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Get Paid As A Tax Consultant In A Multinational Firm

November 26, 2012 by: 1

The government receives a lot of tax from companies and individuals every year. Taxation is a very complex financial area that is not easily understood by most individuals. This is why there is presently a great demand for tax consultants. Consultants also provide the needed knowledge about tax laws and related matters when a company is dealing with partners in other countries. If you have the right qualifications, you can get paid as a tax consultant in a multinational firm.

Staring your tax consultancy business

At the start of this business, you will need to have a suitable office. When your office is ready, start reaching out to businesses that are in your local area. This is a good way to gain experience and professional exposure in the industry. As you grow and become more experienced, you can start marketing your services to larger companies that have more complex activities. Your ultimate goal is to build a tax consultancy where you will have a number of tax consultants working for you.

Duties of a tax consultant

It is vital to understand your responsibilities as a tax consultant. You must be knowledgeable about the prevailing tax laws and should be able to provide your clients with correct information about the status of their documents. Your clients also need to be informed about the best practices when they are preparing or submitting their documents to the IRS. Tax consultants are responsible for evaluating the assumptions that are made in tax calculations so as to determine the relevant facts that will enable them to arrive at lawful conclusions.

Basic qualifications

Tax consultancy is a profession that requires certain professional qualifications if you want to be successful. Basically, you will need a college degree in a relevant discipline such as finance or accounting. Additionally, certifications from a chartered body will also be necessary. Most importantly, it is vital to acquire a lot of practical experience. Practical experience will enable you to have a clear understanding of your responsibilities and duties in this profession.

Apart from acquiring basic qualifications, you also have to continue to update your knowledge. Tax rules and government regulations change from time to time and these rules have a lot of effect on businesses and individuals. The information provided by your clients is sensitive and has to be treated confidentially. It is also vital to have a capacity to work under different situations and be able to communicate with different types of clients in various industries.

It is possible to get paid as a tax consultant in a multinational firm if you are ready to do your homework. This profession requires a high level of competence as errors are not tolerated in tax matters. You will always have a lot of work because an increasing number of companies and individuals need this type of service. Tax consultants are considered as valuable assets to multinational companies. This is why they are paid salaries that are very high and are also given attractive fringe benefits.

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