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Earn Money Recording A Professional Voiceover In English or American Accent

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Sell ​​your voice : become voiceover !

 your voice

We never told you … “You have a beautiful voice you know … ? “.Something radio in the tone of your phrasing ?A bit of sweetness or little accent so delicious , that Whenever you talk to a family audience or unknown ,the eyes fixate on your history mouth not a râtersingle chip … !Well now , you have found that you can do via Internet to make money :

Become a voiceover.

Just as in modeling , you can ask for body parts to hair products sales purposes ormaintenance of the feet. On the net you can sell your voice! The explanation is a long and tedious hair , speech is technically that of ” foot in the door ” so that you go to bottom to subscribe to the formation …But if your voice is actually endowed with qualities and phonic the grain goes extremely well in radio or dubbing movies, you can enter the art world oftenclosed and become more affluent as … On such sites , you will pass a test to assess your potential Voice off.You will be corrected by a coach who will authorize you as the verdict to continue through a training ( audio kit on the internet) for you learn to professional grade .Count on average Dollars per day for access to this type of training; That said , please read the terms of purchase and commitments.Basically you need to be certain that the world of the voice -off is yours, otherwise you will not win a euro after …spent!

There are training courses for professionals, and ultimately a real test in the studio ;This final step opens the doors of which are castings floods since the voiceover business is emerging on Internet.Online testimonials will tell you it is very lucrative , and more to be a pleasant job and without necessarily need to go out his ” home sweet home “.  An example:record a voice for a two-page corporate film you take thirty minutes and earn you between one hundred fifty four hundred Dollars.Among the most sought after areas for voiceovers are:- The web radios- The presentation of video clips or websites business.- Gps vendors- Cd vendors audio Take the necessary time for reflection and if you feel the soul of a voiceover … skip the step and soon you hear in advertising, cinema, television, video game, oron a soundtrack tutorial !

Earn Money Recording A Professional Voiceover In English or American Accent : Find Work

The voiceover is an artistic craft. There are no outlets other than those you create yourself. In deciding to become voice-over , you decide to build your own business . You should therefore regularly look for clients . Even when you already have a job , we must continue to seek customers at least once a week. Never stop prospecting and customer loyalty. The marketing of the voiceover is 80% of the trade once it is professional. To begin, we must explore 300 to 400 potential customers! Nevertheless careful not to burn out by wanting to go too fast. It is useless to start canvassing customers if you are not pro.

Money should not be the engine, even if starting with volunteer work at the start. There is work for everyone , internet now allows working for clients worldwide . Matthew, one of the coaches and speaker at the conference, his voice book in French in the world. It has customers everywhere. When we are professional and motivated , there is labor . When you’re good, it goes very fast. Customers satisfied with your professionalism will re- appeal to you. How prospect voiceover customers?

Send voice recordings off customers: products, channels, radios, companies etc … Do not send your file as an attachment. Use a link to your website. Target shipments to get what you’re good. It is unnecessary to canvass the pubs boxes if you are not good at voice pubs.·

  • Moving directly to the customer ·
  • remember a week later:
  • Always smile and quietly remember.
  • Do not harass clients.
  • And above all, do it when you’re professional.   A good trick is to give Lorenzo subscribe to the Official journal of the companies that are created.

This allows to know the young companies that are likely to appeal to our services. It’s interesting to canvass young companies that start as young prods, multimedia boxes etc … This will create a partnership with a young company. The must to be sure of having a job: to be everywhere, prod clubs, agents, internet etc … Voice agents: Charles Neuville, Dominique Varda, Michele Marshall Voices. The website is essential for voice The website is essential to promote themselves and that customers can easily find your voice . Collect the extracts that were broadcast to be able to hear them .

To give its site, Google adwords , is interesting but paying . There are SEO techniques , so-called long tail for better position in search engines. We can also communicate via Facebook , Viadeo, LinkedIn.  Install a home studio of professional quality. –  To be able to work over the Internet with clients around the world you need to record your voice you with the highest quality. A home studio at home costs about € 1000 and will allow you to work in the best conditions. The home studio is not necessarily a dedicated room , this can be a development on an area of ​​2 square meters.

How to make a good demo tape voiceover ? Putting different extracts.Put a text in natural voice, presentation, for example.In short, the prods do not have time to listen. The first message is very important.Start with a medley of 30s taking a sample of 10 spots that will follow and that will make people want to listen.Putting spots of 30 seconds. No more than 10 messages.For sending mail, do not send as an attachment, to link to an external site.Seek external advice and if possible be approved by a pro before sending his model.Again, do not burn out. The voice model must be perfect! It was the last article in the series on the voice-driven conference Pancino Lorenzo. Since I joined the training, it is likely that I will continue to talk about this job. I will Include a short video to introduce its online training that seems really well done, but first I will have some fun with it!

Earn Money Recording A Professional Voiceover In English or American Accent : Build Career

At its conference on the craft of voiceover , Lorenzo Pancino gave some indications to start his career and succeed in the business of voiceover . I think a good part of his tips can also be applied to acting . Here is a transcript of notes taken at the conference . You can adapt and get inspired to be an actor . In a third article, I will give my notes on how to find work in voiceover .  Visualize your desire and your goal , use the law of attraction.  Use your imagination to project yourself into your future professional life of the voiceover . Do you dream ! Why would you do this job ? Answer with precision and enthusiasm.

Visualize your life voiceover , how much will you win, that will be a standard work day , what this business will allow you to do , what fun will you have to do? Visualize your home studio , record the details of your life , the number of sessions you make per day, the phone calls that you receive go where , visualize what you want at best and feel the fun you ‘ll have to live this life. Make an inventory of fixtures of your strengths and disabilities, and focus on your strengths Note on a piece of paper all the strengths you have , including your voice beyond . No doubt you have many qualities that will help you thrive in this business.

For example if you are an accountant , good at marketing , organized, sociable, smiling naturally etc … all these qualities can help. Note the big and display them somewhere under your view.  On another sheet , do the same work for all your handicaps: the limiting thoughts you have , obstacles, anything that might prevent you from succeeding . Put this paper in a drawer and leave it aside. 

Concentrate only on your strengths!

Write down your goal and your strengths and show it in style! 

Despite this, you should also be clear with yourself . For example, if you have an accent , you must adjust your pronunciation worries. Subsequently this can be a strength, but it must first be able to detach . Also make a record of your surroundings and your resources. Do you have support around you? What are your resources? The voice work is hard work , a lot of work on itself, it is important not to be financially vulnerable to devote to this work.  Make your desire , create the “love contact.” Lorenzo called ” love contact” the network that you can have through people you know and who know themselves someone. In your environment , simply say that you are voiceovers and you prepare your artwork. Do not say you start or you do training , just say you prepare your artwork. Professionals know that it takes time . Ask if they know anyone who might be interested in your services. Retrieve just the contacts , you will send a voice demo when you pro. How to train in the voiceover ?

The job of a voice-over is to magnify text to bring it to life. The voiceover job requires great professionalism and you can succeed if you are able to offer excellent service. Lorenzo advises to practice 3-4 hours a day. “Do not think about sleep, and work with passion! ” To be among the best, you have to work with the best coaches. Lorenzo, for example, worked with Yael Benzaquen. To practice the voice, by using modeling and vocal mimicry. We must listen to the professional voiceover and model their speech.A good way is to record voice-over (documentary, pub, jingle, audiobook etc …) on a dictaphone, and on another dictaphone recording of your voice. Then compare the two and continue to practice until the same quality.

Lorenzo P. has trained a lot while writing the texts of voice-and he meant by drawing randomly from these texts. This enabled him to develop his qualities to move from a voice on the other. He is now able to do what he calls a sudden death: Read at first reading and immediately into the good intention different texts in different styles. The ultimate goal is to be able to do everything and be able to pass from one voice to another automatically. Lorenzo has set up a training platform for careers in voiceover.

Earn Money Recording A Professional Voiceover In English or American Accent : Discover the voiceover business

The voiceover business is an artistic craft that requires a real vocal training . It’s also a profession that allows great freedom because much of voiceover recordings can now be made ​​via the Internet. On the occasion of an online conference of professional voiceover Lorenzo Pancino I gave my own notes for you to share what I ‘ve learned about the business of voiceover .

The voiceover is not dubbing . First, let’s be clear on the difference between the voice-over and dubbing . The voiceover is not dubbing . The voice doubler job requires other skills that are not those of the voiceover . It should for example be able to read a Rythmoband , and convey the emotions of the actor we duplicate using only his voice. It can be very good voice-over dubbing and very bad , and vice versa.   The voiceover is a demanding artistic craft. The professional voiceover has great control of his voice and is able to quickly interpret a text by sector that employs them. You do not read a commercial for yogurt donkey milk in the same way that a documentary on bears tabby Zimbabwe.

The voiceover is an artistic craft that requires a drive , passion and time. It takes 1 to 2 years before beginning to make a living through the voice . It is best not to leave his job before the voiceover pays all the voice work is a profound work that can be destabilizing if there is no financial security.  There are three types of voice-over : The announcer voiceover : it is not necessarily an actor and uses his natural voice to sectors such as advertising , institutional , documentaries, audio books, audiotel , e-learning , storytelling etc. … The actor voiceover : It is usually an actor in the theater or in front of the camera. It has the ability to invent characters and quickly create original voices . It will be used for comedy, video games , documentaries or dubbing.  The ” Chameleon “: It is both an actor and announcer voiceover .

His wide vocal range allows him to work in all areas . To start, you better have a four specialties that are mastered rather than average in all areas of the voiceover .

11 qualities have to be professional voiceover : ·

  • Senator: you obviously have a voice potential and the desire to use his voice.·
  • Interpret and magnify any: This is learned. ·
  • Within minutes, a pro voiceover can interpret a text in the right key according to the type of text submitted to it. ·
  • Impeccable professionalism: This craft is also a business must be able to do the job quickly and thoroughly so that the customer is completely satisfied.·
  • An extremely reassuring touch: Customers.·
  • A pleasant personality and naturally gregarious·
  • Having a healthy lifestyle·
  • Taking care of his voice be effective, generous·
  • be available at the customer’s disposal for voice must be able to respond to customer demand . ·
  • The objective is that the customer is satisfied.
  • A business man or woman ·
  • organization A general media culture: it is very important to know the other voice, if we are asked to redo the voice of so and so in such a film, be able to do it again.

Many sectors are used to find work in voiceover  The voiceover business continues to grow with the increasing number of multimedia . These are areas that regularly employ voiceover :  ·

  • National, regional or local radio and web radios .·
  • Internet ·
  • Mobile·
  • Telephony ·
  • The corporate events ·
  • Business film production companies ·
  • The companies using telephone expectations ·
  • Television·
  • Cinema
  • The video game industry·
  • Studios audiovisual and multimedia production ·
  • Advertising and audiovisual creation agencies .·
  • The audio book publishing .
  • Registering online training program

Two ways to work in voiceover . 

The studio recording

voice-over stationThe recording session of the voiceover is usually a relaxing moment for the client. They worked tremendously upstream, and the arrival of the voice-over is the icing on the cake. This is the culmination of their work. Early in the session, it must reassure the client on your professionalism. You must be courteous to people who welcome you and be convincing from the start of the recording.  Shyness can not be an excuse. As in any business, if you are caring well for your customers, if you are friendly and courteous, they will have more desire to come to you.

Some voiceover professionals can be very reserved in their daily lives and become a super themselves at the meeting being open and smiling with everyone. Put your ego aside and show white paste. You are there to deliver a service to a customer.  Once the session is over and that the customer is satisfied, we can leave. It’s not worth staying longer when the customer what he wants. It is therefore quite possible to link the sessions by being efficient and professional every time.

Recording at home through internet

To work with clients through the Internet, it is essential to have a home studio, a studio at home. This is the studio where you yourself will record your voice. No need to have a dedicated room, a home-studio can fit in 2m² and costs about € 1,000 to achieve. The acoustic quality should allow professional quality recording.  From your website, customers contact you by email to request a quote. It is sometimes difficult to determine a price, so a fee schedule is available on voice-over-coaching online. Once the estimate accepted by the customer, it sends the text to record and its indications. It is then necessary to make several different proposals following these indications.

The customer can choose the proposal that suits him or you request another stating his request. It must then be available to do a retake, ie re-record the voice demanded. The sound files can be sent by Yousendit, usually in WAV format.  Internet can also work directly with a studio on the other side of the world through a special codec. You are in your home studio with microphone plugged into a special box and your voice goes directly to your customer in his studio at the other end of the world.

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