Earn Money Online With Art Work

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Experienced and inexperienced artists can earn money online with art work by taking advantage of the marketing opportunities that are available on the internet. Internet technology makes it easy to upload artwork in different formats so that it can be seen by prospective buyers. You can also create customized projects for some of your online clients. The following are some of the ways to earn money online with art work.

Sign up with micro job websites

Gig sites such as Fiverr provide a good opportunity for you to earn money online with art work. Fiverr gigs have a fixed $5 price so you have to advertise jobs that you can do very quickly.  You can make more money by offering additional services. New gigs usually stay on the first page for a few hours and this will give you some considerable exposure. You can increase your clientele by maintaining a positive feedback on micro job websites.

Selling your art work on eBay

EBay is another website that can enable you to earn money online with art work. This is the most popular auction site in the world and it is visited by millions of people from all over the world. Polished and framed works can be sold on this site at any price that you set. You can allow buyers to bid or set a fixed price for your work.

Sell photos online

Stock photography is another way to earn money online with art work. It will enable you to make money and also gain recognition for your artwork. Make sure that you upload photos in the right file format. Find out the file format that is used by each stock photo site that you register with. You can make money over and over with the photos that you upload on these sites. You will be paid 50 cents to $1 every time your artwork is downloaded.

List your artwork on Imagekind.com

If your artwork is listed on Imagekind.com, prospective buyers can easily look through your collection to find what they want. This site allows you to list photographs or original artworks that belong to you. When orders are made on CafePress.com with your design on it, you will receive a certain percentage on each order. These orders can be in the form of coffee mugs, T-shirts, stickers and so on. You can also open your own online store directly on CafePress. These sites have a lot of members so you should be ready for some competition.

These are just a few ways to earn money online with art work. Try them out to find out which one is most suitable for you. The potential for making money with original artwork is unlimited. You can register with as many websites as you want so that you can get more exposure. You can also put up your own website and advertise your artwork on the internet. Harness the networking opportunities of social media to let more people know about the products you have.

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