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Earn As A Web Researcher

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In modern times, the idea of earning through work from home has gained popularity. People have started to earn with the help of internet. This opportunity has given people new kind of job frontier where they can control their own life and support others. It is not same as conventional job which is like nine to five jobs. You can start whenever you want and can work whatever amount you like. There are various types of internet jobs available around. There is one job where you can earn as a web researcher. Over the years, the importance of online research has increased. There are thousands of people working as freelance internet researchers.

What specially does the internet researchers do? Internet researcher is someone who helps a writer to find the content over the internet. Researcher takes over the internet surfing and finds the content which a writer require. They cut down the writer’s job into half. Earlier writer has to do everything. He had to spend hours researching over his content and then start writing. Nowadays there are a number of researchers who does this job. Basically, researchers help writers save time which can be used by writers according to his/her convenience.

There are currently more than 1 trillion websites which Google have indexed. Actually there are more than 5 trillion websites but Google have not indexed them. Every day more than 1 million websites are created. Thus because of such growth rate demand for internet worker has grown.
There are people who earn around 50,000 to 100,000 dollars every year by working on internet. It depends on how consistent your clients are providing you work. Clients provide a topic they want to write. Researcher does research over internet and provides the research to the client writer. Researcher either charge fee per hour and charges fixed charge for a topic.

Why want to work from home?
There are many reasons why people want to work from home. It can help you make money doing something that you love. For some it may be spending quality times with your loved ones. For some other it may be a financial security. It may be a different reason for you. You may want to be home with your kids or you are looking for something that can support you. May be you want flexibility of time or maybe you do not like to be bossed around. Whatever the reasons may be, everything depends on what actually you like. What kind of life you want to live? But remember it is still a job where you have to be committed and honest with yourself. Always keep your clients happy and satisfied.

computer search

Qualifications of a Web researcher
There is no such qualification for web researcher. All you need is a computer. You must be able to operate it. Most importantly you must be able to do some researcher. You must be able to copy and paste information from website to word document. Gather all the information in one place so writer while writing does not have to waste time looking out for websites. Even you can interview customers of your clients for them to have some data which is not readily available over internet. It does not depend on who you are, you can either be a student, or house wife, or part time worker or any other.

Getting started

You must get good internet connection. You must know how to operate word document. You should have eye for some internet skills. You must be skillful in internet research. You must be able to find specific information on specific topic which your client wants like cause of cancers, special drugs, metal harvesting etc. You must be able to find information which is relevant to specific topic and information must be authentic.

Another thing is that you must have networking skills. Networking skills are very much important because you need to get clients to improve your earning capacity. The more clients you have, the better your chance of having work consistently.

Getting clients
You can offer your services to anyone who requires researcher. There are number of people who require research like writers, authors, speakers, marketers, advertisers etc. You can help anyone who needs valuable information from valuable sources with some specific facts and figures. You can help anyone who requires proofing credibility for what they are writing or information they are going to present in public media. You will need to find these people and approach them, provide some samples of your research if possible show your capabilities. Show them how research will ease burden on their back.  There will be people who say no, some will say not today or some will say yes. But always leave your contact detail with them because today or tomorrow they will be coming to you for help. Important thing is to keep approaching such clients to seek out new work opportunities.

People may say surfing web is simplest thing we do. You must explain to them this may be simple thing but surfing specific information and bringing them together require some time. You are just saving that time and charging for a simple service. Without this help they will have to do it themselves which will be very much time consuming and even after they have brought all information in one document. After that they even have to rewrite everything to make it presentable. There are trillions of pages on internet to look for specific information. A researcher will do this work for you and all clients have to do is go through the information and just write based on the research. This way, half of the work is cut down. This explanation will help you to get more clients.

Opportunity in current economic situation is very good. Earlier very few of them knew about this opportunity. But now this has grown exponentially. Just try to look for such jobs on internet, you will be overwhelmed by the response you will have. There is big demand of internet researcher in recent times. Even it was started just after 2010 before that, no one knew such opportunity existed. Even in recent times of recession it was noted that internet researcher didn’t have any problem finding work.  It may be because as a society we continue to produce and consume high amount of information. There is great number of example you will get who have made this opportunity into multi project deals with clients. People have made this opportunity into big money making business.

Your working hours
There is no fixed working hours as compared to other jobs. There is only one limitation it is self-imposed either you can choose to work nine to five or work in the evening. You can make it forty hours per week job. You work at nights after you might have finished day jobs or house works. You can make this work as part time job, if you are a house wife or someone who is struggling to get his dream work. You can look for your dream job during the day and then in the night you can work and earn something which will help you to go through daily needs. If you are a house wife then you can finish homework and then during your leisure times you do some work. This kind of work life will give an opportunity to lead wonderful family life because you are working from home. You are there for the family, if they need you. You are free to make routine where you mix family time and work time.

You have the complete control of your life. If you have something which you have to do in the middle of the day, you do not have to ask permission of your boss. You do not have to worry about the time off limitation as in the cases of normal jobs, companies impose limitation on time offs you take in a month. You can work extra without much of fuss to meet your deadlines in time. If you leave your work half, you can adjust whenever possible and make it up later when you are free. There is something called writer’s life. Writer’s life is something in which writer enjoys benefits of being the boss of his own life. It becomes important even in normal day jobs. You might have seen people often complaining about their work and their work have taken control over their life. As in normal circumstances it becomes important to have control over your life. As a web researcher you have complete control. If you want to offer overnight services then also you can do that because you have chosen to do that yourself. It’s your choice and no one has forced you to do that.

Where to find clients?
There are already so many websites which acts as clients. You can simply do Google search you will get list of number of websites. All of these sites operate where page views amount to a specified amount of money. There are websites which offers subject matter expert positions in the fields of medicine, law, science etc.  There are even companies that outsource research projects. Depending on your degree you can seek out for clients. If you have degree in law, there are firms which constantly seek researchers specialized in law subjects. . If you have degree in engineering, there are firms which constantly seek researchers specialized in technical fields. . If you have degree in medicine, there are firms which constantly seek researchers specialized in medicines.

You can get list of companies that sells out products which require research. You can start calling them just like you do in inside sales. Explain to them about your services. Tell them what your expertise is. Get work from them. Take complete details of whatever work they are giving to you.

Advance search tools
There are some techniques which can be very useful in making search. Let’s take an example if you are making a search about design engineering topic here are few keywords that will help.
“Design”,”designing”,”basicdesign”,”detailengineering”,”designengineering”,”FEED”,”Frontend”,”review”,”analysis” ,”basic engineering” , “detailed engineering”.

Putting search this way will get all the websites related to this topic of design engineering.
Let’s take one more example. If you are someone who is doing research on planning software, here is one more way you can make a search.

“Primavera” or “prima-vera” or “p3” or “p6” OR “p 3” or “P 6”.
This is another way of putting it, if you want something which must have all the words then you can put “and” word instead of “or”.  “Primavera” and “prima-vera” and “p3” and “p6” and “p 3” and “P 6”.

You must always find synonyms of any topic you are researching. That way search will return mostly related websites.

Even there are tools available which are specialized in searching.
These are the tools Internet researchers’ use:

  • Zotero and Wired-Marker (Firefox add-ons)
  • iCyte
  • Similar Web
  • Concierge (Safari plug-in)
  • Eagle Filer and Selenium (Mac OS X)
  • Spring Note
  • Google Notebook

Even there is an advance Google search option on the internet. This does the same thing as these tools do.


Making your work presentable
Always try to make your work presentable. After you have done researching. Compile each and every bit of data into one document. Always keep in mind whatever data you copy and paste, you must mention the source you have taken them from. Try to organize the data in a form which can be interpreted by your clients easily. Most of the time you will be using Microsoft word for making the document. Sometimes your client will ask you to send the work in some specific manner. May be they will ask you to send in PDF form or in power point presentation. But remember it should be easy to understand. Always try to work and finish the research before the deadline in order to gain respect from your client. The more you satisfy your client, the more your client will become dependent on you.

After you have completed your part it is time to prepare your invoice.  If you are someone who has vast experience in research you are doing, you can charge what is best for you. And if you are student or house wife not much experience in some special field, it completely depend on your client. Whatever be the reason you are doing this work for, remember you are still going to earn as a web researcher.

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