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Earn Money Online Daily Basis without Investment – 22 Excellent Money-Making Opportunities

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Earn Money Online Daily Basis without Investment

make moneyTimes are tough and with neither the job market looking up nor the business environment doing well enough, an increasing number of people are looking for ways to earn money online daily basis without investment. The internet provides a wide range of opportunities to many people and there is even the scope to make money with little or no investment. There are various opportunities online that you can make use of in order to earn a decent income. Read and know about 22 excellent opportunities that you can explore.

Direct Sales

The Direct Sales Industry comes with the promise of faster profits and generally, the commission structure is bigger. As a business owner, you can make direct and instant profits.

MLM (multi-level marketing)

In this type of business, you need a little time before you can begin to make an income. MLM companies generally pay out each and every month. This can be a good idea if you are already into a Direct Sales business and making enough money out of it. This will make sure that you will not be in dire need cash while your MLM business is still taking time to flourish.

Web designing

Many companies and individuals are perpetually in need of professional web designers who can assist them in creating websites, presentations and blogs from scratch, tweaking them or changing them significantly. There is constant demand for designing of logo, headers, footers, slideshows and various other aspects of a website or blog.


There is also a great demand for online programmers. As a freelancer programmer, you can earn money online daily basis without investment if you have good coding skills. C, C++, Java, HTML and Oracle are some of the main programming languages that are needed for creating games, apps, interfaces etc. You can simply create a profile on freelancer websites and other similar platforms, and write about your qualifications, previous work experience etc. which can assist you a lot in getting programming assignments from interested companies and individuals.

Blog posting

There is a huge demand for people who are ready to post blogs on the behalf of companies as well as individual publishers. You have to conduct some online research in order to get an idea about the type of blogs that you are interested to write on. It is also necessary for you to check how much you would get for each post. With some amount of comparison, you can easily find companies which tend to pay more to blog posters. If you are quick at work, you can write as many as 8 – 10 blog posts each and every day and make a lot of money each month. When you gather more experience, you can easily develop a big business on your own and then hire more blog posters to work for you.

Write and sell eBooks

In case you are confident about your expertise at writing, you can create eBooks on various subjects and sell them online. There are various topics that get people interested and you can write eBooks on them. You can put these up for sale on Amazon, eBay and various other online stores. Once your eBooks begin to sell and you are able to gather a loyal base of readers, you can establish yourself as a writer and raise your chances of increasing sales.

Free marketing strategies

There is an incorrect idea that one cannot earn money online daily basis without investment I advertising. But there are lots of free marketing strategies that you can begin to use and start making fast profits. It can be difficult for you to find these types of strategies, and the assistance of a professional consultant can be useful for this purpose. Considering the fact that free methods can be more useful than paid traffic generation strategies, there is no need for you to invest much on generating online traffic.

Try online tutoring

If you are good in any subject and have the confidence to teach, you may also try online tutoring. You can work individually, although it is better to enroll with any institution that conducts online classes. Once you are proficient, accepted and known among many people, you can start your own tutoring website and impart lessons to interested candidates for a fee.

Create and sell websites or blogs

If you have some amount of proficiency in web designing, programming and content writing, this can be a profitable idea. Many individual webmasters and companies are always on the lookout for profitable blogs and websites. You can create your own websites and blogs on various interesting topics that people search for. Once they have garnered some amount of online traffic, you can sell them for a fee.

Try building apps

The number of computer and smartphone risers is on the rise, and many users are always looking for useful apps for their devices. If you are good at Java programming, you can try building apps and selling them over the web. In the beginning, it is better to create some unique ones and offer them for free. Once they have gained the loyalty of some amount of users and familiarity from them, you can charge a fee on downloading them. You can create your own app website or app store.

Try online revenue programs

If you already have a blog or website, and it has got some amount of daily unique visitors, it is time to benefit from it. You can apply for some online advertising programs, such as Google Adsense, Chitika or Amazon and paste the codes of these programs onto your blogs or websites. These networks display ads relevant to your content, and there is elevated chance of visitors to your website clicking on the ads and generating revenues for the advertising networks. For each click, you can get a small commission. In some cases, there is also commission on a pay per impression basis. Such programs pay ad publishers on a monthly or bi-monthly basis.

Create and post reviews

There is also a high demand for good writers who can write reviews on various services and products. This is another of the best ways to earn money online daily basis without investment of any type. There is also the advantage that many companies offer their own items to product reviewers on a short-time basis, such as mobile phones, steamers, vacuum cleaners, water filters etc. Writing product reviews can help you get good payment. Over a period of time, you can gather more speed and write and post as many as 10 – 12 reviews each and every day, thus making good income.

Content writing

If you are good at writing various types of content, you can find this a worthwhile way of earning money on the web without any investment. The qualifications depend on the type of audience that you will be writing for. If you wish to write for US, UK or Australian websites, you need to have good English writing skills. For writing content in specific languages, such as Chinese or French, you should be equipped with those language skills. As a content writer, you can write product reviews, sales copies, website content, blog posts, film reviews and more.

Online marketing

Online marketing is a very profitable source of income, and many people are involved in this type of work. Internet marketers are involved in managing social profiles of individuals and companies, managing pay per click campaigns, contextual advertising and more. Internet marketing takes care of varied promotional requirements and as an online marketer, you have to handle them.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services include finding the right keywords for website or blog content, optimizing online and offline web content, social posts and more. It also includes using link building strategies with the help of right keywords and anchor texts to help blog and websites rank higher on the search engines results pages (SERPs). These days, clients want to rank higher not only on Google but on Yahoo, Bing and various local search engines as well. SEO actually involves using various “white hat” strategies which can ensure better rankings on the SERPs.

Writing sales copies

Basically, this is all that copywriting involves. If you have some knowledge of working in an advertising domain and have created some sales copies, you can try this idea. Your job involves writing sales copies with compelling content, so that advertisers and consumers are interested about the company. This is often a part of the work of a content writer and if you choose to write as a freelance writer, you can expect hourly payments. However, while working only as a copywriter, you will probably be paid on the basis of the work and not by the hour.

Email marketing

This is one of the best ways to earn money online daily basis without investment. It includes both promotional and advertising efforts with the help of e-mail messages to potential and existing clients. The entire process can be handled online, and although you can do it without any prior knowledge it will work to your advantage if you have some familiarity with handing email marketing in an office setup.

Creating online games

If you are good at designing and programming, it can be a good idea for you to create eye-catching games for various types of gaming consoles such as Microsoft Xbox, Nintendo Wii and PlayStation 3. You can create games and put them up on your website for download or on various other platforms such as Google Play. Smartphone games are in high demand these days, and you can easily earn a lot with such types of games. It is important for you to have some skills and knowledge of computer programming, animation and graphics and also possess software apps that are compatible with such consoles.

Writing game reviews

If you are good at English writing skills and have some knowledge of playing computer games, this is another profitable opportunity. Check various game reviews online, written by professional gamers and reviewers, and understand how they focus on the strengths and features of various online games and compare them with similar ones from the same genre. This can be hugely assistive for you in writing reviews in a similar fashion, but in your own style. Write a few on your own and promote them on various gaming blogs and websites and social networking websites. You can show these to prospective employers and get assignments for writing reviews of online games. There is the added perk of getting free games to try out from many top companies even before they are released into the market.

Medical transcription

It is another excellent opportunity and helps you to earn big bucks. If you have a degree in medical background and have fast typing and good listening skills, you can do this job easily. You need to type prescriptions, medicine brochures and more by listening to audio content. With a pair of headphones, awareness of complex medical terminologies and fast typing ability, you will be good to go.


The job of an online proof reader involves going through pages of content already written and correcting errors if any. You can be handed websites, blogs, PDF brochures, eBooks and more and you will be expected to proofread them within stipulated time frames. You need impeccable English writing skills and some knowledge of online editing will be an added advantage. With time, you can earn big bucks by the hour.


If you have thorough knowledge of English and various other languages, this is the time to put it to good use. You can translate web content in English to another language and vice-versa for various companies and individuals who need impeccable translation so as to avoid offending the sensibilities of local readers. This is important when some local website in a native language is concerned. As an online translator, you can get hourly wages or get an overall compensation on the bulk of work handled.

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