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Earn Cash With Your Own Moving Services

November 10, 2012 by: 1

It is possible to earn cash with your own moving services. There will always be people who want to move from one place to the other. You can even be in one locality and still run this business in a different locality. However, there are planning and preparations that must be put in place before you start one. The following are a number of tips that will assist you in operating a successful moving business.

Get the right equipment

You will need to get a large truck that has enough space to move furniture and boxes effectively. You also have to be careful not to damage these boxes in anyway. This is why the truck should be fitted with the right ramps, safety equipments as well as other essentials such as packing blankets, dollies and harnesses. A truck that comes with a power lift gate makes it easier to load or unload items without stressing your back.  Get a truck that will be safe to carry you, your staff and valuable goods from house to house.

Get the right personnel

A moving business requires staff who are fit enough to move large furniture. You should be prepared to hire people who will do the weightier jobs while you concentrate on moving the smaller boxes and furniture. If you must earn cash with your own moving services, ensure that you hire individuals who are healthy and strong and can take proper care of your customers’ items.

Follow regulations

Some areas require special licenses or permits to run a moving business. These could be a commercial driver’s license for your driver or a business license to legally operate a business in the area. Whatever it is, make sure that you obtain the necessary paperwork in order not to get into trouble with the authorities. Check all the rules that apply for the state you are interested in.


Insurance is a very important aspect of this business. It only takes one accident to ruin your business or set it back financially. For instance, a member of your team might accidentally break an antique vase worth thousands of dollars. It may also be possible for members of your staff to sustain injuries in the course of moving equipment. These are issues that you have to think about and also make preparations for. Insurance will give you, your staff and your business adequate protection.

Publicize your business

Your business must be known before it can become successful. Advertising helps to create that awareness. You can brand your vehicle so that potential customers can see it and call you when they require your services. You should also place some advertisements in local papers. Fliers can also be printed and distributed in the neighborhoods you visit. Go to as many apartment buildings and condos as possible because people who live in such places are always moving in and out. These are the best set of people to make contact with if you are just starting out in the moving service business.

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