Earn Quick Cash As A Car Valet

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If you’re on a vacation and want to earn some side income, you can earn quick cash as a car valet. Age doesn’t matter, but you need to be healthy because there is continuous working in the job. One doesn’t need to be qualified for this. It is extremely easy and gets you a great income. You can even make a living out of the job of a car valet. With all the dirt and pollution and the continuous run on the road we can see that the business of cleaning up is standing tall at wherever it is. It is growing and gaining popularity every day. We find people taking up car valet jobs and foreclosure clean-up jobs, genitor jobs and earning a very good income per month. These jobs do not pay any less than an office job.

It is only for the respect and self esteem that people do not prefer these jobs but to earn your living and live in standard these jobs can be at the top of the list. To work as a car valet you will sure need some specific training so that you’re careful while you handle delicate parts in the vehicle so that you don’t hurt yourself while doing a perfect car valet job. Quick and accurate work is all it demands. All you need to do is clean the dirt off vehicles that come your way. There are different companies, garages and showrooms looking for car valets every day. So as far as landing a job is concerned you are sure to land one if you can keep up with the time, regularity and availability of service. The following points can tell you all you need to know about the job, income, functions, etc of a car valet.


1.     The Work: A car valet has the work of cleaning the cars. You will need to be efficient at your work. Your job is to clean the outside as well as the inside of vehicles. You will need to clean up the windows, the wheels, the handles, the glasses, etc. Basically your work is to freshen up the whole vehicle inside out. You must keep in mind that, the upholstery and carpets in the car are supposed to be vacuum-clean after you’ve used a vacuum-cleaner to clear every little litter inside. You will need to do the waxing and polishing of all the side of the surface of the car. After you’ve cleaned and dried it all, you will need to apply substances that make it look completely new. These can be gels and other finishing products.

Sometimes you need to do the painting of rubber and dressing of the side walls of the tires. The chassis, wheels and engine will need to be steam cleaned. If you’ve taken the vehicle from a place you will have to deliver it at the same spot or where the customer tell you to, once you’ve finished with the cleaning. Apart from this you will need to be careful and use the right equipments for the right areas of the car. If there are stains or fresh scars of some kind on the cars you should not scratch further the paint of that area. Let the owner of the car know that the areas are damaged before you take the car into custody to work on it. These above points define your job as a valet now you have to decide whether you can do it or not. You can either work in one place where cars will come to you or you could work as a mobile car valet which means you go around looking for cars.

2.     Your Working Hours: You can set up working hours as per your wish if you’re doing a car valet business of your own. There are many who live by the highway and do their own business, washing, cleaning, polishing cars that passed by and they earn a good income with that. If this is your case, you’re your own boss. Choose your timings work when you want but if you’re working for a company you will need to adhere to their norms of working hours and work as per their timings. In this you will earn a fixed salary no matter how many cars you work on in a day.

In a service of your own your earnings from the job depended upon how many cars you wash a day. When it’s a car valet job then it is clear that your working days and hours will include that of weekends mostly. This is because car owners get time only on weekends to stay away from their cars as the whole week they are busy in their jobs. When you work for companies they may allow you part time on weekdays but probably not on weekends. Some companies will pay you more to work on weekends due to customer pressure. Where you work is your choice. You can work indoors or outdoors. You can be stagnant or moving from place to place at work while you provide mobile valet service.

3.     How Much Will You Earn: Now to talk about your income, feel relaxed you will have a decent and steady income coming in with a car valet job. In Britain car valets earn from 12000 to 15000 pounds a year. The same is with other countries. Even the underdeveloped countries pay car valets well as only rich people own cars in these countries therefore they pay their helpers well. Your earning as a car valet depends upon your dedication of time. If you decide to work more you can earn more. When you work in companies you can present your offer to do overtime to meet your family and personal expenses, there are companies who look for workers ready to work overtime because of the continuous rush in of cars to be cleaned, washed and polished. So when you need that extra income, you will need to work overtime.


Another thing is, you can work at a higher speed to finish work faster. Though if you hurry at your work, your work might remain imperfect and unsatisfactory to the customer and then you will be forced to do it all over again. This should not be the case with your performance or you’ll lose your job and in case you’re handling your own business as a car valet and you don’t perform you might lose customers as well. You can work over time to increase earnings or you can work in shifts. Night shifts have less customers and less pay. The day shift is when you can earn more.

4.     What Make You Eligible: Working as a car valet is not everybody’s cup of tea. Not everybody can work as hard as a car valet. The whole body gets exercised with the job. Young or old, both men and women can do this job very well. What you might need is a full driving license. Not all companies ask for this but some do. There are no courses for car valets, just a little training from the company on how to use the equipments, when and where to use them and how often to use them. You will be taught by car valets who have been working as valets before you and have experience in the work. They will be paid more of course and this is why it is better if you too have experience in the work.

Companies generally look for workers who have previous experience and can work under high pressure. If you’re a fresher, it becomes the responsibility of the company to train you and give you minimum work because you do not hold an experience and you cannot work that hard. Therefore you want a good pay as you enter a company, it is better you first do mobile car valet job, earn and keep the cash and gain experience and then apply in a company to immediately land a job. Get experience in industrial and office car cleaning, or any clean job that includes floors, walls, polishing, etc. Learn about dry cleaning and try it to work as a dry cleaner for some time. You can simply also get into the motor trade or a garage to start with. Even if you qualify to work as a car valet, the heavy physical strain might just bring you down. Your basic qualification should be your good health and your will power to work hard and earn a respectable and standard living.

5.     How You Can Develop In the Work: Practice is what will make you perfect here. You earn as you learn in the work. There are people who will help you by telling you how to use the equipments. If you’re in a good company, showroom, etc you will be trained before being given work. There are possibilities your employer will send you for a course before allotting you any actual work. There are cleaning chemicals you will need to learn about before using them. You might be sent to receive training on the topic. You might be sent to manufacturers of these chemicals where you will understand and study the chemicals thoroughly. You will be taught which chemical to use in which kind of surface. What to use on windows and screens. How to do the cleaning and polishing of the chassis, wheels, etc How to use the dry cleaning and vacuum cleaning machines inside the car and how to clear each and every little dirt so that the car looks brand new.


When you’re working for a car valet company and you’re a fresher, the company will first send you out with trained valets. You will be working with mobile valets who will give you instructions on how to do the job accurately. This is also a kind of training for you and you will be a mobile valet for six months before you get a chance to work in the showroom where the professionals work. Six months is enough time for you to learn everything about the job and you can even start your own service with that experience, though income is better and more stable while you work for well known car valet companies.

6.     Skills and Qualities: What the employer will look for in you are basic skills and qualities. These will include; understanding and remembering details, ability to work in a good speed, tendency to work under pressure and do overtime as and when required, definitely not short-tempered or unhealthy in any manner, possesses a driving license which would mean the candidate has knowledge about cars. Most importantly you must know how to pay attention. Jokes apart, when your boss is instructing you and after the instruction is given, you mustn’t go back asking for the details again. Nobody likes to repeat things which were said clearly already. You must have a methodical reach.

A sense of understanding the methods and ways to do things so that they take less time and effort to get completed is needed. You will need to keep in mind all the instructions the manufacturer of the cars and chemicals have given you. Every car company has different instructions and the same is with the chemicals. If your memory power doesn’t support you, you can simply write it down in a paper and carry it with you all the while. This way you’re hundred percent sure not to make any mistakes. If you’re a fresher you will be supported, helped and instructed. Once a month has passed you must be able to work without supervision. You must prove yourself to be a fast learner and show your interest in your work by going ahead and working out things without being asked to. Lastly you will need to have the skills to serve your customers in a decent and impressive manner. Decently do your work so that the owners of the cars are satisfied and pay for the work done without any sort of hesitation.

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