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Earn A Living In A Conglomerate As A Fleet Management Expert

November 23, 2012 by: 1

You can earn a living in a conglomerate as a fleet management expert if you have the right qualification as well as experience. When you work as a fleet manager, you will be responsible for the efficient movement of the fleet of vehicles owned by the company. The daily running of the fleet which can include different types and sizes of vehicles will depend on your abilities.

Duties of a fleet management expert

The fleet manager is responsible for managing existing contracts and developing new business opportunities. He also has to ensure that the vehicles are regularly serviced and properly maintained. This job also includes finding the most cost effective source for new vehicles. The automobiles that are in the fleet will have to be replaced from time to time and the staff should be properly coordinated. The fleet manager is also in charge of insurance coverage for the vehicles as well as the workers.

Other duties

You will also have to do a lot of work on the computer. These includes collecting and analyzing data on different aspects of the operation of the fleet. Things such as fuel costs and mileage, maintenance records and service schedules as well as accident reports have to be properly documented. Others include vehicle locations and availability. You have to also ensure that the company complies with all government regulations in its operations. If you work in a conglomerate, you will have to interact with other professionals such as fleet administrators, account sales executives and business development experts.

Basic qualifications and experience

It is advisable to obtain a college degree if you want to earn a living in a conglomerate as a fleet management expert. Some of the most relevant courses are logistics, business management, transport management and operations management. If you already possess a degree in a related field, you can apply for a trainee position at a large fleet management company. It will be easier to get a more advanced position if you have previous experience in transport administration, vehicle leasing or logistics. However, you can easily move on to higher positions when you have gained more experience. Employers also expect fleet managers to have excellent IT, organizational and leadership skills. You should also have a valid driver license before you apply.

Further training

When you work with a large company, you will have the opportunity to receive training on the job. This is usually scheduled at regular intervals and covers the administration policies and management methods of the company.

If you want to improve your prospects in the career, you can join the training program provided by the Institute of Car Fleet Management. This will lead to a certificate in Car Fleet Management. This award is available at three different stages that are designed to match different levels of experience. The first level is for new entrants into the professional while the other two are for people with more experience. The ICFM program is very convenient to run. It allows distance learning, residential courses as well as work-place assessment.

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