Earn A Living Selling Photos And Hot News Online

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Celebrities make news. Everything about them commands attention especially from their teeming fans scattered across the globe. If you are looking for some cool cash to make on the side, this is your chance to earn a living selling photos and hot news online. This article has the necessary information on how to get started.

Build websites or blogs

This is the first step to take and the most technical aspect of the entire process. If you get it right, it may just be your one-time setup and you will begin to enjoy its benefits. It pays to build as many celebrities sites as possible if you have juicy contents that will pull plenty of visitors. If you are putting up a blog, you should consider buying your own hosting account so that you can put up lot of web pages and files. A good example of a reliable and affordable one is Bluehost. In selecting a theme, consider how you want the blog to look and whether you prefer a professional or a girly look. All these foundations are important if you want to earn a living selling photos and hot news online.

Select your celebrity

In order to earn a living selling photos and hot news online, you have to ensure you select a celebrity that is currently trending. Even though all celebrities are popular, they also have their season of extreme popularity which makes a high number of people search for them. Carry out a little research online, go to Google trends and type in their names. If you see a graph, it means that people are truly searching for them. The site should have a biography page, news page and gallery

Find Keywords around them

Although a celebrity’s name is good enough for a keyword, it is usually very competitive because hundreds of people will have websites on such similar names. It is advisable to try long-tail keywords. What you have to do is to fill their name on the SEO Book Keyword Tool and you will get a variety of long-tail keywords. You need to know that the more you add keywords to your site, the more it becomes easier for you to increase your search engine traffic. Ultimately, this will lead to an increase in revenue.

Your pictures

If you want to earn a living selling photos and hot news online, the biggest question you would want an immediate answer to is where to get your photos. It can be pretty tempting to do a Google image search and select pictures from the web but that is illegal because it is a breach of image copyright law. What you should do is to carry out a search on agencies that provide images, then contact them to know how much they will charge you for using their images on your site or blog.  A few of them may allow you to use them for free if you would create a link back to their own site. Good and catchy pictures help to generate traffic but be sure to include the alt tags to each picture with a keyword.

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