Earn Money Teaching People How To Build Their Own Computer

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Making money is undeniably a hard task but if you are well acquainted with something out of the box and possess the expertise to train others with your skill in the rightful manner, then you can get paid for your lessons, bringing in more money. One of the many obsessions people have, especially those who are a bit more technical than the rest, is to learn to build a computer of their own! They are the ones who are more or less, always found stuck with their Personal Computers, fantasizing if they could ever be able to make a PC of their own – truly a “Personal’ one.

Why Not Teach People How To Build Their Own Computer For Money
If you identify this task as your “key skill” considering it fairly easy, then all you need to do is to find out students willing to take up this course. Becoming a part of a nearby computer educational hub or even starting your own coaching center at your place, are the coolest of the ideas.  Online teaching is very famous these days, put up a priced eBook or a video on your blog imparting the knowledge (theory and practical) and you can make a handful of money. An Interesting idea isn’t it!

For those who want to take up this job and earn but do not have enough knowledge don’t have to feel disappointed; the below article explains step by step, the procedure to build a computer at your place, own your own. A quick go through over this article will also be useful to the experts; finding all the right steps at one place is rare!

Check Around To See If You Have All The Needed StuffThe Perfect Place To Work

Most importantly, prior to all the computer parts required, you need to have an appropriate workplace preferably a work bench, but could be a tough, well-made table big enough to easily accommodate all your equipments. Your work place must be well lit, dirt free, dry, and if possible made in wood. Having a socket to supply AC power in close proximity is equally vital; you will need it to test your final setup.

  • The Type Of Machine And Your Budget

The computer parts that you will want depend on the type of computer you desire to build. It can be a small, simple machine to do net surfing, emailing and running some elementary applications or a video gaming device or something more complex if you are involved in fields of research, engineering, video editing etc.  Give a thought about your budget and decide accordingly. With increase in complexity of your system, you will be requiring more “stuff” and the costlier ones.

  • Tools To Shape Up The System

For making all parts fix to each other, you need to have at least some of the basic tools. Screws and nut drivers, plastic tape to fasten all the cables together, tweezers or forceps or needle nosed pliers, heat basin device with a container to keep all the tools together are the indispensable ones. Instead of going out searching each and every tool separately, prefer to buy an economical computer repair tool kit.


  • Actual Machinery Comes Into Action

The Basic Layout
Choose the type of mouse and keyboard you want from the range available, maybe a ball mouse or a laser one, a wired keyboard or the wireless one. Take out time to decide the “look” of your system. With huge varieties of computer screens available, you can go for the box type computer with the fancy, colored LCDs screens. Stick to your budget. Also buy different cables and boxes you will need for making connections like the IDE and Floppy Drive Cables, SATA and SCSI Cables, Connectors, power and panel Cables etc.

The Motherboard
Motherboard as the name suggests is the mother of the computer, keeps all the brothers – the various parts attached to the motherboard – together. The figure given below shows the various components of a motherboard or main board. A wide range of motherboards of different companies, of different sizes, of different prices are available in parts. To choose the ideal board, you need to consider your needs and requirements. The pin configuration of the CPU, support for the chosen processor and RAM, number of ports to be connected to the board, the complexity of the system to be made, need for special cards are the factors which guide you in the selection of just the right motherboard. Survey more.


The Processor
The CPU (Central Processing Unit) or the microprocessor or simply the processor, rightly said the brain of the computer, mainly determines the clock speed. Choose the right model of processor which provides your computer with the required clock speed – the number of instructions processed per second, supported by the motherboard and also lies within your budget.

Extent Of Storage Devices

Even the most basic PCs necessitate the presence of external storage devices. What should be the size of the hard disk, is there any need of CD-ROM or floppy disk, will I need a DVD player and writer?, should be some of your next major concerns.

Need For Other Accessories
Think of the various peripheral devices and accessories you wish to attach to your system, your homebuilt computer system. Taking into consideration the type of computer you are preparing to build, make up your mind on whether to affix a printer or scanner or light pen to PC or not. Reflect on what kind of and how much RAM will be required – DDR1, DDR2, DDR3 or the old days SDRAM, on the necessity of graphic card or video card and different ports.

  • Types Of Software – System Software and Application Software

After making selection of the appropriate hardware, the next step that comes in is to choose proper software for the machine. You need to take care of the two types of software, system software which is nothing but the operating system and the other are the application software.

The Software To Operate The System – System Software
Operating System is the soul of the PC. It is the Operating System installed in the computer system that cause the computer to boot, handles the interaction between the hardware system and the application software system, simplifies the coding process for application developers, holds responsible for transfer of data between various application and a lot more. Thus, it is very important to choose a suitable OS for your system.

These days, Microsoft’s Windows are most popular OS among the home users. You can go for Windows XP or the latest Windows 8, if you have lots of engineering applications to run. Windows 7 and Windows Vista are ideal for those of you who want more graphics and beautification of their screen and even as these are more secure. Select the OS of your choice and buy an original of the OS from the market. You can look online also for all computer related stuff.

The Applications That Run On Your Operating System
Application software refer to the various applications that run on the installed Operating System and perform the actual function the computer is made for. You are viewing this article online may be using Google Chrome, which is nothing but an application software performing the task of surfing the net. Think of your needs and reflect on what applications that would be required for the efficient working of your system, compatible with your OS. You can download many of the application software from the Internet free of cost and for others you may need to pay a small amount.

Word processors like WordPad and MS Word, internet browsers like Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, Google Chrome and Opera, music player like Windows Media Player and the MKV Player, drawing and editing tools like MS-Paint, Corel Draw, Photoshop and Adobe Reader, security software like the Deep Freeze and Anti-Deep Freeze, Firewall, Anti Virus Software like the AVG and Avira, gaming software such as Spider Solitaire, Pinball, GTA vice city and many such other software are available in the market for all purposes.

Get Ready For The Final Take Off – Assembling Your Pc
When you have finally chosen all the hardware and software components and the tools that you will require, you can sit down to build your own computer. Collect the “stuff” you previously bought from the online market or may be from some retailer and arrange them in an organized fashion, may be in order of priority on your work bench. One by one, you have to now assemble the hardware and install the software to make your PC come to life.

Fixing The Ram And Processor On The Motherboard

  • Your first step will be to mount the microprocessor chip on the motherboard.  You will find a socket for the chip on the board. Bring the marked corner of the chip and the socket in line and gently rest the chip in it. Be wary not to apply force.
  • Next, you have to install the heat sink. It’s simple. Position it in the right place, use the flanges to seal it down and finally fix it in place using the cam.
  • Now, you need to attach the RAM on the motherboard in a slot marked “one”. Apply substantial amount of pressure to fix the RAM in the slot, the rotating arms on both sides causing the RAM to lock.

Placing Everything In Their Correct Positions In The Case


  • Position the motherboard and the faceplate properly in their respective casings inside the case. You will need some screws to fix the two in place and connecting wires to attach to the motherboard.
  • Next is the turn to affix the power supply inside its holder within the case. The side of the supply with a fan is placed on the outer side of the container.
  • Finally connect the power supply leads, both, to the main board.

The Last Step Of Hard Drive(S) Installation

  • Lastly, place the hard drive and the optical drive in their casings correctly and gently within the case. Use screws to hold the drives properly in the places. Find the right space inside the box, optical drive sits in the front. Supply them with power by fixing them with the connectors from the power supply. Finally push the cable from the back of the drives into the IDE connector of the motherboard marked “1”. At this point, you can even insert video card into the right slot of the board. Lock the case, screw it up and get ready to run your computer.
  • You can now connect the screen, mouse, keyboard and other peripheral devices to the CPU.

Time To Sit Back And Watch
After completing the above steps, put in the power supply connector in the socket near your work table and switch it on. If you have affixed everything correctly in their right places, you will see the twirling of the fan, led lights glowing from the case and indications on the monitor which all mean that you have successfully built your own computer!

As soon as your computer starts, BIOS screen pops up. Use it to install the Operating System you chose and make the necessary configuration settings. On the successful installation of the OS, you can start loading the downloaded setups of different applications. Hence, here is ready your picture perfect Personal Computer.

Teachings Skills Are Also Essential
In order to get success from the job of making people acquire the skill to build their own computer, it is equally important on your part to enhance your teaching skills.

  • Students are more attracted towards a teacher who teaches them in a lively manner.
  • If you are too rigid, too technical with the choice of your words, too strict and harsh; then it will be a tough task for you to earn money this way.
  • No child takes pleasure in listening long, drawn out “stories” which has no fun.
  • You need to be imaginative, show your showmanship, and be vivid and appealing in order to draw the interest of students.
  • You are likely to get more students if you take up more of practical classes than the theory lessons.

On the whole, if you are a good tutor, have proficiency in making of computer, get free time and most importantly willing to handle students; then this mode of making money teaching people how to build their own computer is surely meant for you.

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