attracts more employers to hire you.

The Creativity Blend:

Identifying and shining in one particular skill is more appreciated since you can explore more in terms of unveiling your hidden potential. Multitasking is generally not encouraged at beginning of the creative career. Even though, when you advance in your career, you can incorporate other skills which you might have omitted at the beginning or you may occasionally involve beside your primary skill.

For example, you are good in culinary art and you have setup your restaurant. You might have chosen to pursue your career in culinary since you are more proficient in it. Assume that you have neglected other skills like playing a guitar or home decoration in order to focus in culinary skill development. With the progression of your profession as a restaurant entrepreneur, you may incorporate light guitar music during evenings and special occasions in your restaurant or you may arrange a customized hall for parties on demand. This will add up to your income and it is an efficient way of creativity blend. It is a kind of successful multitasking.

Care should be taken that the multitasking should be prioritized so that your mainstream creative business remains unaffected. Engage peer associates to manage the multitasking prospects.

Put People First:

Whether it is a business or personal life, people should be treated with top priority. Embracing people will remove obstacles from your path. You can be successful only if people love you and your product. Apart from creativity you should cultivate some interpersonal skills to succeed in creative profession. The quality of embracing people should be spontaneous. Reaching people and building relationships are stressed much since the success of a creative job is supported by the people. Gaining reputation is important at the beginning. So don’t hesitate to work for low payment. You will gain more money if the customers are very much satisfied with your product.

In addition every work requires a toiling to reach the apex. Hence, never lose hope if you are not gaining any recognition at first. Colonel Sanders after his retirement from military underwent a prolific toiling to promote his chicken recipe which is popularly known as Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) now. His recipe did not gain much acknowledgment at the beginning. Despite all the hurdles he faced at the beginning, he succeeded as a creative culinary expert. Implementing a strategy that best suited him and tireless efforts brought success for him. In the same way, getting paid for creativity depends on qualities like patience, building relationships and tireless effort. Follow these qualities and get paid for being creative.

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