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Earning A Living Without A Job

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The question on whether someone can live up to their dream lifestyle without a job has been asked severally in online forums, discussion sites, debates, and dinner meetings. Those in the working class are eager to know if they can survive in case they lose their job while those without jobs are seriously in search of genuine ways to earn money in order to come out of the bankruptcy mess they are currently living in. The last thing a broke guy who has just lost their job will want to hear about when they search the internet for answers on how to earn a living without necessarily having to be employed is that they can earn money but only if they are ready to invest more money.

Of course, becoming an entrepreneur is a great approach to financial stability but it doesn’t come in hand for someone who is struggling to make the ends meet without a stable source of income. So in this guide, we are going to outline the most genuine and practical ways you can use to start earning a living without a job. Let’s walk together and you will be amazed to realize that there are lots of lucrative ways which you can exploit when you lose your job.

Use The Power Of The Internet To Your Advantage

The current generation has learned to be running to the internet when they want to learn about new stuff, research the prices of different products, read product reviews, learn about newly released gadgets, and find new friends. What most everyday internet users don’t know is, they can use the internet to make a living. There are lots of lucrative and legitimate money-making ways that don’t require any special academic qualifications or lengthy training sessions. If you are one of those guys who would rather spend time browsing the internet rather than go swimming or on adventurous trips, these are some of the best ways you can try out to see if you will make some bucks.

1. Write for money

If you got the motivation and some writing background, you can actually make good money writing about the world and its occupying matter. There are so many tried-and-true writing websites that will pay you to craft original pieces for their clients. Different writing sites work differently. There are those which require you bid so that you can be awarded jobs while others offer instant job-taking platforms. It’s up to you to decide what will work best for you depending on your preferences. The list below outlines some of the freelancing sites that have been tested and proven to pay for every single job you do.

• Writersdomain: This site works similarly to Iwriter though the payment is quite higher.
• Peoplepercontent: This site requires you bid so that you can be awarded a job to do.
• This is a UAW article account that pays you to write high-quality UAW articles at a pretty decent price.
• Writeraccess: This site pays pretty higher when in comparison with the above-mentioned accounts.

2. Get paid for paid surveys

The world is going digital. Gone are the days when surveys companies had to hire and train lots of personnel whom they could send to the field to conduct surveys. Today, survey companies use the internet to extract all useful information they need from the target audience. Most of these companies award those who take their surveys in terms of money or gifts. These are some of the survey sites you can run to when you want to be paid for your honest opinions.

• Swagbucks: It is one of the most revered survey sites available today that reward participants in different ways.
• YouGov: This site reward participates in terms of cash or prize draws.
• Vivatic: This site lets you answer survey questions as well as write reviews about different subjects.
• Toluna: In this site, you will be given survey tasks related to the quality of different services and products.

3. Test websites and earn money

There are lots of genuine sites that will pay you to test different websites and give your opinions regarding the accessibility, functionality, and efficiency of such sites. These sites include but not limited to Usertesting, TryMYUI, and StartUpLift.

4. Do Affiliate Marketing for money

Affiliate marketing is simply the concept of selling the services and products of a particular company and in return, you get a commission for every successful sale you make. It is also the process of helping a website to gain more traffic through promoting it via different platforms like social media sites. Some of the sites you can be sure to earn a good amount for selling the services of varied companies include;

• Amazon: Here you have access to millions of products which you can market and get paid.
• Clickbank: This site pays you to sell their digital information products.
• ShareASale: It’s a highly credible affiliate marketing network that pays you to tell the world about them.
• Ebay partner network: eBay has an affiliate program which gives you an opportunity to advertise the products they have on sale on their behalf and get paid.
• LakunetLinkshare: It’s a famous e-commerce site in Japan that will give you a commission for marketing their products to prospective customers.

5. Write and Sell eBooks

If you have a story or vital information you to share with the world but don’t want to do it for free, you can write it down it in form of an eBook. EBooks sell well if they are up to the set quality standards. You can be sure to earn huge sums from your eBook. These are the main sites to visit when you want to sell your eBooks.

• SamaSource
• Amazon Mechanical Turk
• Rapidworkers
• Microworkers

6. Offer Translation Services

The demand for translation services is quite high today. Lawyers and other professionals who offer their services within different geographical locations need their research materials translated from time to time. There are sites dedicated to connecting those looking to get their documents translated with professional translators. So if you think you have the skills necessary to professionally translate different documents, here are sites to go to.
• Gengo
• Proz
• Traduguide

Earn A Living Doing What You Love Offline

The internet is not the only place you can go when you want to earn money after you have lost your job. There are so many rewarding opportunities offline that will give you the chance to contribute in building the community and get paid in return. Following is an overview of the best things you can try doing so that you earn a living when you don’t have a job.

1. Assist friends and relatives set up their newly bought electronics

Lots of homeowners are novices when it comes to setting up electronic devices. It’s not funny or absurd to have your relative or neighbor who recently purchased new home entertainment systems, computers, TV or any other electronic related device call you to help them set it up. Because they don’t understand how to install these systems, many of them will be willing to pay the amount you ask for as long as you promise to set up their electronics as per the manufacturer’s instructions.
2. Offer baby and pet sitting services
No homeowner will love to leave their pets or children unattended all day. They always want to see these lovely possessions get the best quality attention and care there is. Many of them can pay anything to have their children and pets fed and taken good care of. That said, if you have any friends and relatives who have kids and pets that need sitting services, you can speak with them to be offering sitting services to their babies and pets at a price.

3. Offer computer software installation services

Not everybody who has a computer knows how to install the relevant software. When their computers crash or develop certain problems, some people will have no choice but get an expert to do that on their behalf. In this digital age where the majority of homeowners have personal computers, offering software installation services is therefore a truly lucrative business.

4. Rent those extra rooms that are lying dormant in your home

The housing industry has really grown. So many rental houses have come up. The problem is, this has really affected the pricing of rental houses. In short, house rental prices have gone so high today. That said, if you have a dormant room in your home and you decide to rent it at a relatively lower price, you are assured of getting lots of bids.

5. Start offering house cleaning services

It’s true there are many house cleaning services today. But this does not mean these companies have access to all geographical areas that have houses that need to be cleaned. There are houses especially in the interior areas that have never been cleaned by a house cleaning expert. This is not because the owners can’t afford to pay one but because of no cleaning service around such areas. As a result, if you start offering house cleaning services in your area of residence, you can be sure to make a considerable amount of money over time.

6. Make and sell artifacts

If you are a talented artifact, you can make good sum of money every month from selling your crafted pieces. People love to keep decorative drawings around their home since they consider them attractive and home-friendly. Thus, when you start crafting artifacts, you will never lack customers willing to pay to get such drawings and artifacts. All you need to do in order to succeed in this business is to find a good place where customers will see and have access to your drawings.

7. Start collecting and selling recycled items

If you love collecting stuff when you are free, recycling can seem a great business to do when you don’t have a job. Recycling basically involves collecting recyclable items and selling them to recycling plants. It’s a genuine way to conserve the environment while still making real money. When decide to start doing recycling, it is important to remember that not all waste products are recyclable and not each of them can earn you money.
8. Assist the elderly and get paid
Everybody wants to see their grandparents live long. When they reach a stage where they can barely do anything on their own, most people do get people to be assisting them to do most of the house chores. This is a job that doesn’t require any special academic certificate or training so if you have a friend who has elderly relatives who need to be assisted, you can ask them to be paying you to act as an assistant to their elderly parents.
9. Rent your car
When you don’t have a job, you less likely will be driving around as you used to when you had a job. In most of the times, your car will be parked dormant in the parking lot. Instead of letting your car rest there doing nothing for the days or weeks you will not have a job, it is important to consider renting it so that it can give you money.
Final Words
In the current world where we just live in faith and don’t have the certainty that our current source of income will last for the years we will be alive, it is not worthy taking the risk of not be prepared in case the unfortunate happens. It is always good to learn about some practical ways that can back us up financially when we lose our jobs. There is no specific way we can say is perfect for every person.
However, with the huge list we have outlined above about some of the best ways for earning a living without a job, you can be sure to find one way that best suits your lifestyle and financial desires. Have a look at these ways and do try several of them to see what works for you and what does not.

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