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Earn Money With Decorative Wall Painting Business

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What Is Decorative Wall Painting?

Decorative painting is the art of presenting your skills and imagination through faux finishes, (ragging, sponging, etc.) stenciling, murals and free-hand decorative painting, which is either meant to be used as a frame on the walls of homes, workplaces etc or is directly painted on the wall. For the purpose of having your artwork embarked, you need finishes that are somewhat quick to apply to the wall and leave a permanent impression.

One Stroke painting and wallpapering are skills which all together add to your arsenal as a decorative wall painter. The best part about starting a decorative painting business is that you can turn something you enjoy doing into a money making business. There is no better job in the world than the one where you get paid for doing what you love the most.

                     decorative wall painting business

How To Start As A Decorative Wall Painter?

Decorative wall painting is an art which most of us tend to ignore or do not notice even if it is there in us. The most important thing regarding decorative wall painting is your interest in the art and your good hand-work in accordance with your mind.

Keep these below points in your mind when you are starting as a decorative wall painter:-

Start At Home 

You don’t have to be a painting expert to start a home-painting business but it helps if you have been practicing your painting skills for some time. It will serve two purposes at one time, firstly you can decorate your home as you want and most importantly it will give you a lot of pictures in your portfolio to show to the potential clients in the future and at the same time will also help you develop more self-confidence in your work as most of us tend to downplay our painting skills, when in reality we are much better artists than we think we are.

wall painting business
Practice and improve
If you are not comfortable and confident to directly try your skill at the walls of your house, you can start by painting smaller objects like ceramic pots, candles, vases and then gradually work your way up to larger projects. It is a good idea to try your hand at floor cloths and painting placemats before moving on to a wall. The best wall to paint for your first test is the garage wall. You can experiment all your tricks and things you have learnt practicing there.

Evaluate yourself and always seek honest advice

If you have people who are brutally honest in their opinion, seek their advice on your work because friends and family often tend to neglect our flaws and praise us for something which we are not.  Always remember, with every mistake you make, you learn a new skill. Have patience and swallow criticism, they are only going to make you better.

Visualize your imagination and be creative

Apart from being a good artist, the one thing you need the most to be a good decorative painter is a vivid imagination and creativeness. Making your hands draw what your mind is thinking is another art that you need to possess if you want to make a name for yourself in this business.

     wall paintings

Books and workshops

Learn from virtually everything that you can. Read books on how to be a wall painter, attend workshops and seminars and talk to people who are already in the business. The best teacher of an artist is nature; try to extract every bit of creativity and imagination you get from creatures and things around you.

How To Work Professionally As A Decorative Wall Painter?
After you have gained confidence and improved as a wall painter through practice, start looking for work in your own circle. Quite often your work will do the job for you as people who see decorative wall paintings in your house will develop interest to have some for their homes too, so work very hard with complete dedication even when you are working at home.

It is essential to have a professional looking portfolio in order to impress and obtaining clients as they need to see what type of work you are capable of doing. This is where all the work you have done in your home and at the home of your friends and family will pay off. If you have done a great job on a project make sure you take a lot of pictures in your portfolio. Make the portfolio as attractive as possible and highlight the best things about your work through pictures. Each image should be large enough to show even the minute details to the client. Use a high quality camera and do not edit or Photoshop your work, it leaves a bad impression.


Along with a detailed portfolio it is also advisable to keep actual samples of your work so that clients can touch the finished product and be sure about your work. Make sure your work is exceedingly neat and tidy as you only want to show off your best efforts to potential clients.


Marketing is something you need to take care of apart from your skill. No doubt your work will finally get you more jobs, but to start with if you don’t advertise correctly or often enough, your phone just won’t ring. Don’t put all your hopes on one advertising method and have a pre-planned advertising budget in place.

Some of the good ways to advertise are

  • Newspaper advertisements
  • Sending mails to Interior decorators of potential customers etc are some ways to advertise your work.
  •  Having a logo and a business card with all necessary contact details on it.
  • Doing a trade show or a home show is sure to get you the audience you want to showcase your talent.

How to earn money with decorative wall painting business?

In initial stages, it’s tough to work out a price that your work deserved. You always have doubts about whether the customer will be willing to pay the amount you ask for. But one thing is assured, if you are good enough, being a decorative wall painter will earn you beyond your expectations. People will always appreciate good work, both verbally and in kind.

Though there is no rule or fixed price on a painting and each artist tend to put up his own price but it is believed that the price of any artwork depends on the time involved, the materials used; the uniqueness or complexity of the item, your stature as an artist and the market.

Certain ways to price your work as a beginner:-

  1. For a short term strategy, especially when you have just started, set an hourly rate for your labor. For long term however, you need to have an estimate about how much time a project is going to take and then calculate your price accordingly by multiplying with the hourly rate you have in your mind.
  2.  Add up the cost of the materials you required to complete the project. For the products which are hard to find and took extra effort to acquire them, you can charge up to double the price they are, depending on how much effort it took to get them.
  3. If there was any middle man, or a firm involved that helped you to get the project, you need to add their commission in the final pricing without actually mentioning it. For smaller projects, try to find the customer yourself as they won’t be willing to pay the extra sum.
  4. Always put in all your norms and the price you are expected to get in writing. Working under contract is advisable as it keeps both you and the customer under legal check.
  5. The labor and the cost of material used will form the base price for any project; however, to ensure your own profit, you need to fix a price depending on the market at that moment of time.

Whatever your job is, you always need to have a proper strategy and a plan to make sure you always are prepared to face the worst. Having Plan B and Plan C in place, just in case your primary strategy failed, often proves to be your savior.

How To Plan Your Business As A Decorative Wall Painter?

  1. Prepare your moves in advance

The best way to work in any business especially when you are an artist is by planning each of your work and giving time and dates to each assignments in advance and then strictly sticking to the plan. You don’t want to lose any job opportunity or leave a customer dissatisfied just because you couldn’t plan your work properly. If you have what it takes to be a professional wall decorative artist, make sure these external hurdles do not stop you in your path.

  1. Complete knowledge of the industry

 You need to be well informed as a decorative artist about what is happening around you and the current demands in the market and by customers and plan your next assignment accordingly. You definitely don’t want your project, on which you have done so much of hard work, to not find any buyer just because it is currently not in demand in the market.

The chief components of market knowledge are:-

  • Market Research

To fully understand the market that you are targeting, communicate with the buyers, people who work in the industry and interior decorators because they have the best knowledge about what the customers want.

  • Size of the Industry

 Every industry including the wall painting industry has a different size across borders, but it is important to have an estimate of the size of the industry in your area because this is what is going to determine the potential customers and the number of competitors you have. The size of any industry over a given area is a direct indication of demand of that particular industry in that area.

  • Customer Requirements

 Understanding the customers and their requirements is the key to wall painting industry. If you can leave the customer satisfied and happy about the work that you did, his reviews and their word of mouth reviews are sure to get you many more future projects.

People are often very particular regarding how they want their house to look like and visualizing what they want and then creatively giving their need a life in the form of a wall decorated painting using your imagination, creativity and skill is not everyone’s cup of tea and this is what separates the ordinary artists from the great ones.

  • Industry Outlook

 Going by the current trends, decorative painting along with faux finishes on walls is expected to see a steady growth over the next decade or so, but it is still advisable to keep note on the future of the industry as these trends quite often disregard their own claims.

Ensure client’s 100% satisfaction

It is very important to maintain a professional and at the same time comfortable environment with your client, where he can communicate his needs without any hesitation. Make sure your clients experience with you ends on a pleasing note and you can offer them a warranty on your work as it would develop a stellar reputation of yourself, as an artist who stands behind their creations. It will also go a long way to motivate your clients to spend the money on your work and will encourage them to tell others about your work.

  • Be confident and prepared when you go for work and ensure that you come equipped with all your supplies organized into bins and toolboxes.
  • Be very organized and polite in your work. Showing frustration and anger while working may give negative signals to the client, more so because you will very often be working under his watchful eyes.
  • Keep the work area clean and always put the things you displaced while working back to their respective places. These small things make lot of impact on the psychological impression in the mind of the client.
  • If anything is bothering you regarding the environment in the workplace, politely request to the client about the same. It is important to have an environment where a wall artist can explore beyond his imaginations and give visual life to what occurs in his mind.

 Decorative wall painting is a business which requires continuous interaction between the artist and the client and is one profession which will make your pockets full if you have the patience, skill and the imagination to excel at the highest level. Always remember, everything starts falling in place for those who are willing to put in that extra effort to achieve their goal.

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