Earn Money Online Selling Public Domain Works

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Published works in the public domain can provide you with a great source of online income. These books can be used to create content for eBooks, CD’s, DVD’s and videos. You can actually take a public domain book and recreate it to make it your own product. The following are a few tips that will enable you to earn money online selling public domain works.

Finding Public Domain Books

All books that are published in the USA before 1923 are in the public domain. This simply means that the publisher’s copyright has expired. This works are available for you to recreate and turn into your very own work. In the United Kingdom, books that are authored prior to 70 years since the death of the author are available in the public domain. These are also yours to use as you like.

You can easily find Public Domain books by browsing second hand book stores in your locality. You can also check craft markets, jumble sales and book fairs. A lot of these books can also be found on the internet. The book for sale section of eBay is a good place to check. You can use the search facility on eBay to search for different types of antiquarian books. The Project Gutenberg is a site that is dedicated to providing access to public domain books in several niches.

Producing Your Own Book

All you need is a scanner and a computer to earn money online selling public domain works. Start by scanning the pages of the book into your PC. You will have to edit the scanned copy to ensure it is free of errors. You might also want to edit the language to make it suitable for modern readers. This is how easy it is to create a book that you can sell to make some money online. Some eBook platforms like Amazon Kindle require that you add new information or illustration to the repackaged product.

If you are converting the book into a CD or a DVD, you have to buy a software program that you will use to turn your eBooks into CDs. You will also need PDF converting software as well as eBook making software. You can get a variety of these programs freely on the internet. Downloadable eBooks are very easy to make once you have the needed programs.


Choose your preferred niche and search for the old book that you want to reproduce. If the book is not available for sale, you can borrow a copy from your local library and make photocopies of the pages. To avoid any legal issues, make sure you choose only material that has been confirmed to be in the public domain. Scan the book to your computer then recreate it with modern language and new illustrations if required. Your newly created book can be marketed on Amazon or eBay. You can also join digital download networks like Clickbank. This is how easy it is to earn money online selling public domain works.

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