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Earn Commission Advertising For Fortune 500 Companies

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The prime concern of everybody today is to make money –more and more of it. The need of and greed for money is insatiable. Consequently, most of us are not pleased with what we earn from our full time employment. Everyone must have dreamt at some point in time earning a ‘little extra’ from the comforts of their home. With small PCs and internet becoming so accessible in every house, most people wish to use their spare times working online, where they can be rewarded for every assignment they complete, every hour they utilize. Making money has now become easy. With so many online part time jobs coming into sight, everybody has now a right to make money and that to a lot of it!! You no more have to feel left out and deprived of money; ‘Fortune 500’ is giving equal opportunities to all.


One such attention –grabbing online task that we are going to throw some light on is of ‘Advertising For Fortune 500 Companies’ or what we call ‘Becoming an Affiliate with Fortune 500 Companies’.  It must be sounding a very complicated way to make money online. You must be thinking that this job involves a lot of technical knowledge, requires advertising and marketing skills and needs investment. But neither of the things hold true in this case. Anyone interested can take up this task and start making money. So let’s first understand what does ‘Becoming an Affiliate’ means and what actually ‘Fortune 500’ is.

‘Fortune 500’ as the name suggests reveals the top 500 US Corporations that are fortunate enough to be listed under the magazine named ‘Fortune’. This list is compiled and revealed yearly by the magazine on the basis of their gross revenues. The list includes both public and private corporations whose gross revenues are publicly available excluding the excise duties that the companies incur. Some of the top corporations that are listed on the ‘Fortune 500’ for the year 2012 are as follows (rank order – ascending):

  • Wal-Mart Stores – topping the charts once again with about $469.2 billion revenues.
  • Exxon Mobil – once overtook Wal-Mart (in 2009) with revenues of around 449.9 billion dollars.
  • Chevron
  • Phillips 66
  • Apple
  • Ford Motor
  • AT&T
  • CVS Caremark
  • Hewlett Packard
  • Bank of America Corp.
  • Wells Fargo
  • Microsoft
  • MetLife
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Dell
  • Intel
  • Google
  • Coca-Cola
  • Oracle

And so on….
Now comes the question that how can we help such big companies in advertising, in selling of their products and what an affiliate is. Let’s discuss the entire scenario and work in detail.

Affiliate marketing simply means selling the products/services of some other organizations. It is just another form of advertisement that we see on televisions and in newspaper, an economical means indeed. You act as a middleman between the buyers and sellers, providing the sellers with more customers and making the product/service available to the buyers. Every customer you bring to the supplier, you are remunerated a commission for your work. Companies need people for such works in order to promote their products/services plus earn more clients.

You first need to get yourself registered with a website with an automated marketing program. These programs generate advertiser’s banner ads which may be rotating or static banners; or buttons; or images, text or hyperlinks. As an affiliate marketer, you need to post these ads on your website to earn commissions from the advertisers. While surfing your website; if the reader gets interested in the advertisement, clicks on the affiliate link and carries out the desired action; then the advertiser pays you a commission –an advertising commission.
The desired action can be the sale of one of the products/services the advertiser offer or downloading of some software, newsletters or trials the promoter present.

There are various payment modes in affiliate marketing such as:

  • Pay – Per – Click:  This is generally a small commission paid most by search engines for visitors to click on a link. For every click on the ad by the sightseer on your website, earns you a small, very small commission.
  • Pay – Per – Lead:  This commission is paid generally for downloading newsletter, trials or taking up some services offered by the advertiser. You are paid by lead generation once when the user successfully subscribe for the service and the other time when he pays the full payment.
  • Pay – Per – Sale:  This is the highest commission involved in advertising field. You are paid a large fixed commission or a percent of the sale that the advertiser makes because of your affiliate link. It is related with selling of products of a company like the ‘Fortune 500 Companies’.

Fortune 500 Companies have huge budgets, out of which a small percentage (which is actually a large amount!!) is spent on the advertising world, promoting the products among the prospective buyers to increase their gross revenues.

But the ancient methods of promoting the products through social media like Television have now become outdated, though it still continues. People restrain from watching commercials, considering it as waste of time. Most people today have DVR Systems (Digital Video Recording) in their houses where they can record serials and films, can forward and play; completely cutting out the need to watch commercials, which is great loss to this Companies.

All the more, with advancement in technology, people spent most of their time on their computer, prefer to download or watch movies online, conduct all their works and researches on Internet; and thus this network of networks has a greater impact on them. As a result, many of the Fortune 500 Companies provide affiliate marketing links on their sites, always in look out of webmasters to bring up customers to their site. You can earn well by promoting their products; from $5 to $10 or even as high as $25 depending upon the product you sell.

Let’s consider an example as examples explain any concept in the best possible way.
Hewlett – Packard –one of the fast growing companies in the list of ‘Fortune 500’ which deals in HP products like laptops. You join the affiliate program under this company and attach an ad on its latest laptop on your website. Anyone who visits your site, clicks on the ad and purchases a laptop with HP; would earn you a handsome commission. It may be somewhere around 20 dollars which is not at all bad for a work that required you only a little effort – just copying the banner code generated by the advertiser’s automated marketing system and pasting it on your website somewhere. Just imagine, selling just 10 HP laptops through your affiliate link can reward you $200!!

Individually checking out the sites of each Fortune 500 companies for which of them provides an affiliate link is definitely tiresome. You can instead become a part of the websites given below which serves as advertising companies for ‘Fortune 500’ promoting all the brands, giving equal opportunities to all.

This is an extremely well built site the folks who are newbie to creating their own blogs, videos lead capture pages and all other stuff that can bring visitors, this site provides Empowered Network. Under this, you add videos on your blog which when clicked redirect the visitors to the Empowered Network featuring a product or service and inviting them to join. Instant Payday Network provides you with help through easy videos explaining how to go about plus it solves your lead generation problems. Anyone who joins the website through your Empowered Network videos or buys the product or service would earn you a 100% commission. The best part about this site is that it requires no investment from your side.

These videos sell the products and services of the ‘Fortune 500 companies’. Thus by creating blogs with Instant Payday network and featuring the Empowered Network videos, you are actually helping the ‘Fortune 500’ in promoting their products as someone would ultimately land up buying the stuff. Thus ‘Fortune 500’ pays you a commission for advertising these products on your blog.
Since the top US companies are enrolled on this website, hence it is 100% legitimate and earns you a good amount.

Note:  Only U.S. and Canada citizens can become a part of Instant Payday Network
You can join this site at

Instant Rewards is another happening incentive website which works in association with some of the top ‘Fortune 500 Companies’ like DirecTV, Wal-Mart, Blockbuster, Netflix and many others. You can sign up for free with this site, no fees and hidden charges are involved. To begin with, you are initially required to take up some trial offers. Some trial offers are free while others may require you to invest a very small amount. It totally depends on you; you can take up whatever trial offers you wish. These trial offers are basically the products and services provided by the ‘Fortune 500 Companies’ associated with Instant Rewards. They offer their products and services for free for a small time in order to attract customers to buy the product for full time.

Once you do away with this offer, you can just cancel the offers and proceed to affiliate marketing. You would be given an affiliate link to bring traffic to Instant Rewards. Each referral you bring would earn you substantial commission of around $10. Payments are sent to you via PayPal. Since Instant Rewards are promoting the products/services of ‘Fortune 500 Companies’, thus you are actually working under them.

Note:  Only U.S. and Canada citizens can become a part of Instant Rewards
You can join this site at

This site works quite similar to the Instant Rewards. You sign up for free on this website, no charges involved. You have to seize some free trial offers provided by the ‘Fortune 500 Companies’, which are spending a lot on finding more and more human resource to promote their work. After the trial session ends up, you can choose to become an active affiliate marketer with Simple and same logic applies for all the marketing sites; spread the word through your blog and websites. Every time someone joins the site through your affiliate link, you earn lots of cash; maybe around $300 bucks a day.  It is simple enough to get your favorite car soon, in just few months through advertising commission from Fortune 500 Companies.

You can join this site at

Do not join sites which demand for a small amount of cash to sign up. Be wary of the scams. Predatory websites pose themselves as legitimate, they may grab your money, take advantage of you, get their work done and leave you empty handed without solving your actual prospect of money making. Be Wary of such websites.

Fortune 500 Companies are multibillionaire corporations which annually spent millions and even billions of cash advertising their products. Wal-Mart spends around $2.4 billion in just this advertising field, with many others like Hewlett-Packard and AT&T and Fords spending in hundred million dollars to attract more and more customers. With Internet and Computer becoming the best friend of mankind today, the most convenient method of promotion and advertisement is indeed the Web, very many people are daily searching for something interesting or the other.
Thus, the easiest way to make money is just to get your hands in the overflowing river of money.  Joining the websites which are directly linked in the advertisement of the products and services of these companies is a much convenient way to make money than to spend long hours doing data entry jobs or content writing. If you wisely spent some hours a week in some genuine sites like the ones given above doing promotion for ‘Fortune 500’, you can earn advertising commissions which are simply fantastic.

So, why are you wasting your time thinking and dreaming. Just click on the link you found the most happening or Google for more and get on with it !!Happy Money Making With Fortune 500 Companies!!

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