Earn Extra Money Helping People Instal Applications

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You want to easily earn millions by doing something you do naturally every day? Well, you are not the right placeMore seriously, we will talk in this post a very simple method that will allow you to: discover cool applications;testing of mobile applications (iOS and Android);make some money by making paid surveys;What is true, we will all regularly on the Google Play Store or the App Store in search of new applications we could love, so why not do it by giving its opinion on it to help improve while earning a little money?

Logo App privéeCela will be done through the App private application you can download directly from the Google Play Store or the App Store. For this appointment, as mentioned just above on the market for your mobile operating system (iOS App Store or Google Play for Android) and search application “Get Personal”. Once found, install it on your digital camera, the download should start quickly.

How it works

Once you download the application, operation is very simple. Through the application ( this notion is important ) , then you will need to download the app to test , test precisely and finally evaluated. In order to receive your ” gold mine ” , know that all the following steps should be done from mobile Appli private .

Step 1: selecting and downloading 

First step: selecting the program and download the mobile app . On the home screen of the application , you will have access to the latest tests : some have already been completed , others are waiting for you to get additional advice . So select a test that looks interesting , discover the description and if you want to take the test, click on ” Participate ” and then ” Download ” you will be redirected on the market: to you to do the normal installation procedure then .

Step 2: The Test

Second step , the test ! For this , again , go to the private application and then the test must now be on hold. Once above , click the ” Test ” button. The application will then launch . At that time , for you to dissect the app to find what’s right , making the advantage of it compared to its competitors or, conversely , what could be done to improve it . You will not be judged on the critical or remarks you will do, as long as they are constructive , so to you!

Step 3: The Assessment 

The last step is the evaluation of the product previously tested . If you do not confirm this step, do not expect to touch the pennies for this test. To assess and grade the product , go once again (yes, I ramble ) on Appli Privée, to the desired program and click on ” Rate ” . A form will be displayed with questions like : ” How do you design ? ” And you need to choose on a scale of 1 to 5. The last field is a free text box where you can (I would say even more , you will have : p) make comments on the elements that you deem relevant to improve .

Step 3: The Payment

 Here! There was nothing more to do, you certainly must have already received your few tens of cents for this test a few minutes. You will , however, exceed the threshold of 5 euros for a bank transfer. Alternatively, you can also enjoy shopping vouchers on Amazon. 

Earn Extra Money Helping People Instal Applications :

Top 6 Android Apps help you to make money

When you look at your phone, you probably think of spending money rather than faire.Votre combined almost certainly cost you a pretty penny, either in the initial costs or in the form of a contract. There are also applications that you buy to consider, but and there is no reason why this should not make you earn some money. Fortunatelly, there are many applications in Google Play you can use to earn money.

Be paid to use your Android device – perfect!

Google rewards opinion

This is perhaps not surprising that Google has its own application that you can use to make argent.Avec Google rewards you earn Opinion Google Play credit by completing sondages.Vous receive a notification each time a new survey is available, and simply spend some time to answer a series of questions – there’s nothing too taxing Once completed, you earn credit inquiry that can be used to! Goole Play to buy apps, music and other choses.Il is interesting to note that most surveys have a deadline for completion, so make sure you do not wait too long to complete.


Rather than store credit, MintCoins gives you the opportunity to earn money durement.C’est an application that helps you make money in a number of façons.Vous can earn virtual coins by downloading free apps, watching videos, recording Web sites, and referring your friends to do the même.Il are also to carry out investigations, and as soon as your balance reaches $ 1, you are free to withdraw your winnings to a PayPal account – or you can wait and let it accumulate for longer if you wish. Awards iPoll opinion Google is not the only application based on the survey that can be used to pull in a little argent.iPoll works in a very similar way to you a series of “missions” to remplir.Alors some of them are based on your location , others may be performed by anyone, anywhere où.Outre traditional surveys , you may also be asked to submit photos or even upload an audio recording or missions vidéo.Beaucoup have a decent amount of money associated with the time, and when you want to withdraw your winnings , you have some options.Comme in other applications that you can make money in an account PayPal , but you can add it to your Amazon or iTunes account if you prefer.

Earn Money

The name says it all here – it is an application designed to help you earn argent.Si you try other applications mentioned here, it might seem familier.Il is all but identical to MintCoins , but you might find that the number of jobs available is somewhat limited due to your emplacement.De installing applications to watch videos , make money really takes very little work and your rewards can be quickly transferred to a PayPal account.


Rewardable has an American looks for her, but not all the tasks you are prompted to complete depend on being in the United Unis.Ceux are described as ” virtual work ” and can be completed by anyone – if during the registration process you may just enter a zip code to pretend commencer.Récompenses vary widely , but are generally quite high, and your winnings can be withdrawn at PayPal facilement.Si you are in the States , there are store, specific tasks instead of performing well .

AppCasher  get paid to test applications seems to be a great way to spend your time, AppCasher will be right on your rue.Vous can earn credits for installing and launching applications , and these credits can then be converted into cards -Gifts that you can use to buy things on Amazon or iTunes, or you can choose to have the money transferred to your PayPal account to the site.You can also visit your friends in the application, and provided that they use your special code , you will earn extra points for every person who signs up.

Earn Extra Money Helping People Instal Applications :

Your Android phone can save you money!

I think you know all paid mails, paid surveys … but do you know texting paid or paid calls? : cool:I ‘m trying to imagine you reading my title and my catchphrase and I imagine two types of profiles :Those who are intrigued and who want to know moreThose who already shout ” A scam! ” Even before he read the following to find out what it is!

How can I earn money with my phone ? 

What I am trying to offer is not a scam, this is the future !This is a new way for companies to communicate and promote their products … In short ! to advertise ! And you probably know , companies spend several thousand dollars a year for advertising! So if one gives us the opportunity to have a piece of the pie , why not enjoy it?Do not worry , we will not be inundated with advertising messages or receive dozens of calls a day from companies trying to sell you something . The system is simple, effective and replicable at will! By cons , for the moment it only works on Android phones.

How to benefit?

 Initially you only have to create an account Wor (l) d for Therefor you on the banner below. Then, from your Android phone , go to the ” Play Store ” Adcash download the application, install it there and then log in to your account Wor (l) d .It ‘ll just wait until we call you or we sent you text messages / SMS / MMS to begin earning your first $$$ !

Presentation of the Company Wor (l) d 

WOR (L) D, is a company present on two markets with strong demand and significant growth in the global level:The Mobile with Wor (l) d GMN (Global Mobile Network)The Energy with Wor (l) d NRG for Pure EnergyWor (l) d GMN is the first global mobile network, a telephone operator of the newest generation that stands out on the world market by the placing on the market of services unusual.

Wor (l) d GMN stands out on the international market with its new generation of Global Mobile Operator. Its Wireless Telecommunication Services without borders or limits allow conversations free or significantly break communication costs from a mobile phone.Whether for local calls or international calls, the company managed to reduce or even eliminate roaming costs (contacts with foreign countries) when traveling.

The services offered by Wor (l) d GMN help provide a new model of communication Mobile Internet, available across 3 areas:·

  • Wor (l) d Communicate: VoIP, GSM, video communication tools·
  • Wor (l) d Technology: phone chips, SmartPhone, Tablet·
  • Wor (l) d Adcash: application to install on the phone

The company Wor (l) d GMN is also an online store which includes 8000 hi-tech products (televisions, computers, telephones, office equipment, digital cameras …)Wor (l) d NRG aims to build the largest plant for renewable energy from the Earth with the participation of each individual.An own power plant , built with millions of people living in the world. The principle is simple , you buy a central or Units Wor (l) d NRG will build the world and so we participate in his income , here’s a second way to make money ! Also you can increase your earnings exponentially , making known to others the extraordinary business opportunity.

WOR ( l) D NRG Only Pure Energy , so it only build solar power plants , wind, hydro , geothermal … I speak with you this opportunity in another article , because it is an excellent investment that can earn you a lot.  Wor (l) d gives me the impression of a serious company looking to the future either in telecommunications or energy .Today everyone has a smartphone or even two ( one for work and personal ), it gave us the opportunity to monetize our package watching advertising every time we receive a call or a text / SMS / MMS …Why not enjoy it?

In addition, for only $ 39 ( purchased license for life) you have the opportunity to earn much more money by sharing friends of this wonderful opportunity!You have teenagers at home?They are fond of texting and spend their day on the phone !!! Why not take the opportunity to finance their phone service and perhaps even earn money to make them some pocket money if they talk to their friend (s) !!  

Earn Extra Money Helping People Instal Applications :

I earn money with my mobile

What is the principle ? These are actually applications to download to your mobile that can make money by volunteering to fulfill certain missions. What are they? Some applications offer a sign to take a picture, answer a few questions about a store … everything that can help a company know its level of popularity and fame . Others are more oriented towards the exchange of services , where someone post needs ( help in moving a race to do … ) to people nearby. Some also offer to test applications .

Applications To download

  • Click and Walk: The application proposes to become a mystery shopper, to review an advertising campaign, to participate in satisfaction surveys, etc. You can also offer yourself a mission. Available free on iPhone and Android.
  • AppVip.com offers to be paid for testing for mobile applications. Available free on iPhone and Android. • mobeye-app you answer short questionnaires, raise pricesor take pictures in stores near you. you can win up to 15 € per store.


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