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Earn Quick Cash With Handyman Repairs

August 7, 2012 by: 3

If you are handy with tools, you can earn quick cash with handyman repairs. Becoming a handyman is a lucrative small business opportunity that you should explore. People will always have a need for repairs and maintenance services in their homes so you will never run out of jobs. The market for handyman services is reported to be increasing by 4% every year. You do not have to spend a lot of money to start and the profit potential is solid. Here are a few tips for earning quick cash with handyman repairs

The Requirements For Becoming A Handyman

You already have most of what you need to be a handyman. Your sound knowledge and the experience that you have in repairing and maintaining houses is the major requirement for starting this business. Some of the tasks that you will be expected to do include installing and repairing light fixtures, toilet and faucet repair, hanging shelves, fixing windows, gate, fence and gutter repairs. Others include damp-proofing, weather-proofing, painting, installing curtain rods, maintenance of wooden floors, windows and decks, door and lock repairs and so on.

You will need a well-equipped tool box that contains the tools that you need for your job. You can always lease specialty tools whenever there is a need for them. It is also important to have a van to transport equipment and materials. Apart from tools and equipment, you are also expected to have good communication skills so that you can interact easily with people.

Legal Requirements

Handymen are required to be licensed in most states. The licensing requirements are different for each state so make sure you find out your state’s requirements. You will also discover that there are different categories of licensing for different types of repair jobs. You can easily find out what is required of you from the State Contractor Licensing Board. There is also a need for insurance coverage. Insurance will protect you as well as your clients from liabilities whenever there is an accident on the job.

How To Find Jobs

Before you can earn quick cash with handyman repairs, you have to be able to get jobs. You can get your first customer by advertising your services in your neighborhood. Once you have worked for a few people, your business will start to grow by word of mouth. You can print posters and flyers and place them where they can be easily seen. Advertise on Craigslist and get listed in online handyman directories. You should also consider advertising in the local newspaper.

Expected Income

Before you set your rates, you should find out the local handyman rates in your area. You will get more jobs if your rates are competitive. It might be easier for you to charge an hourly rate for your services when you are just starting. If you are a do-it-yourself enthusiast and you want to start a small business, handyman repairs may just be the thing for you. Your skills will make it easy for you to earn quick cash with handyman repairs.

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