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You can earn money online with quiz contest. A quiz is a form of game or mind sport, in which the players (as individuals or in teams) attempt to answer questions correctly. In some countries, a quiz is also a brief assessment used in education and similar fields to measure growth in knowledge, abilities, and/or skills.The Million Second Quiz is an American game show hosted by Ryan Seacrest and broadcast by NBC. Additionally, through a mobile app, viewers could play the game against others and potentially earn a chance to appear as a contestant during the prime time episodes. Every one of us has a dream to participate in KBC but only few fortunate can get this opportunity. Earn From Quiz (EFQ) come up to make your dream true by participating in an online quiz contest which will not only enhance your IQ & GK but also give you an opportunity to earn every day as much as you can. EFQ is an online quiz contest based on Earning While Learning concept (EWL) having following USPs:

Open for all to participate without any Age, Caste, Education & Income bar.
Play at your time & place of convenience (open for 24 * 7).
Play as many times as you wish in a day to improve your score & become winner.
quiz contest1 out of each 4 participant is a guaranteed winner on daily basis.
Nominal subscription charges.
Refer EFQ to your friends & relatives and get more chance to play.
Fully transparent scoring system.

EFQ subscription gives you not only an opportunity of getting the knowledge about various fields in the form of an Inquest, but also to earn after each right hit. EFQ gives an opportunity to everyone to be on a “hot seat” as and when you wish.

And all you got to do is, register with the site to play this quiz, invest a little time to answer the quiz questions and these wringers can be general, mathematical, logical, political, international or any other arena. It is just your dexterity and exactitude to mind.

Every day, every minute, new winners emerge for every next question, giving away bonus points on promptness and correctness.

Importance of Quiz

Tests and Quizzes play an important role in e-learning and provide an array of benefits for both the learner and the instructor.

Let’s first look at how they improve the experience of the instructor.

Less work to be done

Remember school, when tests lasted an hour at a set time of day and the instructor usually had to stay up late to grade them and then write detailed feedback for each and every individual student?

We’ve already gone through how e-learning alleviates the need for testing to be done at a specific hour, but it also makes testing a hassle-free task as corrections are automated with a LMS. In the cases of “Essay Question” tests, e-learning systems are usually equipped with keyword tracking tools that grade depending on what has been mentioned in the essays. This isn’t a fool-proof system but it helps save some time in comparison with long grading sessions.

Unique Tests

onlline quiz contestTesting and quizzing can be made unique in a LMS by randomizing question and answer order. This is especially useful when a learner has to re-do a test which he/she previously had poor performance on so that the test is not completed by memory, but rather by actually thinking through the correct solution once again. This feature is also useful to produce more variety by using a large pool of questions from which testing can be done, rather than recycling the same questions over and over.

Instant grading and feedback

Grading and giving feedback is probably the most time consuming task for the instructor. It’s where the instructor has the ability to comment on the strengths and weaknesses of a learner and enable learning to actually take place! Feedback needs to be good. A LMS will usually allow the instructor to create dynamic feedback depending on the answer a learner will give to a specific question. For instance, in a multiple-choice test if the learner chooses answer B over the correct answer C, the appropriate feedback will be given back to the learner, indicating fault in the thought process, or hints as to why another answer would be more appropriate. This complements point 1 above (i.e.: “Less work to be done”) by the instructor because it allows the learner to get instant feedback on a correct/ incorrect answer, and it saves time for the instructor who can take advantage of automated feedback.

In-depth analysis readily available

Tests have to be gathered and graded, and feedback has to be written for the individual learner to take back and improve on particular areas. Learning Management Systems give the instructor even more analysis though. Through a reporting system, a LMS gives the instructor an overview of test scores, progress and growth with graphical representation to make the analysis even easier to grasp especially when the class-size is very large. That way, an instructor has the ability to analyze which students scored highest/ lowest, and which questions were hardest/ easiest for the majority of students. Reporting is a handy tool that allows the instructor to see trends and act upon them to improve the curriculum.
It is also environmentally friendly!

Going from hard-copy tests/ quizzes to offering the same capabilities online reduces consumption of goods such as paper – especially important when the online classroom is large and growing!

Now, let’s see how tests and quizzes improve the experience of the student:

Self-assessment tool

Testing and quizzing online will usually provide the user with results instantly. This is good for students because it allows them to know what they did wrong immediately, what they need to focus on, and how to improve should they have to retake the test.
Keeps learners engaged

Tests and quizzes have always been a motivator to study harder when students know that their progress will be judged upon an exam, a performance review etc. It sets a deadline for when material needs to be learned by and diligent students know they must adhere to that.
Further considerations

The use of different forms of testing, such as multiple choice tests, fill-in-the-blanks, true or false, or essay questions can also be used to assess the progress of students with different learning styles. Catering to the needs of different learning styles is an important aspect of e-learning which gives it the edge over traditional learning models. It is a good idea to use different types of material, and varying types of tests and quizzes to engage everyone in an online class.

An important note on online quizzing and testing is the ability a learner has to research the web for answers and creating tests should be done with that in mind. If something is too hard and/or a little off topic in terms of the material taught, it is likely to be researched online. If the tests are too easy, they will be dismissed and passed over without much being learned. Thus tests should be structured in a way that encourages learners to think back to the material taught within the course rather than looking for answers elsewhere.

Benefits of Quiz

A Psychology experts Henry L. Roediger III, Adam L. Putnam and Megan A. Smith in a recent paper, analysed about ten (10) benefits of quiz as follows:

1. Retrieval aids later retention. There is clear evidence from psychological experiments that practicing retrieval of something after learning it, for instance by taking a quiz or test, makes you more likely to retain it for the long term.

2. Testing identifies gaps in knowledge.

3. Testing cause students to learn more from the next study episode. Essentially it reduces forgetting which makes the next related study area more productive.

4. Testing produces better organization of knowledge by helping the brain organize material in clusters to allow better retrieval.

5. Testing improves transfer of knowledge to new contexts. There are several experiments referenced in the paper where tests and quizzes help transfer and application of knowledge.

6. Testing can facilitate retrieval of material that was not tested. Surprisingly there are circumstances where quizzes or tests, particularly if delayed, can help people retrieve/retain information that was related to that asked but not actually asked in the questions.

7. Testing improves meta-cognitive monitoring – by giving students scores or self-assessments, they can better predict their knowledge and be more confident about what they know and what they need to know.

8. Testing prevents interference from prior material when learning new material. If you have a test after learning one set of material before learning another set of material, it can make it less likely that the second session will

9. Testing provides feedback to instructors and lets them know what is learned or what is not.

10. Frequent testing encourages students to study. Having frequent quizzes and tests motivates study and reduces procrastination.

Different Types of Quiz Competition

With the explosion of digital media and alternative learning platforms, it is easier than ever before to help your employees learn important skills that pertain to their jobs. However, creating e-Learning materials and creating effective e-Learning materials are two different matters. You want to do the latter, right?

One simple way to make your content more powerful is to quiz learners along the way so they have to work to access it. This engages them and helps them assess whether they’re actually learning. Here are six types of quiz questions to start using in your e-courses today.
1. Multiple Choice

Multiple choice questions are among the most effective ways to test learners on the content of the e-course. They present several possible answers to a question, only one of which is right and the others being “distractors” meant to draw attention away from the real answer.

Although it might seem like a simple matter to just crank out some multiple choice questions, if you aren’t careful you end up testing students’ deductive reasoning abilities rather than their actual knowledge of subject material. While it’s great for learners to possess deductive reasoning skills, this isn’t directly related to the material at hand. Get closer to testing actual material with these multiple choice question tips from Vanderbilt University. Hint: always ask a direct question.
2. Yes or No

One of the easiest ways to frame questions is in yes or no format. Simply put, this involves asking a question to which the learner either answers yes or no. Examples include:

Is it okay to enter the warehouse before your supervisor?
Is three minutes on each side long enough to cook a hamburger?
Should you press potential clients to sign up for your product immediately rather than letting them think on it?

3. Open-Ended

Open-ended questions are most useful if you (a) are going to be looking over the answers and want to see what your employees think about a certain subject, or (b) if you merely want to get your employees thinking creatively about a problem that doesn’t have one defined solution. Because open-ended questions are inherently open, however, it’s important for you to be very clear about what you’re asking, since there are no answers from which to choose.
4. Fill in the Blank

Also called completion questions, no-hint fill-in-the-blank questions require that learners actually know the correct answer. While you can place a set of possible answers below, this is not as effective a way to test actual knowledge (though in a quiz setting, it might be helpful initially). Once you’re really looking for mastery, however, provide a sentence with blanks in it and no hints. The example offered by the Kansas State Department of Education is as follows:

“According to Freud, personality is made up of three major systems, the________, the _________ and the __________.” Note the usefulness of this approach for situations in which knowing an exact phrase is crucial.

Check out these master tips for writing good fill-in-the-blank questions in e-Learning courses ?
5. Matching

Matching, like fill-in-the-blank questions with hints, gives learners a little more to go on, and is therefore a good approach if you want to give students more time to absorb material. In a matching question, you provide several phrases or concepts along with several words, and the learner has to fill in which word goes with which phrase or concept.
6. Definitions

You can write definition quiz questions two different ways: matching definitions to words using the above format, or offering definitions and expecting learners to fill in the words themselves. Again, the latter format is better if you are really looking for mastery, and the former if the purpose of the quiz is to cement knowledge.

Make Money from Being a Quiz Whizz

If you fancy winning cash, holidays, or a car, Game show winnings are tax-free, so get busy entering competitions now. Which King was married to Eleanor of Aquitaine? If you answered Henry II, then you correctly answered the question that saw Judith Kepple become the first winner of £1 million on a UK game show. Kepple scooped the jackpot on Who Wants to be a Millionaire? back in November, 2000.

Although such seven-figure prizes are rare, and Who Wants to be a Millionaire? has since stopped running, there are plenty of TV game shows and other competitions that see normal people winning life-changing amounts of cash. Do you reckon you could be one of them?
Be a TV star

Take a look at the TV schedule on any given day and you can bet your bottom dollar there will be a quiz or game show of some description. From Pointless or Who Dares Wins to Catchphrase or Countdown, all these shows rely on a plentiful supply of contestants.

Most TV quiz show contestants need a decent amount of general knowledge, although some such as Wipeout or The Cube require physical skill. A handful such as The Weakest Link require strategy, while some such as Family Fortunes or Deal or No Deal are largely down to luck.

To appear on a TV quiz show, you need to find out which shows need contestants. Many do a ‘contestant call’ during the end credits of the programme. Others have details on either the broadcaster’s or the production company’s website.

Alternatively, you can visit a specialist site that lists TV quiz and game shows looking for participants.

Beonscreen.com was founded by Sam Dean and Jon Routley 13 years ago and has grown to become one of the biggest listings site for TV companies.

As well as contestants, it lists available audience tickets (which are often free), reality shows needing participants, and a handful of acting jobs.

Dean says getting on a TV quiz show is a numbers game. The more applications you make, the better – so don’t be too selective.

“Producers don’t really look for a particular type of person for quiz shows – it’s more down to the skill you have and for TV quiz shows that can be general knowledge,” he says. “The barriers to entry to perhaps winning £50,000 or so are very low.”

You generally have to fill in an application form. As well as questions about your family, job and hobbies, expect to be asked about crazy or interesting things you’ve done and what you’d spend any prize money on.

For some programmes the next step is a phone call where a researcher will have a chat with you. If they like what they hear, you’ll be invited to an audition.

The rewards for being a successful TV game show contestant can range from a leather-bound dictionary on Countdown to potentially £1 million on The Million Pound Drop. However much you win, it’s a good idea not to go on a crazy shopping spree straightaway.

“A big advantage of game show winnings is that you don’t have to pay any tax on them,” says Patrick Connolly of IFA Chase De Vere.

“If you win a large sum of money, it’s important you take independent financial advice to make sure it’s invested or spent in the best way for you.”


If you don’t have the nerve to appear on TV, there are thousands of magazine, newspaper and online competitions available to enter each month. If you get lucky, it’s possible to holiday for free, win thousands of pounds in cash or even drive away in a new car.

Companies remain keen on competitions as it’s a cheap way to promote their products – giving away a £2,000 trip to New York is much cheaper than buying a big national newspaper ad. But bear in mind that some firms use competitions as a chance to collect valuable information on current or potential customers.

Professional ‘compers’ treat competition entries like a job and it’s not surprising given that £300 million worth of prizes are given away in the UK every year.

Compers News (compersnews.com) lists more than 400 competitions and prize draws in each issue, as well as discussing winning strategies. Back in the magazine’s heyday it had half a million readers a week, although it’s published monthly now.

Editor Steve Middleton is a keen comper and has been entering competitions since 1976. He reckons he’s won about £100,000 worth of prizes over the years.

His number one tip for success is pretty obvious – make sure you enter lots of competitions.

“A lot of people say they never win anything but you need to enter,” he says, “Second, make sure you stick to the rules or instructions. About a third of entries are disqualified for making mistakes or not answering the question.”

Middleton suggests compers look for competitions where you have to make some kind of effort to win. Competitions where you have to complete a slogan or take a photo receive significantly fewer entries than those where you simply have to click a link.

“Competitions on the internet or Facebook will get thousands of entries but if you have to buy a postcard to send off people can’t be bothered now,” he says. “There are not as many slogan comps these days but these have very few entries, so you’ll have a good chance of winning.”

If you want to get serious about comping, you’ll need to put in the hours and enter hundreds of free competitions each week. Never use your normal email address for entries as you run the risk of it being flooded with spam. Instead, set up a dedicated email account for comping.

Middleton also highlights the supermarket as a good place to look for competitions to enter. “Lots of companies will use a competition to tempt you to use their brand and you soon learn to spot ‘win’ on packaging when scanning the shelves,” he says.

Pub quizzes

For those who want the chance to win some regular cash and socialise at the same time, there’s always the good old pub quiz. Tens of thousands of quizzes or trivia nights are held across the country each week.

If you want to be successful on the pub quiz circuit, you’ll need to assemble a crack team of experts. A diverse group of varying ages and specialist subjects works best.

You need to find the pub quizzes with the best cash prizes. Ian Woolley runs Quiz Britain (quizbritain.com) that lists venues, rules and prizes.

“Pub quizzes can be very lucrative to money-making quizzers if they do their homework,” he says. “Using online directories such as Quiz Britain or the free Quizfinder smartphone app, quizzers can check out a pub’s listing to see what the first prize is. Mostly it’s ‘cashpot to the winners’, which can be a lot depending on how many are playing. Better still is when there is a ‘guaranteed’ first prize. Popular pub quiz nights can draw a big crowd, so expect to see a big winner’s prize.”

Some Useful Websites

Below are some of the useful websites to enter into competition:

bbc.co.uk/showsand tours/beonashow

I believe if you follow some of the tips in this write-up, you will begin to Earn Money Online with Quiz Contest. http://megaincomestream.com/money-making-contest/

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