Get Paid As A User Tester

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You can get paid as a user tester if the idea of receiving ten dollars for about twenty minutes work appeals to you. A lot of website owners avoided usability testing in the past because it used to be an expensive process. However, the recent concept of using freelance workers has made this process more available and an increasing number of website owners are now willing to pay for an in-depth evaluation of the performance of their sites. This is what has created more opportunities for individuals who are willing to be user testers.

The Process Of Web Usability Testing

Web usability testing is a simple process. All that is required is that you record your voice and mouse movements with the use of an online recorder according to the instructions given by the client. You have to be able to think aloud while you move about on the client’s website. You need a very reliable internet connection and you must be able to understand the details of the task as demanded by the customer. This job is not really for everyone because technical issues sometimes arise during testing and you will need to find a solution to them.

Your job is to provide the owner of the website with a written and recorded usability evaluation of the website. Your thoughts will be recorded as you browse through the website. The most popular site for this job is They have a continuously updated database of testers from various demographic groups. Projects are assigned to you when your profile matches the requirements for the job.

How To Apply As A User Tester

Before you can get paid as a user tester, you have to complete an application at the user testing website. You have to provide certain details about yourself. You will also have to show what you are able to do by testing a sample website for a few minutes. The software needed for the job is provided free of charge.

A few Tips For Website Testing

Before you fill the application form, you should spend some time watching one or two of the sample videos in order to know what you have to do. Articulateness and honesty is important when you are reviewing any website. Your voice should be loud and clear and you should express your opinions about the good and bad points of the site that you are testing. Let them know what should be changed. You are expected to provide the point of view of a prospective customer.

Once you are approved as a user tester, you will be contacted anytime there is a project that fits your profile. You should not rely on website testing as a source of regular income. The money is good but you may not get projects regularly. Expect to get a maximum of two or three jobs weekly. UserTesting is presently the most prominent site that offers this type of job but you can search online for other companies that will enable you to get paid as a user tester.

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