Easy Ways To Make Money With Domain Testing

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Feel Privileged And Earn Money Online
You may feel that making money online is not your cup of tea, only a few are having the privilege to do so. And these guys are “technical minded – the Internet Gurus” with loads of resources at hand and enough money to invest. Well, that’s a partial truth, I must accept. Making money online is sort of a “mind game”, you need to be witty and should know how to make use of every opportunity that knocks your door – or let’s better use the word PC here, since we are talking about online opportunity anyway!! If you have the right knowledge about different “ways” you can earn on the Internet, no one can stop you from making money.

It’s True – Domain Testing Can Produce Money!

Internet is stuffed with so many “ways” of making money today and discussing each one of them in this article might take you a fortnight, on the least, before you end up reading this informative piece of writing completely! Yes, you got it right; there are scores of means by which an everyday being like you can make money. Here, in this article, we will be talking about one such means, which is called Domain Testing.                                  01-scale-weigh
The term ‘Domain Testing’ may sound so alien to the new Internet buddies, but not to worry, you will enjoy making money testing a domain as much as you enjoy tasting a new ice cream flavor! On the contrary, if you are well aware of what the concept is all about, and wondering how can it prove helpful in making extra cash, then for sure, you are reading the right piece of information.

What is Domain Testing All About?

The term means exactly what it reads. It is a kind of facility or provision provided by most of the domain registrars, mind it, not all, to their customers under which a client can buy the domain name for a five day trial period. For the next five days, the website owner can closely observe if the domain name works well for his website and draws in sufficient traffic. If the client feels satisfied with it, he/she can choose to keep it for a long time, whereas an unsatisfied registrant can return the domain name back to the registrar. In such a scenario, the entire amount is refunded back by the company to their client.

Domain Name – The Address of Your Website

Domain name is the address of a website. Suppose you are surveying a website at http://www.megaincomestream.com, then “megaincomestream.com” is its domain name. Every website owner needs to own a domain name in order to let people find it on the Internet. Domain names provider companies may charge as less as $10 for a new domain name and as high as thousands of dollars for an expired popular domain name with some already existing traffic.

Domain Parking – Let’s Discuss it in Brief

Before discussing how we can make money from Domain Testing, it is important to discuss another concept in this regard. The theory we are going to talk about is Domain Parking. You need to know why is a domain name parked and what does this exactly means.

Most often, registering for a domain name is the first step taken by people when developing a website. But at this point in time, the website owners face problem, they do not have any website to be pointed out by the unique domain name they bought. Here, comes in the concept of domain parking. As an alternate to the problem faced, domain name registrars provide their client with a dummy web page. You, being the customer, can make your newly registered domain name point to this dummy page. This is what we commonly call parking a domain name.


These dummy pages are more or less links to the registrar’s website or to the advertisements put up by him, getting him a fair amount every time they are clicked. In either case, these parked domains boost the business of your registrar. But, lets you observe if the domain name you chose generates traffic or not till the time you build the real website for which it was meant.

I hope you now have adequate knowledge of the term ‘Domain Parking’, as we will see, in the later section of this article, how it can help you to make money.

How To Make Money With Domain Testing – Answer To The Much Awaited Question

Coming back to domain testing, you really don’t need to build a website around the domain name as this isn’t what we are aiming for. All we have to do is to use these 5 days of Add Grace Period (AGP), to make the most out of it.

You can choose to register for many domain names, hundreds of, at one point in time or one after the other. The choice is completely yours, depending upon how much time you possess. The former one requires many hours of your dedication in order to manage all of the domain names you registered, effectively.

Ok, Now Here is The Step, Wise List of ‘What You Have To Do’ Instructions

  1. First and foremost, register for domain name(s), try not to buy the expired domain names, as discussed above, they are really expensive. Do your part of research and choose a good name which can get you enough traffic and is not heavy on your pocket also.
  1. Make sure that the company you are registering with provides domain testing. Also ensure that the domain name you chose has a parking service installed. These two factors are going to let you make money, be sure they are there.
  1. Next and the most important thing you need to do is to park your domain name to an Adsense page (will discuss it later), or simply put, make your domain name point to an advertisement page of yours, clicks on which, would generate money, bringing in more cash!!
  1. As more and more people will click on your domain name to check your site, they would be landing on your advertisement page. The more the traffic generated; the more will be the chances of users clicking on the ads, which will get you money – more and more of it.
  1. Do not forget to keep a watch on the calendar. You need to cancel the domain name as soon as 5 days are over, or you will be stuck with that domain name. The money you invested to buy the domain names temporarily would be gone away. You can no more claim it back. Hence, make sure you return the domain name back to the registrar and you will be refunded the entire amount.
  1. And the cycle can go on with you registering for newer domain names with newer companies. Just remember the deadline period of 5 days!

Since, the money you will earn depends on the amount of traffic generated by your domain name. Do little research to find out the best names that could relate to the content of your ads. Choosing domain names completely irrelevant to what you are featuring in your advertisement page will not make many users click on it, resulting in a no gain situation.

You can use Google AdSense program to add pay per click advertisements on your website.

Let’s us discuss Google AdSense in detail as we are using Domain Testing to increase traffic to these ads only.

What is Google Adsense?

Basically, AdSense is a program launched by Google.com which let us share a percentage of the Google revenues which come through the advertising world. This entire program is managed by AdWords (pay per click advertising). The advertisers who wish to get their ads displayed as “sponsored links” by Google will have to bid a price on the keywords, which have to be paid to Google (bided amount) whenever a Google user clicks on that ad.


How Can We Earn Through Adsense?

In this program, we can choose to apply for AdSense in order to display some of the ads with Google on our website. Google surveys your site and depending upon the content of your website, provides you with relevant ads to display. Whenever, some user lands on your website, there is a possibility that he/she may find the ad useful to him and may click on it. In such a case, you are paid an amount by Google, mostly a small one. The more traffic you generate on your website, the more you can earn through AdSense.

Domain Testing is all about assisting you in bringing in more users to your website, thereby increasing your revenues through the advertising world.

Creating Your Own Website For Adsense

Hiring a web designer to build your website is a costly idea. Since we are here to make money with minimum or no investment, let’s drop this idea. Today, there are many DIY (DO IT YOURSELF) website builders available online which help let you create your own website, regardless of the fact that you have no knowledge about web designing. These sites charge a feeble amount, really small in comparison to what you can earn through your own website. You can make use of it, just google and find some good DIY builders.


All the more, if you have more time and are capable of self studying, then you can find some good tutorials on the Internet about web designing. It is simple, just need to learn HTML language, and does not require any special tool, a notepad works well enough. Since you want to build a website only for the purpose of advertising, consider a static website. You can build and manage it yourself.

Domain Name and Hosting Your Website

After successfully creating your website, getting a suitable domain name and hosting it on the web is essential. People frequently come up with the question that whether they can get a free domain name or not. The answer to this is “yes”, but you must wait before you could take a deep sigh.


Web hosts (inclusive of the DIY builders), which provide free domain name option, actually creates  a sub domain under their website, provides you with the sub domain name and lets you host your website. For example, a web host with domain name “megaincomestream.com” may assign you a sub domain name as “megaincomestream.com/make-money”.

Why Not To Go For Free Domain Names

The problem with a sub domain is that the web host shut down your website anytime without any warning. Even if the web host itself closes down, all sub domain websites hosted under it would disappear. And with that gone will be all your frequent and loyal visitors. Over the top, you would lose all money you earned that month with AdSense.

Hence it’s better to pay a small fee to domain name registrars and get yourself a good domain name. Use domain testing, not to make money this time, but to find a suitable domain name that could bring in more traffic.

Tips To Earn More Through Adsense and Domain Testing

  • Make your site highly rich in content. Concentrate on the topic of your title and refrain from talking about too many things. A focused article will make your customers happy, bringing in more traffic.
  • Keep the articles on your website with at least 700 words. Too short articles give a feel that it is meant just for advertising, which makes visitors and Google unhappy.
  • Try to blend your ads properly with your content. You can play with the background theme of the ad to make it compliment that of your website. Set them properly on your website, adjusting the size and shape of the ad banners.
  • Find domain names which compliment the content of your website well. You must neither buy expired domain names as they are highly expensive, nor buy an irrelevant domain name considering it to be too cheap. Both cases won’t help you much.

You now have sufficient knowledge of domain testing, domain parking and Google AdSense. Using the combination of all three in the best way, you can make handsome money out of them. Though, it requires little investment on your part, it is highly profitable in the long run. There are no shortcuts to making money quickly. Be patient and give your utmost dedication on your site and definitely, you will get rewarded!

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