Easy Ways To Make Money Hanging Christmas Lights On People’s Homes

November 17, 2012 by: 4

Individuals who have busy work schedules usually find it difficult to have enough time to make the necessary preparations for the Christmas season. Beautiful decoration especially with colorful lighting is a very prominent part of this season. A lot of people may not have the skill or the time to put up their own lights. If you are handy with tools, you can use this opportunity to make money hanging Christmas lights on people’s homes.

Starting your business

There is a lot of demand for this service and you can start getting customers from the first day that you start. It is vital to conduct a little research to find out where you can get quality supplies at good prices. You also have to know how to reach out to prospective customers. Be sure that your pricing is competitive so that you can have a lot of customers. Once you have done your research, print colorful fliers and distribute them at busy areas in a few neighborhoods.

Basic equipment

You do not need a lot of tools to start this holiday business. Basically, you need a ladder, light hanging clips and a few handyman tools. Offer to buy the Christmas lights for your customers. This will give you the opportunity to make a little more money if you have a supplier that gives you good prices. Furthermore, it will enable you to ensure that the lights that you hang for your customers are of the best quality.

Best practices

Once you start getting clients, make sure you keep good records. It is important to know how much you have spent as well as the amount of profit that has been made. When potential customers call you to make inquiries, be courteous and businesslike on the phone. Make sure you have a good appearance when you go to work in their homes.

Offer additional services

You can make more money if you offer additional services to your clients. Ask them if they want you to take down the lights after Christmas. Of course, this extra service will attract additional charges. Do not just have a flat rate for hanging Christmas lights. Your rates should be determined by the size of the home that you are working on. You have to also ask the customer to make a deposit before you go ahead with the installation. The deposit should be at least ten percent of the total price.

Provide excellent customer service

If you really want to make money hanging Christmas lights on people’s homes, you have to be ready to provide excellent service. If your customers are satisfied with the job that you did for them, they will not hesitate to recommend your services to other people. Call each customer the next day after hanging their lights and ask them if everything is alright. Make sure that there is as little disruption as possible when you are working in their homes. You should also clean up after the job is done. This is a good way to ensure the growth of your business during the season.

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