Earn Income Collecting Aluminum

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Have you ever wondered collecting aluminum can earn you a good side income and can help you be busy with a part-time job after work!. Why part-time, if you can do it full time and earn even more working as per your timings, hours, days and interested areas. The work might cost you a lot of energy but there is a lot of money in it. In the busy world of ours, today, we see people consuming more canned foods and beverages but less people to clean them all. A sweeper would sweep them off the road and into the garbage bin but if those cans are collected and sold to recycling industries, you can earn a heavy amount by the end of each day.  The aluminum you collect are from soda, beer, juice tins of various kinds, shapes, form and quality, and you call them scrap metal. Your collection of these will be cashed out at a recycling center. Here’s everything you need to know to earn income collecting aluminum.


1.       About the work: The work is nothing but roaming around your city and collecting all kinds of aluminum products of all kinds. If you like afternoon walks, you should walk around with a sack this time and pick aluminum cans from wherever you can see them. Fill your sack and cash them out to earn a regular income and get paid on a daily basis. At the moment aluminum is selling per pound and it is found and sold in all the cities around the globe. The rate of aluminum you collect, keeps on fluctuating from time to time. However, it never goes to low, in fact it increases with time, so you’re never under loss. It proves a guaranteed income. You sell the products you get for free and then you get paid for your sales. It is one of the easiest ways to earn good cash in your vacations if you’re a kid looking for pocket money.

2.       How much can you earn? : Now this is something you want to know first. How much you can actually make collecting and selling aluminum. Your income depends upon how full your sack or wheelbarrow gets by the end of the day. You can also go out collecting aluminum in a truck, if you have one. If you sell 100 cans for $1 you will have to collect at least 1000 cans to make $10 per day. This much might not be enough for you so you will need to make more trips to the streets and local bins. When the rates of aluminum rise, it is merry time for your business. You can much more and even double the amount in a single day. To know about the local rates of aluminum in your locality you will need to consult with somebody who is already doing the job because a fixed rate cannot be mentioned here as all over the world, rates are different at different places.

3.       How Much Time Does It Take? : To be honest, it takes a lot of time to complete this job. The job can be highly strenuous to middle aged and older people. Basically young blood enjoy the job as they are fast, active and do not get tired easily. Collecting can requires looking for cans. When you start you will need to search a lot and even end up with no cans at all by the end of the day. Don’t let the sweepers take all of them. Be an early bird and start your work before the city is up and rising. This will get you a lot of cans emptied the night before and you can fill your sacks with these. On the contrary if you look for cans at places where they are used most there are chances you can have bag full even in the evenings.

4.       Where To Look For Aluminum? :  This is easy. All you need to do is visit bars, restaurants, local joints, parks, movie halls and do not hesitate to look around the garbage areas because after use the can is garbage and so you will see them thrown away in these places. Another way is you can pay the manager, theatre people, of these places to keep the cans for you to collect instead of handing them over to the garbage collectors. But this will cost you a good amount of cash. However, the turnover is amazingly satisfactory once you’ve people working with you and for you in selling aluminum for recycle. Contact your neighbors and tell them to help you with aluminum they don’t need. Neighbors are good they help you and encourage you by asking others to help you do the collecting work.

5.       What Should You Collect? : Talking about what you should collect when collecting Aluminum, you should try looking for heavy aluminum products. Cans take up more space and are extremely light. You are paid by the weight of your collection so what you have to do is look around for aluminum utensils, like plates, bowls, glasses, etc., that are heavier in weight than cans. Stuffs like spoons, useless aluminum tools to throw away, etc. These things will be melted and so it doesn’t matter if you have a dirty, old collection of aluminum, simply take it all to the industry and all of them will be weighed and sold right in front of you. Another way is, you can visit houses buying old aluminum things for less money, and sell it to the industry to gain profit. Many collectors do this and so you might not find heavy metals on the roads and ditched very often.

6.       Buy and Sell: You have an option to buy aluminum and sell it. For example; in your house if you have an old pressure cooker and you have no buyer, you throw it away.  People actually buy these old utensils and sell them to the recycling industries. You can do the same. Buy the pressure cooker for $0.50 and sell it for $1, you straight away make $0.50 profit. And if you’re worried about losing the rest, you should not be because instead of you someone else would have bought and sold it and you would never find it lying in any bin or on roadsides. In many countries it is illegal to throw cans on the road so you’re sure not to find anything in such countries. Therefore the buy and sell technique will keep your income coming.

7.       Where To Sell? : Sell your aluminum to scrap metal recyclers. Every city has a scrap metal recycler and so do many towns. You need to search and make some enquiries before you step into the business. What you can do is, meet some of the collectors roaming around on the streets and ask them where they go to sell their collections. Visit the place where they tell you and find out about the pricing, policies, time to check in and check-out, time to sell and also find out about the latest rates of aluminum.

8.       How To Do The Work? : Now we come to the most important question and that is, how to do the work? First of all you will need to locate the companies that buy aluminum from you and pay you cash for that. Now you have to visit all of these companies and measure the rates you are being offered. Take the highest paying company and work for them. Now you will go out and collect aluminum. Now what you can do is set a target number to achieve. You can also set a target amount to earn a day and to reach the target you will work harder. Your pay will vary according to the market rate of aluminum so your work too has to follow the same path.

9.       Steps To Make The Work Easier: If you’re collecting cans all the way, you cannot let 10 cans fill your bag up. You have to keep crushing the cans so that it takes up minimum space and you can fill your sack with more cans. There are many websites that tell you about the benefits of recycling these kinds of metals, you must go through them because they mention exactly how your collection will be used and what other related metals can be collected and sold. You will also know about where to find companies and buyers of the metal you collect. Scrap aluminum is metal and it can be recycled therefore there are more companies looking for scrap metal than plastic, etc.

10.   Research: It is of utmost importance that you research about the job before you start doing it. Research is what you’re doing right now. Reading and understanding what the job is all about. This is a good thing. It takes you far ahead of others. Research also helps you calculate the amount of money you can make selling aluminum and at the same time you learn about how to do the work, what all things you will need in the job, etc. So what you have to do is, talk to your friends, visit Google and search for the job, read articles related to the job. Talk to people who have been doing the job. Ask questions from experienced people about how long they lasted in the job and the reasons for liking and disliking the job. This will help you fight obstacles if any that come in your way. It will also help you not to get cheated because you have info about the work before hand, it will also make the work look familiar and easier than you expected.

11.   The Scope: The work offers you a good scope for a career. You always start small and slow but once you gain the hold of the work you can do all of it yourself and also invest in it for growing in it. You can start with selling aluminum and then expand your work by collecting and selling other metals as well. Other metals have more money in them than aluminum but aluminum is a good way to start and has regular income, which other metals don’t have. Gradually when you have made good income from the work, you should save it and buy a few wheelbarrows. Then hire a few other people to work for you, pay them monthly and keep the profits you earn. As you begin to collect and earn more you can visit house to house and make deals. You can tell these people that you will visit them every fortnight and collect unwanted things from them and pay them in return. People will take you as a source of income and will wait for you every two weeks. You can make deals with house owners, banks, malls, companies, etc and be the aluminum collector of the town. The scope as you can see is great in the work. It will take patience and a lot of time but persistence will help you very much to survive in the field.

12.   The Reputation: No job is bad in the world. Collecting cans actually benefit the society. You will see people, products; awareness programs asking you to recycle every possible plastic, metal, etc., things that you use and they are doing this for the preservation of the environment. So if you’re that daily aluminum collector of some locality, people actually admire your hard work because it benefits you, the aluminum industries as well as the whole world’s environment. In fact, in many places people will begin to recognize you and when you visit them they will bring out the cans they collected in their house to give it to you when you arrive. And if you find it difficult to take from them, you can offer a ball or a doll to the kids of these houses for helping you out in your work.

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