Earn Regular Income on the net With Squidoo

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Squidoo is a blogging platform that enables users to create content freely. You can earn regular income on the net with Squidoo by placing links to affiliate products or to your own website within the content that you create. This is a very good way to generate traffic to your website or to affiliate landing pages. If you use this platform very well, you can easily create another source of regular income for yourself.

Building a Squidoo lens

When you register an account with Squidoo, you are called a lens builder. A lens provides you with several e-commerce tools like eBay and Amazon links. There are also several modules that can be used to enhance the appearance of your lens. You can choose colors, fonts and also include pictures to brighten your page. You can also link to social network sites such as Facebook and Twitter so that you can get more traffic and make more money online with Squidoo.

Getting exposure

In order to properly harness the opportunities provided by this website, you have to learn how to increase the popularity of the lenses that you create. You can create a lot of exposure among the members of the website. If you have a good lens, it will be picked up by search engines and it will start appearing in search results. This will provide an additional source of traffic to the lens and more exposure for your affiliate links.

Affiliate marketing on Squidoo

If you want to earn regular income on the net with Squidoo, you will have to know about affiliate marketing. You can easily find several free eBooks and websites online that will provide you with a crash course in affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing allows you to make money through the commissions that you get by selling other people’s products. This is how you can earn regular income online with Squidoo by registering with Commission Junction, ClickBank, Amazon and other affiliate networks.

Create quality content

You have to ensure that you provide quality content on your lenses. You should also get some knowledge of search engine optimization so that you can write articles that will be searchable. It is also important to add new content regularly and to create new lenses as occasion demands. If your publication provides value, you will get a lot of readers and consequently make more cash. If you can devote time and effort consistently to Squidoo, you will start to see results.

Expanding Your Campaigns

Once you have made a few successful lenses, you should not stop there. You can repeat this success over and over by making more lenses. Some people earn regular income online with Squidoo by outsourcing lens creation. You can find people that will do this for you on freelance sites. You can get more traffic by creating new lenses around the keywords that brought visitors to your lens. This can easily multiply the number of visitors that you get. You can also use these keywords to create pages on your own website.

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