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You think about establishing a web strategy and content strategy , better SEO or you want your website is most visited . So contact a web marketing agency in order to be better positioned to set SMART goals for your business, get a better ROI for your site, the usual needs , what! Before rushing ahead in your approach , have you really taken the time to assess your situation ?


The starting point

For your integrated web strategy works well, it will first have to invest , but also find the right agency . You must be confident of the results achieved by it and realized mandates. Nowadays, several web agencies in addition to their services strategy without knowing the area too . Be vigilant in your choices and choose a reputable agency , with certifications such as Google or Partners HubSpot certification for example. Google Partners says the company is affiliated with Google to resell Google Adwords and SEA services and HubSpot certification states that the agency has spent inbound marketing tests and is able to provide the services related to it .

Web strategy

Once your chosen agency , it will hold one or more meetings to know you better . A good agency does not just make a website redesign because that is what you requested. She will want to know first why you want a redesign , what are your goals and do they are SMART , who your personas , what is your comfort level , etc. It will seek to establish a relationship with you so that you are comfortable and that communication between it and your business is optimal. Once the agency has the answers to her questions , she can then develop web strategy plan and you present it. 

The Deployment

Once the strategy and the tools developed , the deployment of the web marketing strategy. This step is very important because often , if a problem was to occur , it is during the implementation . The agency is always available to assist you in deploying and ready to provide the necessary support to facilitate each step of training and control tools.

To achieve results , we must be aware of available internal resources. If you have over-estimated the time allocated to your strategy and you do not have the people needed to fill out your tasks, you may not get the expected results and the expected measures. There has against good news ! Since most marketing agencies offer post- strategy services, you do not have to face the burden alone ! The agency will be present to come and support your team in most tasks of your strategy. You will still need help for some measures that it can not get online , according to your field. The measurement is teamwork and communication between your company and the agency selected according the tools in place. When it comes time to create your content, editorial calendar , publications schedule, landing pages ( landing pages ) or your blog posts , a strategist can integrate with your team and help you to perform these tasks . 

The resources to invest in its integrated web strategy

Whether you are ready for an integrated web strategy, you must determine if you are willing to invest time and / or budget. If you have the necessary internal resources as a copywriter or a graphic designer, while tasks related to the implementation of your strategy will be divided between your internal resources and the team of the web agency. It will set up a training plan in order to make your business efficient and functional in its integrated web strategy. The key is collaboration and constant communication to ensure the achievement of your goals. If, against, or you do not yet have the internal resources to support your integrated web strategy, then you will instead invest a budget so your blog, your publications, newsletters do not die in the bud before see results.

The expert strategists will then create your content and support the strategic plan created especially for you, at least during a transition period. This option can also be more advantageous for certain companies. The costs of external strategist are sometimes less expensive than hiring effect of internal resources who will work on content creation or deployment of your integrated web strategy. Have you considered this resource training time? The external strategist can help the person to take over so that it is autonomous after an adjustment period and will replace the strategist in the execution of recurring tasks. Of course, the strategist will always be available to help, inspire or complement the work of the resource in place. Make inbound marketing or content marketing and establish an integrated web strategy is to want more successful on the web and get a better ROI. Be sure to have the right tools and resources in place to actually enjoy !  

Earn Money Running A Technology Sales Website :

Earn money online with this formidable strategy for ecommerce

earn money


In the following lines, you will discover how to make money on the internet with a small shop. You can generate thousands of euros without taking risks . For the strategy you ‘ll find just below allows you to start without investing an incredible amount. You’re going to do something different than 95% of the market already on e-retailers , whose site refers only worth living. Here is a step by step strategy to create a site from scratch trade … and who stand out.

Step 1: Select a theme  

The first step is to select a theme, but not just any … To choose THE right theme , there are several factors to consider : You must first choose a theme that interests enough people . Because so few people are interested in your products , then few people will buy your shop … and therefore will not be profitable . Your market should not be too small. If your income will be limited .  

How to evaluate the size of a market?

There are several ways to assess the size of a market :

The easiest way is to take a look at existing shops ( their number and their turnover ) . They are more numerous and with a high turnover, the market is more consistent. You may say ” If there has already tens or hundreds of shops on this theme, it will be very difficult for me to break through and create a truly profitable business …? ” . If you do it as the average of e-tailers , well yes it will be almost impossible to break into a saturated theme. However, if you stand in a clever manner as we shall see a little further down , it is quite easy to generate income ten times better than most small e-tailers your theme.

Another way (complementary) to probe the size of a market is to use the keyword planning tool Google Adwords. This free tool lets you know the number of times that users have typed a keyword on Google in a month. This allows you to gauge the interest of Internet users to a particular subject .

Back on topic . What is the second factor that comes into play in the choice of your theme ? To be effective, have fun and produce quality content, you must choose a topic that interests you. The must is that interests you . For each day of “work” will be pure pleasure. If you choose a topic that does not please you , you quickly essouflerez . Now that you know how to choose a theme that relates and that you like, we will see together how to be unique in this theme.

Step 2: Specialize in a specific section of your theme

Let’s see how you stand out from the competition easily, even if it is well established. There’s a good chance that you have chosen a theme in which there are already several actors. And the problem is how to do better than them. How you go about that people do to you more confidence … then you are a newcomer …? There is a strategy every beast, almost against-intuitive, allowing it to be recognized as an expert … while working less. This strategy is the strategy of specialization. It will allow you to sell more easily, because you’ll be seen as a reference in your field. You may be wondering how to do it in practice? Whatever your theme, you can necessarily cut into sub-themes. Even cut these sub-themes into sub-themes. And so on. To specialize, it is simply to select a sub-theme that no one has selected. And if your market is ultra saturated genre, cut more. As long as there is a lot of potential buyers, you do not take the risk of being limited in terms of turnover.

Let’s take an example to illustrate all this:

The clothing market. Which is an ultra saturated market. One of the country’s largest market. There are hundreds (and even thousands) of online stores on apparel. Say you want to create a commercial site on the sector. Of course you will not copy wholesale, which have tens of thousands of references and products that sell everything (trousers, shoes, jackets, shirts, etc …). For in wanting to play than them in the same court, you’re going to make it comparable to them. Yet with all their experience, financial resources, credibility, you will never make the weight. But you’ll be smarter. You’re not going to get comparable to these industry heavyweights. Because you’ll make sure to be unique, being better than them on a sub-theme. For example, you create a shop exclusively on shirts (or bikini, or jeans, etc …). And if a store on shirts already exists, you are going to specialize even further. For example, you will build your store around plaid shirts, shirts or around classes, etc … So you’ll only be on the internet specializing in plaid shirts. And when people seek a plaid shirt, they will not go in heavy, they will go home. Because for them, you will be the reference. And here you have won.

By taking it that way , you will become great in your sub- theme. You will be unique. Remember this : better to be an expert on a specific point that way at all . And must in all this is that you specialize , you will work less. Because you will focus your efforts solely on your small plot of land to defend. Do not you éparpillerez . This will let you make money on the net effectively.

Step 3: Select a few products With the specialization you choose, you focus on a limited number of products. You are not haunted by all these stocks to sell all the stocks that you sell at any price. You can test your products one by one. You will be sure to offer quality to your customers. And since you have a limited number of products, you can tie you to promote any of your products. More than if you had hundreds of products. So to begin, select from 5 to 10 products to your niche (that is to say, for your sub-theme). Does this seem little? Remember that Apple has generated billions of dollars in revenue by selling a single product: the iPhone. This is not because there are more choices on your e-commerce site that people will buy more. Using the example of the site on the plaid shirts. Instead of proposing fifty shirts to the Internet, you will offer him only 5 shirts but the best. Instead of offering him six variants of shirts blue and white tiles, you are not going to propose one: that you deem best. Ditto for shirts red plaid / white: you will propose only one, the one whose quality is the best. Etc … But restricting the choice of products available goes further than that … Studies conducted by psychologists (especially by American Barry Schwartz) have shown that too much choice paralyzes. When we have too much choice, you do not know what to choose … and suddenly we do not act. There are so many things to choose from that we end up not selecting any. Some large companies have realized, starting with McDonald’s which has only one menu for children. 


Step 4: Create a media site to attract traffic and retain an audience Once you have selected your products, you’ll make them visible in order to sell them. You will create a media site and publish content several times a week (once a week minimum). This content will be relevant to the products you offer for sale. In doing so, you will be able to easily tie your products to your content. Continuing the example from the shop on the plaid shirts. You create a blog and you will publish articles. In turn you write an article related to blue plaid shirts, an article in relation red plaid shirts, an article related to brown plaid shirts, etc … And in each of your articles you include a link to the product report. But no matter how. The link (or links if you included several) should be brought naturally. Your visitors need to want to click on it. They need to see the link to your product as a logical continuation of your article. Links created your media site to your product pages have a double advantage: they bring you qualified trafficthey improve your ranking in search engine resultsThus, your online store will channel traffic from your site as well as media search engine. You may be saying that creating content is not for you …? Maybe you think that writing articles, it takes time and it’s hard …? I do not deny that for your first 2-3 items, you will have some trouble (for lack of habit). But you will see that publish an interesting article, it is far from complicated. To create a good article, it may be sufficient to choose a good video on Youtube and write a description of at least a few lines (to be sure to be referenced by Google). We have recently developed an online software that allows you to create a user-friendly site and to publish articles containing everything you want: text, photo, video, music … without either known to Internet or to programming. You let your creativity.  


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