Earn Money Online As A Resume Writer And Career Coach

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Resume writing is a thriving business due to the increasing number of people who want to present a professionally written CV that will command the attention of prospective employers. On the other hand, career coaching provides guidance and counseling to individuals who need assistance in selecting the right career and profession. Both fields can be effectively combined to earn you money online as a resume writer and career coach. Consider the guidelines listed below.

Clients for resume writers

As a resume writer, you have to find clients by yourself. Places to check include college job placement offices. This is because many graduating students need resumes for college job placement offers. You can make fliers and distribute them there, get a business card and hand it out to these students or advertise in their college newspaper. Other places are local employment services offices. Create a website so that you can market your services. Word of mouth is another way. Your friends could tell others about the services you have. Write press releases on websites or in local dailies.

In order to earn money online as a resume writer and career coach, preparations must be made. Career coaching is a more complex field that requires qualification and skills. Consider the following:

Identify your coaching goals

Your interest may be one-on-one interaction with fresh college graduates who need career advice or it could be mothers who wish to discontinue working from home to re-enter the workforce. On the other hand, you may prefer to coach corporate executives about professional transition. It is advisable to define your area of focus.

Identify your professional goal

You may prefer to work in a college career office or a carrier counseling center. There is also another option of building your own coaching practice. If this goal is identified ahead of time, it will be easy to know which certification programs and coaching topics to choose.

Choose an educational path

You will need a bachelor’s degree in any business discipline and a master’s degree in career counseling. Some very successful career coaches do not have master’s degrees but rely on their years of hands-on experience. In this case, a bachelor’s degree in counseling, psychology or sociology is required.

Study behavior in individuals

As a coach, you have to know and understand the needs and backgrounds of your clients so that you point them to the right direction. Many clients need a career coach to tackle their behavioral issues and develop better people skills. This is the reason companies hire coaches to work with top staff who are good in technical areas but find it difficult to relate well with other employees. Use the time provided by your certification program to learn how to focus and listen to people’s needs and also block out distractions.

Prepare for diversity

Be aware that you will be dealing with clients from diverse backgrounds. They may be young or old, from your country or other parts of the world with their various beliefs, religions and cultures. To be effective in career coaching, it is important that you prepare for diversity by understanding the change-producing forces that control individuals.

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